Happy UnBlogiversary to me! GIVEAWAY (Done and done!)

December 2, 2008 at 7:45 AM | Posted in cupcakes, giveaway | 106 Comments

It’s not quite my blogiversary yet.

My countdown ticker says 14 more days but I figured why only celebrate “on” the day right? Why not celebrate all month?!!

Reader: I love that idea, CB!

Me too!

So I’ll be doing a different giveaway every Tuesday until December 30th with the BIG GIVEAWAY on my actual blogiversary December 16th! I’ve got some great sponsors lined up including Beater Blade, Cakespy, cupcake books, City Girl Aprons, jewelry and Etsy artists. You won’t wanna miss it!

Today I am giving away 2 cupcake pamper sets. Aren’t they cute??

Click image to enlarge
Giveaway #1: Vanilla Sprinkles Pamper set – foot scrub, body wash, foot cream, bath salts, glitter lotion, lip balm, bubble bath
Giveaway #2: Raspberry Delight Pamper set – foot scrub, foot cream, body lotion, glitter lotion, bath salts, body butter, lip balm, bubble bath

(1) Only one entry per person please. All duplicate entries will not be counted.
(2) Only those who live within the US eligible to win prizes. (Sorry my international peeps!)
(3) Please make sure you have a valid email address so I can contact you if you win.

To enter leave a comment:
Tell me what cupcake flavor you’d want to see made into a bath scent.

Deadline: December 7, 2008 @ 12midnight EST

Winners will be drawn by Mr. Random Generator.

PS. Bribes always welcome.



  1. 1
    Oh, my cupcake goodness! Those sets both look fabulous!!! I would love to see Caramel or Dulce De Leche made into bath products! Or Red velvet, but more for the color and packaging on that one! Not sure if I’d actually want to smell like Red Velvet cake all day….I would get hungry! LOL! I don’t have much to bribe you with, but I do have a lovely cupcake picture on my blog today since i just made some pumpkin cuppies for Thanksgiving! Just simple ones, but they were really yummy! Happy Bloggerversary month!!!

  2. 2
    Those look awesome! I think I’d like to smell like snickerdoodle all day – how awesome would that be?!

  3. 3
    Hmmm, my ideal cupcake-flavor-turned-bath-scent would be something with apples and a hint of clove and cinnamon. Nothing too strong, but very light and refreshing.

  4. 4
    Wow… a cupcake bath scent? Since vanilla seems to be done, (and is definitely one of my FAVORITES!) maybe strawberry? I know, so unoriginal, but I don’t know that I’d want to smell TOOOO much like food all day. :) Happy early blogoversary! :D

  5. 5
    I would love to smell like Raspberry-Lemon!

  6. 6
    Mmmmmmm. How about Chocolate Raspberry? with the raspberry being the predominate scent? (Now I’m hungry!)

  7. 7
    I think that maybe they should do some Almond Cranberry White Chocolate Cupcakes scented bath products, yum! ;-)

  8. 8
    Very cute. Where did these come from? I’m not much of a shopper and haven’t left my house much since it got cold. I’d be happy to wear a Ginger Cupcake scent. =)

  9. 9
    Apple cinnamon!

  10. 10
    Happy Blogoversary!!!! I say Strawberry/White Chocolate would be yummy!

  11. 11
    Happy, Happy, Happy Blogoversary Month!

    I’d love to see either a Red Velvet (it would have to include the cream cheese icing), or a Chai

  12. 12
    That’s a tough one. I would like to see a Maple/Apple combination made into a scent.

  13. 13
    Snickerdoodle cuppies would be a fab bath scent

  14. 14
    I would have to say strawberry.

  15. 15
    Congrats on the upcoming anniversary! I would love to see some vanilla bean/strawberry scented bath goodies.

  16. 16
    Congratulations on the 1 year mark — i just recently found your blog (and at give away time, what could be better?!) I’m going to go with strawberry (who doesn’t love a good strawberry cupcake, and it smells divine!)

  17. 17
    How about strawberry cinnamon. I think that would be interesting!

  18. Please don’t enter me ’cause I have ridiculously sensitive skin. :(
    But I do think it’s a brilliant idea to celebrate all month! And I think smelling like a peanut butter cookie would be fun.
    For the record I told my husband last night that he has 49 more days to my birthday. :)

  19. 18
    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bad luch for us.
    I still love the idea of celebrating the whole month :-)

  20. 19
    I think maybe for the holidays something spicy like pumpkin or cinnamon.

  21. 20
    I would love to see something in chocolate mint. Yummy!

  22. 21
    Happy blogoversary month!!

    I think I’d choose carrot cake. It would be sweet but not sickeningly sweet, you know? Mmm. Now I want carrot cake.

  23. 22
    Oh! I would love to smell like you apple martini crunkcakes! Delish and intoxicating!

    Please let me win!

  24. 23
    I would love anything that smells like apples and cinnamon! Thanks for the chance to win.

  25. 24
    I LOVE Vanilla! Vanilla sprinkles, vanilla bean, fresh vanilla… Basically if there is vanilla in it I am going to love it!

  26. 25
    I would love to see chocolate candy cane!!! It would be soooo yummy and smell soooo yummy! Hmmm making me hungry!!! Happy soon to be blogoversary!

  27. 26
    Ooooh, fun! I would say I’d like to see my lavender-citrus cupcakes turned into a bath set…yum!

  28. 27
    I’m would love the smell of a lemon chocolate cupcake as a bath scent. Yum!

  29. 28
    Either strawberry vanilla or almond. This is making me hungry :)

  30. 29
    Hmmm, I adore everything pumpkin–so Pumpkin Spice cupcake scented would be divine!

  31. Yay! It’s begun!

    I’d like to see a lemon-vanilla scent. Fresh and foody all at the same time! (Oh, and you don’t really have to enter me into any of these since I’m sponsoring this month).

  32. 30
    Geee-reat giveaway!
    Hrm…I think that maybe Italian Creme Cupcake would be cool..that way it would be both coconuty and almondy (those aren’t words I don’t think!)

  33. 31
    I’m all for a Cherry Pina Colada Cupcake scent. A little coconut, a little rum, a hint of cherry. YUMMO!

  34. 32
    Funfetti, with the colorful sprinkles as little beads in the scent itself. (Vanilla can never go wrong with color!)

  35. 33
    I could wrap myself up in those Almond Joy cupcakes. Never can have too much chocolate in my life. And mmmmmmmmmmmmm the coconut! Calgon, oops I mean cupcake,take me away.

  36. 34
    I would love chocolate cranberry for the hoildays.

  37. 35
    I would have to go with a toasted almond scent or some kind of marzipan type scent… mmmm

    Dear Marzipan, I love you, Love Stephanie

  38. 36
    How nice of you! Happy early blogiversary :) I would love something orangey, maybe a orange-almond scent or something like that. I used to occasionally wear satsuma oil from the body shop and it was so, so good. Almond can only make it better :)

  39. 37
    Cheese Cake would be wonderful!!!White chocolate could be fun too!!! I love bath goodies!!!Thank you and have a nice week.

  40. 38
    I love peppermint everything. So first, I would like a peppermint cupcake…then, I’d like peppermint bath scent:) hah!

  41. 39
    Ohh.. i would say anything with Cinnamon. Or apples.. Or Cinnamon Apple!

  42. 40
    I know it’s been said, but definitely snickerdoodle.

  43. 41
    How about pumpkin choclate chip! YUM!
    Or maybe chocolate peppermint!

  44. 42
    OOH! Lychee flavored cupcakes. Its a tropical asian fruit or coconut key lime.

  45. 43
    Lemon Cream.
    Mmmm… I am now craving it.
    I am new to your site. WHat a perfectly scrumptious day to find you!

  46. 44
    I’d love to see your ‘almond joy’ cupcakes in a bath scent. Coconut is one of my favorites. That or chocolate raspberry. Yum.

  47. 45
    I rely on the smell of my shower gel to wake me up in the morning, so something zesty like a lemon-lime cupcake would certainly wake me up…and make me smell good!!

  48. 46
    Happy Blogaversary month. I want everyone to smell like spice cake!

  49. 47
    Lemon! Happy Blogaversary!

  50. 48
    Since vanilla is already done, Mint Chocolate Chip would be nice or ooooh Creme Brulee scented. I don’t know that I would be able to wear any of them that often though–they would probably make me too hungry!

  51. 49
    Something exotic! (not that strawberry is not exoctic enough…hihi) Definitly something like Passion fruit! Hey that could be a new cupcake idea!

  52. 50
    Happy Blogaversary month! I think a Devil’s Food Cake scent would be cool!

  53. 51
    Yum! I hope I don’t try to eat the bubbles LOL I think Key Lime would make a great bath scent–not mention, it is a mighty fine cupcake flavor!

  54. 52
    How about strawberry mousse, or the rasberry mousse you made on top of the lemon cupcake, that smelled fresh and tasted so sweet! Happy blogaversary, CB.


  55. 53
    I would love German Chocolate Cupcake scented bath stuff to pamper with! Too yummy! :)

  56. 54
    Raspberry, yum!!!

    I can’t believe it’s not your blogiversary yet!! Seems like I’ve been reading you forever!!

  57. 55
    Happy Blogiversary!!

  58. 56
    How exciting! It has been fun getting to “know” you through your blog! Here is to another great year.

  59. 57
    Strawberry – but with cream cheese frosting!!

  60. 58
    How about some cherry scented bath stuff?

  61. 59
    Happy UnBlogiversary! For a cupcake flavor that I want to be made into a bath scent… how about like banana nut. That would be awesome! :)

  62. 60
    Happy Almost Blogiverysary!!! I would love to see a bubble bath that smelled like a crunkcake! maybe a malibu strawberry lemon scent!! mmmmm…..

  63. 61
    Hmm… I think I would have to agree with the above, a crunkcake scent would be delicious.. like a apple martini flavor, or a dulce de leche scent would be nice too… hmm… this is difficult because I wouldn’t want it to smell too good that I am just craving cupcakes all the time… or do I? hmmm…:)

  64. 62
    lemon raspberry!

  65. 63
    Have you tried using durian in a cupcake? It is a very popular fruit in South East Asia, eg Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. It is an acquired taste, just like blue cheese or any kinda moldy cheese used in cupcakes! Smells heavenly to me, but some say it stinks real bad.

  66. 64
    Oh my goodness, I would have to say Chocolate, of course.

  67. 65
    Happy blogiversary month! Hmm, bath yummies. I’d have to say mint chocolate and it would have to include a sugar scrub of some sort. :)

  68. 66
    triple chocolate fudge… :)

  69. 67
    red velvet, mmmm =)

  70. 68
    Spice pumpkin flavor! mmmm

  71. 69
    I would love to see something like mango-citrus or a spicy cinnamon caramel scent yumm

  72. 70
    red velvet with cream cheese icing!

  73. 71
    I wouldn’t mind smelling like Hummingbird cake!

  74. 72
    Chocolate! With peppermint dark chocolate ganache on top.

    Happy Blogaversary!

  75. 73
    Yumm… I’d love to see my strawberry margarita cupcakes made into a bath scent!!!

  76. 74
    My hubby would love to have me smell like good ole vanilla cuppies. Sweet.


  77. 75
    Ooh! :)

    I think I’d choose peppermint.


  78. 76
    Ooh, vanilla-pear or orange-mango!

  79. 77
    Caramel or Italian Creme or Carrot or Spice would be yummy smells!!! :)

  80. 78
    Mmm, I think maybe a spice mix flavor – cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, with maybe a hint of apple underneath.

    Also, I just discovered your blog via the marvels of Google Reader’s psychic powers, and it’s delightful!

  81. 79
    Tell me what cupcake flavor you’d want to see made into a bath scent.

    Red Velvet – Just to see what they turn up with. :)

  82. 80
    I’ve never seen a set like this before, how adorable!! I would love the Raspberry Delight Pamper set!

  83. 81
    I would love to see Almond Cranberry White Chocolate made into a bath product. I love your site, you have opened up a whole new world of cupcakes for me. :o)

  84. 82
    Oh they look too yummy to put on my body I just want to eat them!!
    I would love to spell like a gingerbread boy all day long but I worry I’d try to eat myself.

  85. 83
    Cupcake as bath scent? Mmmm… ok, so there is this recipe in one of my cake books for a chai cake and then there is a dulce de leche frosting on another page. I could totally soak in that!

  86. 84
    I would LOVE to smell like your Creme Brulee cupcakes or like the Peach Belini cupcakes from http://chicagocupcakes.com/. I think my hubby would like that too!!!

  87. 85
    I would love to see the Pom Cosmo Cupcakes from your latest post! I love the smell of Pomegranate and to mix it with the lime flavor of the cupcakes…. Mmmm….

    Happy Blogaversary!

  88. 86
    I’d love to smell like a vaguely coco scented red velvet cupcake with smooth vanilla cream cheese. YUM.

  89. 87
    Most definitely some dark chocolate orange cupcakes turned bath scent. As much as I don’t like eating the combination, it smelled utterly delicious when I made it (and shipped naked) to the boyfriend across the country… one has to make the troops happy, right?

    Happy bloggerversiary CB!

  90. 88
    Oooooh I never sign up for the giveaways, but I sure would like that vanilla set <3 Happy Blogiversary!!!

  91. 89
    Hmmm, I’ve never thought of that before, but I have so many flavors running through my head. It doesn’t help that it’s right before lunch! I love snicker doodles, but my favorite is chocolate. I don’t like the fake scents (blueberry is the worst) so I’d have to go with something that my hubby would follow me around the house for (and I’m sure there is not hamburger or pizza scent yet) snicker doodle.

  92. 90
    I’d love to smell like my favorite banana caramel cupcake!

  93. 91
    Key lime pie!

  94. 92
    I’m thinking that smelling like the pomogranate cosmo cupcake that you just made would rock!

  95. 93
    Cupcake flavor as a smell?

    Coconut Vanilla Chai.


  96. 94
    Coffee…Definately. With butter cream undertones.

    Now I want a cupcake.

  97. 95
    Mmmmmmmm… Vanilla chai cupcakes!!! I’m craving them right now… Imagine a vanilla chai bath. Yippie!

  98. 96
    Hmm… I think that any sort of latte flavor… yes… hmm


    Oooh… Vanilla Eggnog Latte cupcakes would be awesome made into bath stuff… :o)

  99. 97
    I would like to have some banana caramel bath stuff. sounds yummy.

  100. 98
    pumpkin for sure!!!

  101. 99
    White chocolate! I think I should win since your blogiversary happens to fall on my birthday!

  102. 100
    The hot chocolate cupcakes would be amazing as a bath scent… yum!

  103. 101
    Oh CB… wonderful maker of cupcakes… (;

    as for scents, I’d like a simple vanilla with a hint of orange, and maybe a tad of lemon.

  104. 102
    Hmmmm…I’ve always been intrigued by red velvet cupcakes…
    however for the record I think classic vanilla (with a hint of coconut and cinnamon) would be by far the best.

    Happy Blogiversary!

  105. 103
    Banana bread or Tiramisu all the way, I love smelling like cake or frosting or both, I have tons of lotions that do just that and I get compliments all the time :)

  106. (This giveaway is now closed. Don’t worry! If you missed this one there will be more so check back often.)

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