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November 28, 2008 at 5:48 PM | Posted in cupcakes, Iron Cupcake, teaser | 31 Comments

Vote for me for the next Iron Cupcake star!

I’ve got some stiff cupcake competition so I’d really appreciate your vote. Even if you vote for someone else just lie and tell me you voted for my cupcake anyways. I don’t mind living in my ignorant self-absorbed cupcake world. Its my happy place. haha

(Teaser after the cut.)

What’s my next cupcake? Any guesses?



  1. Ooh! Pomegranate! I’m excited to see what you do with it.

  2. Pomegranate! Melanie beat me. Haha. I am in love with pomegranate. I bet your cupcake version is delish.

  3. I just voted and it’s for you! I’m having a “Peppermint Twist” giveaway and I invite you to enter.


  4. I can’t spell them, but I love the flavor as long as you take care of that horrible seed business. :)

  5. MELANIE, ding ding ding!

    SPARKLIESUNSHINE, Sorry! Melanie beat you to the punch… err… pom. HAHA. Btw I was checking out your blog. Love your adorable bunny! You can see some bunny pictures on my food blog if you are interested. I post about them every Monday!

    MARSHA, Awesome! I think there are some amazing cupcake-ers this round so I don’t expect to win but I appreciate EVERY vote! Thanks! ::off to read your blog giveaway::

    MARY, Can I be honest? I have to use spellcheck every time I spell p-o-m-e-g-r-a-n-a-t-e. HAHA.

  6. Thanks for entering!


  7. I voted….for you!

  8. NATALIE, Thanks chicky!

  9. Oh man,

    Pomegranate self promotion Cupcake. Or will it be Peppermint Twist?


  10. Your cupcakes look so yummy. I wish I could make good ones let alone some that look like yours… btw whatever happened to the red coloured sugar? or have I missed something? Not sure if I get everything down here in New Zealand.

  11. JORGE, LOL @ pom self promotion cupcake.

    LYNNLEY, I promise you can make cupcakes like mine. I am not even close to a professional. I like to say I am an “intermediate” b/c I still have alot to learn. Practice makes perfect. Oh I used the red sprinkles for my Twilight Cupcakes, for the apple!

  12. Yeah, I just had a closer look, maybe I was just upside down when I looked! I thought that was a photo that you found. You made them! That’s awesome!!

  13. Pom pom cuppies anyone?

  14. LISA, LOL @ pom pom cupcakes! Makes me wanna break out in a cartwheel and cheer ;)

  15. Oh a pom pom cupcake! I can’t wait to see what it is like!

    ;) amy

  16. AMY, PomPom cupcake is quite the popular guess ;)

  17. Wow,the cup cakes looks great,
    Are you going to prepare cupcakes with Pomegranate?


  18. I vote pommamango cupcakes. The smoothie @ Caribou is hella delightful and if that were made into a cupcake, I think I’d pee a little from the excitement. I can’t wait to see the newbies! :)

  19. LOVEOFFOOD, Yup! You are correct! But we’ll see if my idea works out the way I hope. haha

    IAMBELLALUNA, Pommamango huh? Not quite what I had in mind but I might have to add that to a future cupcake list per your request! ;)

  20. I decided to ditch on iron cupcake, I just felt like I wasn’t popular enough and who needs a monthly reminder of that!! haha. Totally voted for you girl!! Good luck!!!!

  21. STEPH, Aawww… Thanks for the vote! Well I’ll join you in the unpopular cupcake clique. I can’t compete with the likes of some cupcake-ers’ photography skills but its ok. I enter just to participate. I try not to let it stress me out. Its a hobby right? Suppose to be fun ;)

  22. I voted for you! Any not just because I love checking out your blog and you asked, but because I honestly thought yours was the best. Can’t wait to see what you do with the pomegranate!

  23. JEN, aawwww you are so sweet. Thanks for the compliments! Appreciate your vote :)

  24. Here is my endorsement blog..I hope it helps! I also put it on my facebook, and I’ll drop an email to my normal ‘please vote for my cuppies’ people. :)
    I hope you win!

  25. I don’t know where my post went *sobs*
    I voted for you, and I blogged about voting for you, posted on my facebook about voting for you, and emailed my normal cupcake voter to vote for you.
    Whew..I’m exhausted! I need a cupcake for energy!

  26. ohhh… i love pomegranite martinis.. can this be another crunkcake???!!!

  27. SUZY, aawwww I don’t even know what to say. You’re too sweet. Thanks for the PR. I appreciate all your “campaigning” ;)

    YVETTE, Eep! I aint saying nothing! Lips are zipped. You guys are obviously getting better at the “teaser” game!

  28. Yum yum yum!

  29. CAKESPY, You said it! ;)

  30. the lime pom cupcakes look fantastic. I will really have to try the almond joy ones tho. Your work is fabulous. Cindy

  31. CINDY, Thank you! Let me know what you think of the Almond Joy Cupcakes if you make them :)

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