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Are you a Twilight-er?

If you haven’t heard of Twilight by now you are living under a rock. I am a HUGE Twilight fan. I read the 4 books in 4 days, barely eating or sleeping so I could read “just one more chapter”. I am pretty sure I barely got on the internet too. And that’s saying something coming from an internet addict like me.

Of course as you can imagine, I am FREAKING excited about the movie coming out tomorrow at midnight. Some of my fellow Twilight-er friends are getting together for a Twilight inspired party before we go to the midnight showing. What do you think is on our dinner party menu? Mushroom ravioli! Remember that’s what Bella ordered on her date with Edward. Oh yeah. We so cool. HAHA

As usual I am in charge of bringing cupcakes. I am making some red velvet and cream cheese frosting red apple cupcakes (now you see why I needed red sprinkles right?) inspired by the book cover and also some vampire bite cupcakes. My friends and I prefer fangs over fur. No Team Jacob cupcakes needed.

You can find the recipes for red velvet cupcakes and how-to make the “apples” here and here. The vampire bite cupcakes were made with a toothpick and coloring gel. Easy peasy.

Its ok. You can say it. I am a nerd. A vegan vampire loving nerd. And proud of it.

“Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there were stars – points of light and reason… And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was beauty. When you were gone, when the meteor had fallen over the horizon, everything went black. Nothing had changed, but my eyes were blinded by the light. I couldn’t see the stars anymore. And there was no more reason for anything.” ~Edward Cullen

Did I mention that I am a hopeless romantic sap too?



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  2. hmm, I have been living under a rock (or at least in New Zealand!) I have never heard of Twilight

  3. Wow, so cute and creative! I don’t think I will see the movie ’til next week, so I have to shield myself from the reviews!

  4. LOL! Totally cute! The waitlist at the library is a mile long and some of the teen groups made parody movies. It’s all Twilight all the time. (But I haven’t read it!!) However, I do love Ryan Seacrest reading passages is cracking me up during my commute! You have to submit that to Food Gawker!!

  5. TAMMY, WHAT?? Ok I shouldn’t hype it up too much but if you like young adult love stories, buy the book. I kinda compare it to a vampire Romeo and Juliet story.

    HARAANDTORTOISE, There is no way I could wait a week! You’ve got willpower!

    FOODLIBRARIAN, You’ve never read it? Oh girl… (Read my reply to Tammy above). I haven’t submitted to FG in a long time, focusing on TS but now that TS has rejected my last 3 submissions maybe I should try FG again huh?

  6. You were clearly on the interwebs when you read them because I didn’t notice your absence due to reading … you’re lucky because if you cared about a book more than me we’d have problemos

  7. NIKKI, Oh I totally remember you complaining that I wasn’t on the internet per my usual but I couldn’t stay away completely. I did say I was an internet addict. HAHA

  8. OMG I love it! I can’t wait for the midnight show tomorrow! Go team Edward!

  9. wow. just, wow.
    Please tell me you did not go to a photo studio for that arm photo. Girl, you are crazy…
    crazy creative and just crazy, too.

  10. Wait now — did you delete my comment??

    How rude!!

  11. BBKIDDO, ::high five:: fellow Team Edwardian!

    RACHEL, No photo studio. Just black poster board in my kitchen. T is very proud of taking that picture! I crazy but I aint “rent out a photo studio for my blog” crazy. HAHA.

    NATALIE, What? Me? Delete? I would never… I blame WP comment malfunction. Please post again!

  12. i am ashamed that i haven’t read the twilight series yet. i promise to start though. i’m seeing the movie this weekend.

    i love your cupcakes!!!! they are so creepy, but cool.

  13. JOANNA, You must read the books! I rarely think that any movie is better than the book but I am looking forward to the movie!

  14. Glad I’m not the only one obsessed!! I have to wait to see the movie until Saturday (I have to work Friday night…boo!!) but I am SO excited. The husband thinks I’ve gone insane. LoL.

  15. J, Trust me. My husband already thought I was insane before Twilight. You can imagine he thinks I am mental now! HAHA. Bummer about working Friday but I’ll keep spoilers to a minimum with some warning… EEK! I can’t wait!

  16. Um. I have not read the Twilight books. I got all stuck in the Harry Potter books and am waiting for those final movies to come out and I can only be overly involved in ONE teen series at a time. (Like I’m a serious Harry Potter freak and I’m also WELL into my 30s. It’s a little embarassing.)

    But I will say that’s one fantastic photo of you with the apple cupcake. And again you have me craving cupcakes in the early morning. (Although for breakfast today it was a granola bar and a tiny bag of sun chips.)

  17. MARY, I totally hear ya. I love HP and will watch every HP movie that comes out but I gotta have a character on the side when he doesn’t come around you know? HAHA. Definitely pick up the first Twilight book. I bet you buy the next 3 soon after…

  18. Hi,
    I,too, am a HUGE fan!! While I didn’t read all four books in four days (my full time job and three children got in the way of that, darn ’em!!!!)I did manage to do it in ten. My daughter and I and two other girls are going to see the movie this Saturday afternoon.

    Question, what’s your thoughts on the last book? I was a bit disappointed and struggled to finish it as quickly as the other three that’s why it took ten days.

    Btw, I like Jacob a lot but Edward definitely is the “MAN”!

  19. Duh,forgot to say…. your cupcakes look great! I especially like how you remade the cover using an apple cupcake, very clever!

  20. INGRID, 4 books in 10 days is still pretty darn fast! I liked the last book. I wasn’t sure how she was gonna make the Edward and Jacob fans happy but I love what she did. I never disliked Jacob’s character. I just felt that Edward was her soul mate so they had to be together so I am glad what she came up with made everyone happy you know? I like happy endings :) The book that was slow for me was New Moon.

  21. What a great idea Clara! I love the sugar on top and the left is so cute.

    As for Jacob… he was a nice friend. It bugged me when she couldn’t get past him but she was willing to commit her soul to Edward! Come on girl! :)

    I can’t wait to see the movie…

  22. Love the pic Clara – I’m actually just starting the series. But I have a 22 hour train ride Saturday so I figure I’ll be able to get through the first one or two. I’m going to see the movie with my sister when we get to the midwest!

  23. Oh.Hell.Yes. I will be going to this movie tomorrow with my aunt and my cousin!! We have all read the books in about 2 weeks flat. OMG. I so want a twilight cupcake :)

  24. You totally, totally ROCK! I love the Bite me cupcakes! I love reading, but these books sucked me in. I read the first three last summer in a matter of days and then had to wait A WHOLE YEAR for the 4th book. I am ticked that her 5th book probably won’t come out because someone spilled the beans. Patooey! I have a job and must be responsible, so no late night for me tomorrow. BUT I am going to see the movie this weekend. Sigh.

    P.S. There is a family who lives on my street in a big crazy house and each kid has a fancy car and I like to pretend they are the Cullens.

  25. I love it! I cannot wait for Twilight to come out, I am also very Twilight obsessed …. TEAM EDWARD !! =)

  26. very cool cb. we had the twilight convo, i havent jumped down that rabbit hole yet. but i love true blood. so thats the place holder for now. :)

  27. ANNE, Bella was confused. Edward left her. I could see how she could fall for Jacob but I also knew that Edward was her soulmate so it would have to work out somehow… (I am such a sap!)

    JEN, 22 hours?? YIKES! I’ve never been on a train before but my 18 hour flight to Vietnam was TOO long! I bet you can bust out the first 2 books, no problem!

    IAMBELLA, ::high five:: fellow Twilight-er! You’ll have to let me know what you think about the movie, k?

    JANNA, LOL @ Cullen-esque family on your street. Ugh! A year? I started the books when the movie hype was starting so all the books were out. Well actually I think the fourth book was coming out when I started the first one so I didn’t have to wait too long. Yeah… I took Friday off. I mean. Its important! Its for Twilight! HAHA

    KRISTIN, ::high five:: fellow Team Edwardian!

    LW, Jump girl jump down the hole already! I like true blood too but I keep forgetting to watch the new show every Sunday. Weekends are hard for me to remember tv schedules. Guess I’ll have to wait for DVD! PS. Bill the vamp is mega hotty.

  28. Oh, I’m so jealous! Since moving, I’ve no one who wants to go see it. :( So, yes, very envious of your party.



  29. It took me at least 3 years to get around to reading the first Harry Potter, and then I got hooked. Apparently the same trend is going for these. I’m just not in a reading mood lately so I haven’t had any interest in starting these…despite you & BB discussing them in full a couple of months ago on the way to our mexican dinner!

  30. ahhh! im a HUGE fan of twilight. and so are all the other girls at my school.. im so excited for the movie that coming out tomorrow! r u going to see it?
    ps. im team edward too! :]

  31. So…basically I am like the one female in the US who wouldn’t get into this book. Can you still be my friend? BB questioned it I think. LOL But the cuppys are cute!

  32. KRISTEN, aawwww… Go see it yourself! Nothing wrong with party of one for a movie right?! There will be tons of fans in line to keep you company. I say do it!

    ZEBE, LOL @ mexican dinner. Yeah me and BB are slightly obsessed with them.

    SUSAN, Of course! ::high five:: Team Edwardian!

    APRIL, Hmmm… not sure about the friend thing now. You are such a sap too. How could you not like these books? HAHA

  33. So??? What are your thoughts on the flick??
    (no movie spoilers though, please)

  34. JANNA, HAHA. No spoilers huh? Ok here’s what I think… To be honest Robert Pattinson wasn’t exactly what I had in mind for Edward but he was good. I think Kristen Stewart was totally Bella though. Movie is never has good as the book but I think it was a great adaptation. We’ll discuss more after you’ve seen it ;)

  35. oooowh the cupcakes are sooo cute! i cant wait to watch twilight movie too! but too a team jacob..hehehe..

  36. KARLS, LOL @ Team Jacob. You are fur over fangs huh? Don’t get me wrong. I think Jacob was always sweet and never hurt Bella but Edward is her soulmate (he hurt her to save her) so I had to root for him. ;)

  37. AMAZING!

  38. MISSMARIE, Thank you!

  39. Tee hee, love these! I have to check out the books, I have totally missed the craze but hear they’re addictive! :-)

  40. CAKESPY, Oh girl! You have to read them. If you are a sappy young adult romance story reader like me you’ll dig them! Let me know what you think!

  41. I LOOOOVE IT!!! :)

    I am a TWILIGHT-er too, and a secret romantic sap!!! Hehehehe!!!

    The movie’s showing here in our country on WEd, just two days from now!!!

  42. ABLOSH, ::high five:: for secret Twilight-er saps! HAHA. Let me know what you think of the movie, k? :)

  43. You are Awesome!!! I LOVE these!!!!

    We all (me, husband, teen daughter, preteen daughter) love the books and all went to see the movie together. So fun!!!! If I had popped on here before this, I surely would have been inspired to make Twilight cupcakes!!

  44. CHERYL, That is so cute that your whole family is into the books! What did you think of the movie without giving too many spoilers away? (Don’t want to spoil it for any IHC readers that read comments!) Even though no movie is ever as good as the book I liked it! I thought Kristen Stewart was TOTALLY Bella. Jacob was a little young for me (even though I know he’s suppose to be) and Robert Pattinson wasn’t exactly what I had in mind for Edward but he was good.

  45. Clara, we need to discuss the movie – I saw your post on my blog! You should email me so we can chat about it. I absolutely loved it!!

  46. J, Sweet! I’ve been dying to dish with someone… ANYONE! ::sending email now::

  47. I LOVE that you did this! How very apropo!!
    I love Twilight! What did you think of the movie??

  48. SUZY, Without giving any spoilers… I thought it was awesome! No movie will ever be better than a book IMO but I thought it was a great book-to-movie adaptation! Did you see it? What did you think??

  49. Okay- So e-mail me so we can discuss the movie.
    To me, the book was much better than the movie. That being said, I am STOKED that there will be a sequel. I’m a sap, what can I say. Who cares there is blood sucking involved. It’s a romance. Nuff said.

  50. JANNA, Oh yes! We must get together and email dish on the movie! I’ll send you an email ASAP. Just gotta finish reading all the blogs in my GR first. (I am such a GR addict!) HAHA

  51. OMG!!! I love the cupcake. I was screaming in excitement when I saw this. Love the books. Cried reading New Moon. I love the whole series. Have you read Midnight Sun? It’s the story from Edward’s POV. Apparently, it was accidently leaked and Stephanie decided to post the partial draft (grammer errors and mispellings) it on her site for everyone to read. She is unsure of when she is going to finish it. I hope she does soon. Did you see the movie yet?

  52. LINDA, Yeah I read the rough draft on Stephenie Meyer’s website. OMG so good! I hope she does finish it b/c it was so cool to read from his POV. Yup, Saw the midnight showing. Probably will go see again!

  53. After seeing these on your New Years list I had to come over and comment! I had so much fun reading all of the comments lol So, RPatz really wasn’t how you pictured Edward? I thought he was perfect! I also loved the guy they got to play Jasper even though he only had like one line. The only casting I had an issue with was Rosalie. It may have just been the makeup, but I thought she should have been much more striking.

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