UnBlogiversary GIVEAWAY #2 (Time’s up!)

December 9, 2008 at 7:29 AM | Posted in giveaway, non-cupcake | 97 Comments

Another Tuesday. Another giveaway. Don’t you just love it?

I tend to think of December as the month of giving (and receiving) so this whole unblogiversary giveaway thing is kinda perfect. Like me. LOL.

I am really excited about today’s giveaway.

I blame wanna thank my savvy chic friend, Jen from Look 4 Less, for inspiring this giveaway. Her blog is one of my favorite non-cooking blogs. Basically the concept of her blog is that you can dress to the nines (What does that actually mean??) without paying $$$$ so she posts where you can find budget friendly alternatives for expensive celebrity trends. I have spent way too much money at Old Navy and Forever 21 b/c of her. I LOVE IT. But my credit cards hate her. (Said with love, Jen.)

One of her most recent posts promoted Shop Suey Boutique and a Miu Miu purse that I drooled over for the rest of the day. I am sure my fellow purse addicts will agree that you can’t go wrong with a black Miu Miu (although I know some would defer to LV as their favorite *cough* April *cough*)

While I was on Shop Suey’s website, I noticed a tab for City Girl Aprons and being a curious baker I clicked. *brilliant flash of light*

Did you click? I hope you clicked. No? Go click the link. I’ll wait.

::still waiting::

Aren’t those aprons adorable?

Of course I had to have one.

Since I am a sharer, I knew I had to get one for one of my readers too.

Heather from Shop Suey Boutique is graciously donating the Sophia Chocolate Halter to one lucky winner. *golf clap for Heather*

(Now do you get my riddle?)

(1) Only one entry per person please. All duplicate entries will not be counted.
(2) Only those who live within the US eligible to win prizes. (Sorry my international peeps!)
(3) Please make sure you have a valid email address so I can contact you if you win.

To enter leave a comment:
1. Do you wear an apron when you cook/bake? Why or why not?
2. What is your favorite apron on City Girl Aprons’ website?

Deadline: December 14, 2008 @ 12midnight EST

Winners will be drawn by Mr. Random Generator.

PS. CB, what’s *YOUR* favorite City Girl Apron, you ask? I am kinda partial to the Lily Halter Print but if the Sophie Berry Print was a full apron I’d want that one. I like colorful aprons. It tends to hide the frosting that I smear on it.



  1. 1
    1. Sometimes, but only when I’m at my mother’s house, since she has aprons and I do not. But I do wear junkier clothes, as I inevitably manage to get my baking onto myself.
    2. The Hydrangea Halter Print, definitely. Very cute.

    Philadelphia, PA

  2. 2
    1. Yes, I do. I’m a horribly messy baker!
    2. My favorite city girl apron is the Hollywood Halter – how adorable is that black & white? Totally classic… I love it!

  3. 3
    I am a a bad person. I don’t wear a apron and I inevitably wind up with something on me.

    I thing the Elizabeth patterned halter is gorgeous.

  4. 4
    I am a very messy baker. My brother and SIL gave me a really cute brightly colored apron from Anthropologie for my bday last year. LOVE it. I also have two other ones that get used too.

    I also like bright colors on my aprons. I love the Berries halter, and agree that the Sophie Berry print would be cute in a halter. I’m not sure a half apron would do much good for me…

    I may have just found another thing to add to my holiday wish list :)

  5. 5
    1. I don’t, but only because I don’t have one. I have been known to take my shirt off when using my stand mixer because you know how messy that can get!

    2. I like the berries print.

  6. 6
    1. Do you wear an apron when you cook/bake? Why or why not?
    Yes I do. An old Sbux apron from my husband’s days as a barista. It helps protect what few clothes I have that don’t have kid mess on them from getting messier. :)

    2. What is your favorite apron on City Girl Aprons’ website?
    I LOVE the Sophia Chocolate Halter. It was the first to catch my eye. But then I flipped to page two and fell in love with Berries Print. Although i do have to agree, if the Sophia Berry was a full apron I’d be all over it!! Half aprons are great for entertaining, but not the actual baking part. :P

  7. 7
    I have to answer 2 questions. Geeze you’re really making me work for this shit huh?

    1. No, I cook naked and have the boob scars to prove it

    2. My favoritest apron is the Lily Print

  8. 8
    1. Always have to have a cute apron on :) It makes it more fun… and that way I don’t end up with flour on my pants since I always clean off my hands on my apron when I bake :)

    2. I LOVE the black flower print on page 2!!! I think I’d wear it out though… too cute for just cooking haha :D

    Clara rocks!!!

  9. 9
    1. I don’t wear an apron when baking, because I don’t own one! I should though, as I always end up a mess :)

    2. My favorite is the ROCHELLE SWEETHEAR HALTER, love the colors and design!

  10. 10
    I wear an apron pretty much all day–when I cook and other home tasks. Oh, and my favy is absolutely the Hollywood Halter Print. Gorgeous!

  11. 11
    Heh. I always wear an apron when I bake, because flour pretty much always goes everywhere. I don’t tend to when I cook, but I probably should (what, those shirts didn’t come with tomato stains on them?).

    And I think the Lily Halter is my favorite – a cute apron with pockets!

  12. 12
    I like the hydrangea halter apron. Its beautiful

    Sometimes I wear an apron and sometimes I dont. If I am working with flour like cookies or with powder sugar like icing then I do forsure. because I am messy

  13. 13
    Oooooooh, so cute!! I do wear an apron, or I get stuff all over me (I am a really messy cook). My fav apron on the site is the berries print one…love that bow!!

  14. 14
    A. Yes, especially if I’m going to get messy.
    B. I’d need a full apron — I like the Hollywood Halter. I’ve been known to change my clothes to match my apron, so it would be nice to have an apron that matched almost everything that was so cute!!

  15. 15
    I almost always wear an apron, just in case. I tend to lean into things that have been spilled on the counter and splashing oil is no fun.
    I like the Peony Print, but they are all very cute. Thanks for hosting the give-away.

  16. 16
    I don’t wear an apron when I cook/bake because I don’t have a pretty one that I’d be happy wearing, but I should because I tend to make an awful mess. My favorite apron on City Girl Aprons’ website is PEONY SWEETHEART :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  17. 17
    I do not wear an apron — I have been telling myself, “don’t buy one… sew one!!” and then never getting around to it for AGES.

    Although I am really loving the Sophie Berry Print as well. Tres cute!

  18. 18
    Yes, I do wear an apron. I have several that were my Grandmothers that are classic!
    I like the Hollywood Halter.

  19. 19
    Love the aprons! Thanks for passing along the link!

    I wear a full apron whenever I am in the kitchen especially if I’m cooking dinner. I usually don’t have time to change out of my dress work clothes and I’ve ruined a good shirt one time too many!

    Thanks also for a great giveaway!!!

  20. 20
    I wear one about 70 percent of the time depending on how messy the project is. I do love to wear one when I greet any company I may have.

    I LOVE the Hollywood halter!! You know I love vibrant colors but that black and white pattern made my heart skip a beat. If I won if probably wear it all the time (maybe even with nothing under! Who says my hubby can’t win,too!)

  21. 21
    1) I don’t usually wear an apron, expect when I was at school or the bakery. But no apron at home. I usually just wear junkie clothes b/c my aprons are so pretty I don’t want to get them dirty. I’m a dork, I know!
    2) The Elizabeth Print is my favorite apron. Although I would love the Sophia Berry is it was a full apron

  22. 22
    I don’t have an apron to wear in the kitchen, so right now, no, I don’t wear one, but I have been looking and I want one!

    My favorite one is the Elizabeth print! HOly cuteness! Love it!

  23. 23
    I actually don’t wear an apron…I NEED to though!! I am such a messy cook LOL My husband always gives me crap about it!! But hey at least he gets some goodies out of it! :o) I actually never got an apron because I don’t really buy things for myself all that often. I do really love the Berries Print! I actually LOVE all those print, how fashionable!! I love it!

  24. 24
    I don’t usuall wear an apron when I cook or bake…I just never think of grabbing the one I have. It’s not stored in a very convenient place, I guess I need to change that because I would love to wear one of these City Girl Aprons. I love the Hollywood Halter Print.

  25. 25
    I don’t usually wear an apron when I cook (although I should, I’m so messy!) and the reason is…I don’t own an apron!

    I like the Dandelion Halter apron!

  26. 26
    1. Yes, I wear an apron when I cook… Otherwise I would wipe my hands on my cloths. I’m very messy, especially when I do breads,cakes,or cookies!
    2. I really liked the Sophie Berry print….


  27. 27
    I don’t wear an apron when I cook, but only because I don’t have one that I love. I really should though!!! I love the hydrangea halter print apron! Just beautiful!

  28. 28
    I wear a apron when I bake so I won’t get my clothes dirty.
    I really like the HOLLYWOOD HALTER PRINT apron

  29. 29
    I normally do not wear aprons while baking.. only cause I dont wear my nicer clothes when baking!
    I really like the Peony sweetheart apron along with the sophia chocolate halter.

  30. 30
    I mostly dont, but if I’m baking all day then I wear my williams sonoma apron, which I hate, and then its also handy to tuck my towel into the waist. I still find myself wiping flour all over my trousers though!

  31. PS, the hydrangea looks adorable, sorry for not reading properly!

  32. 31
    I don’t wear an apron because I don’t have one, but I should, because I always end up wearing half my ingredients!

    I really like the lily halter print apron.

  33. 32
    1. I wear one when I remember…(i.e when I’m all covered in flour…yeah that’s when I think about putting one on!)

    2.I totally agree with C.B that if the sophia berry print was a full apron i’d go with that one but my choice would be the berry print wich is very cute!

  34. 33
    I usually remember to wear an apron after it’s too late! But if I had one like the Sophia Chocolate Halter I would probably remember BEFORE the mess! I have to agree with most people so far, I really like the berry print – too bad it’s not a full apron!

  35. 34
    I like the Hollywood Halter!! and nope,I never wear an apron because I do not have one.

  36. 35
    1. I wear an apron most of the time.
    2. My favorites are the sophia chocolate halter and the hydrangea halter. So cute!

  37. 36
    I’m a definite apron-wearer! I make too much of a mess not to! When I don’t have a clean apron (or I’m cooking away from home), I tuck a towel at my waist, so that I at least have seomthing handy to wipe my hands on. One day, I’ll actually remember to take an apron off before guests arrive, instead of halfway through dinner.

    I love them all, especially the last few. I think my mostest-favorite has to be the Elizabeth halter. It’s a great name, and classy enough that it’s not the end of the world if I do forget to take it off.

  38. 37
    1. Definitely! They are my new favorite accessory!
    2. I too like the Sophia Chocolate halter. Yum!

  39. 38
    I always forget to wear one…until it’s too
    late! I like the Hollywood Halter.
    Thanks for the give-away
    Be blessed today

  40. 39
    1. I ALWAYS wear an apron. I even wear one to wash the dishes because I’m so horrible messy. :)
    Ever since destroying my favorite (and expensive) apron from Williams Sonoma a year and a half ago, I’ve gotten really into super girly rural housewife aprons (see the photo of my mom modeling on my blog). I’ll be posting my Christmas apron soon and I’m toying with the idea of a giveaway too. (Your generosity has inspired me!)
    2. I like the sophia chocolate halter. It matches my Kitchen Aid! :)

  41. 40
    Um, yes. Sorry LV rules in my book. You know this. I am a purse snob and you love me. :)

    1. Yes, I wear an apron to cook – I put it on when I get home from work for dinner, definitely for baking. I am horribly messy about everything I do so it’s an absolute must.

    2. I’m loving the Dandelion Halter – I mean it could double as a dress to go out right?! Oh wait…aside from that no back thing, but who cares?!

  42. 41
    I do not wear an apron. I don’t own one, but I should. I can’t even step into the kitchen without spilling something all down the front of my clothes.

    As far as my favorite apron goes, I’m torn between the Lilly Halter Print and the Sophia Berry.

  43. 42
    1 – Yes. i wear an apron even if NOT baking – I chase a kiddy all day and I get filthy.
    2 – Oh My. Too many to choose from…but Berries and Elizabeth are my two faves.

    Cool giveaway, CB!

  44. 43
    1. I’d rather get my clothes dirty than my apron!
    2. Classic black, for sure. : )

    Awesome giveaway!

  45. 44
    I would love to wear one of those aprons! The ones I have just don’t fit well, so I don’t wear one now.
    Pick ME! I like the classic black one . . .

  46. 45
    No I don’t wear a apron when I cook :( ,but that is only because I don’t have a cute one like these!!!!! My favorite apron would have to be Rochelle Sweethear Halter, I love those colors together.

  47. 46
    Yes I wear an apron when I cook so I don’t wear WHAT I cook! As for my fave apron in City Girl? Elizabeth is my fave, but the Santa is ADORABLE! It might give DH a few ideas though…

  48. 47
    I wish the Sophia berry was a full apron too, so cute.

    I try to wear an apron when I cook, but because it isn’t a habit yet, I tend to forget I have one.

    I like the Rochelle halter otherwise. :)

  49. 48
    1)I don’t wear an apron because I don’t have one but I really want one!
    2) I like the Hollywood halter.

  50. 49
    I never think to wear an apron when I bake, but I always end up with flour or batter on me clothing, so I don’t know why remembering is such an issue for me!

    My favorite is the classic black. Certainly the classiest apron I’ve ever seen!


  51. 50
    Yes I wear an apron from Williams and Sonoma. My SO took my apron without my knowledge, and brought it to Lowe’s to have paint custom matched to the colors on my apron. (I hadn’t moved in yet) he painted the tile along the backsplash in the custom matched colors!!! All without my knowledge!

  52. 51
    Yep! I wear an apron. That is where I house my cake testing stick when I am baking. I love the Elizabeth apron. It is such a fun print.

  53. 52
    I usually don’t wear one, mostly because I don’t have one I like.

    As for the City Girl Aprons, I like the Sophia Berry print half apron

  54. 53
    1. i don’t wear an apron, but i do have one! i think i don’t wear it because it’s a boring white one. boo. but i should…baking is more fun with an apron.
    2. i like the sophia chocolate one! i’m a color person…

  55. 54
    1 – I try to, but I only have one and it’s constantly in the wash (I’m a messy cook!), so that makes it difficult.

    2 – I love them all (and would get them all if I could afford it), but the Elizabeth print definitely bowled me over – it’s super classy and fun, all at the same time!

  56. 55
    Lady, I have a small collection of badass aprons over here and I wear one every time I set foot in the kitchen. I do not, though, have one of them awesome full body aprons. That there Sophia halter is pretty flipping sweet.

  57. 56
    I only wear an apron AFTER I have already gotten myself dirty…. quite odd… =)
    My fave has got to be the berries print. I love the ribbon on the side! (I’m a ribbon kind of gal)

  58. 57
    1. I do not have one, but it’s actually on my Christmas list this year. :)

    2. I’m partial to the ELIZABETH PRINT (because it looks like it would hide stains well) or theROCHELLE SWEETHEART HALTER

  59. 58
    I sometimes wear one. I always intend to, but once I get baking, I often don’t get around to it. I don’t like messes or getting messy, so I really should wear one. (and yes, I bake nearly every single day!)I’m constantly cleaning up after myself. It would be so freeing to just go somewhere to bake with all my goodies and not care about the mess…

    I love the halter chocolate one you pictured! It’s the best one on the site in my opinion! Love the colors and the halter style.

  60. 59
    So…I don’t wear an apron (because I don’t have one yet…ahem.) But I will wear one soon…a Sophia Chocolate Halter one – hopefully! Hee hee! :)


  61. I love the Sophia Berry Print…too stinkin’ cute!


  62. 60
    These are fantastically cute! I do not wear an apron, I still have visions of “Kiss the Cook” aprons filling my head. But now that I know there are other options out there…

    I like the orange in the Sophia, but I also like the Dandelion halter.

  63. 61
    I wish I had an apron this cute! I don’t wear one currently, just because I don’t own one (yet)…
    I am loving the Sophia Berry and the Lilly print. OOH, and the Dandelion!

    ;) amy (crossing my fingers for the random pic)

  64. 62
    I ALWAYS wear an apron…. if I didn’t I’d be changing my clothes constantly! I love all the aprons but I’d have to agree with you the Lily Halter print would have to be my favorite. :)

  65. 63
    1. I don’t always wear an apron, but I always at least tuck a dishtowel into my pocket or the front of my pants or something!
    2. I love lurve love the Peony Print halfer! Cute!

  66. 64
    I wear an apron for two reasons: one, because i tend to make a huge mess and need to protect my clothes; and two, because i have an amazing vintage apron that says, “for THIS i spent four years in college?” and i feel the need to make use of it whenever i can!

    my favorite apron is the santa apron! but for a more versatile apron, i like the elizabeth print!

  67. 65
    Oh my gosh, they’re all so cute! I can’t choose between the classic black and the elizabeth print. Thank you!

  68. 66
    WOO!! Oh course I wear one! Especially when people are around because you look more glam and like a real betty crocker! :) My favorite apron is ROCHELLE SWEETHEAR HALTER!!! SOO CUTE!! This is fun! I love your blog! :)

  69. 67
    Yes, I wear an apron. I love the Santa apron and the hydrangea apron. Very cute! Thanks!!!

  70. 68
    1. I don’t but I definitely should! I’m usually covered in powdered sugar by nights end of a cake-decorating frenzy.

    2. LOVE.LOVE.LOVE the Sophia Berry Print. I might just have to buy one.

  71. 69
    I am new to the world of baking. I just got married, and am just now getting into baking so that I can make treats for my hubby (i made my first baked cheesecake last week!).

    1.So since I am new to all this I don’t even have an apron (but I think this cute Sophia Chocolate one is a great first apron to have)!

    2. And what makes this great is that the Sophia Chocolate looks like my favorite! My favorite color is orange, so it’s perfect!

  72. 70
    such a cute apron! :) i wear one when i think of it. my fave from them is the hollywood print, but i would totally rock that santa apron.
    psst… i have a post like this in the pipeline… i totally didn’t copy!;)

  73. 71
    1. I never wear an apron in the kitchen, but I definitely should! Whatever I’m baking inevitably ends up on me!

    2. I love the half aprons – so cute…especially the peony print!

    Even if I don’t win I think I’ll have to ask for one of these for Christmas!

  74. 72
    i do wear an apron…if i think i’m going to be messy and i don’t want my clothes messy…BUT if i had a cute ‘city girl’ hollywood apron – i would wear it EVERYTIME i baked! so cute. thanks for the link!

  75. 73
    I do wear aprons–mostly cause I keep finding cute ones, and I feel like I should use the collection I’m building! I like the Santa and Hollywood Halter aprons.

  76. 74
    I don’t wear an apron and I’m not sure why I don’t! I usually do wear older clothes though.

    I like the Dandelion Halter Prin.

  77. 75
    When I’m doing serious baking (i.e. the Christmas cookie bake-a-thon) I do wear an apron.

    My fave apron? The Sophia Berry. Too cute!

  78. 76
    1. No, I don’t wear an apron because I don’t have one – if I had a cute one, I’d be all over it, though!!!

    2. I think the Hollywood Halter is my favorite. :)

  79. 77
    1. I don’t wear one because I don’t have one!
    2. I love the Sophia Berries half apron!

  80. 78
    I only wear an apron when I remember.

    I like the Lilly Halter one. It’s so cute!

  81. I wanted to add to my post, #50, that the rochelle apron is my favorite. Thank you!

  82. 79

    If I’m doing serious baking or not still in my pajamas (because I cannot bake unless I’m comfortable!) I’ll wear an apron. But I’m totaly a frosting/batter wiper… after I eat some of the batter… mmmm! (Then handwash and wipe after!)

    I’m totally partial to the Hollywood Halter… I just love that black bow… Love it!

  83. 80
    I must wear an apron. Actually, if a full bodied apron-esque astronaut suit were to ever creep into the market, that would possibly be my baking apparel of choice. Case in point: yesterday I baked cherry cupcakes with vanilla pudding frosting and coconut caramel filled ccakes topped with dark, dark chocolate frosting. The aftermath?

    I had cherry pieces up and down my arms. I found frosting on my shoulder, neck, and feet. The sides of my jeans were covered in powdered sugar. I found coconut shavings inside of my shirt. (And no one was there to enjoy it!)

    Yes, I was wearing an apron. I don’t even want to fathom baking ‘unprotected’.

    I think I’d be down with the Classic Black Apron, which would be convenient for chocolate baked goods. (Trying to figure out a way to make chocolate stains to not look like poo wouldn’t be an issue).


  84. 81
    1. I do not currently wear one, but I don’t have one so therein lies the problem. I used to wear my grandma’s when I would help her cook.

    Now I end up with flour and mashed potatoes all over me. When I made the chocolate cream pie for turkey day my home made whipped cream looked like white freckles all over my arms and sweater!

    2. The Elizabeth Halter is awesome!

  85. 82
    1. I don’t have an apron, therefore, don’t wear one. I really should wear one because somehow, I end up with something on me.
    2. I love the Hollywood apron…too cute!

  86. 83
    1. I wear an apron when I bake because I make a MESS!

  87. 84
    1. No, I dont wear one. Im just too lazy. I never remember to put it on. Bad bad bad.

    2. Im digging the Santa apron. (bc it makes me think of cheeky times to wear it.)

  88. 85
    I only wear an apron when I care about what I have on. Otherwise I will spill for sure.

    Don’t worry about not having an iphone. Everything will be allright!

  89. 86
    I love your blog! :)

    1. I usually do, but I moved a few months ago and now I can’t find it!! I’m messy, so I need it.
    2. I love them all. My 2 favs are probably the Sophia and the Hollywood. I need a full one, personally, I think. :)

  90. 87
    1. Most of the time I wear an apron, things tend to get a little crazy in my kitchen, but mostly because wearing one puts me in total “Martha” mode, I like to look the part no matter what I’m doing :)

    2. There were a lot that caught my eye, but I keep going back to the Sophia Berry, I’ve never used a half apron, but I do think they are quite stylish, too bad the look would probably be ruined by the large splotch of whatever on my shirt!

  91. 88
    1.I do not wear an apron when I bake, simply because I don’t have one. Haha. I used to have one that my MIL got me that was from FoodTV…and then it vanished in the move.
    2. Ohhh my dear, the Elizabeth Print…was toooo adorable. Full.

    & BTW. You have totally inspired me. I’m offically cupcake crazy. :D. Happy unblogiversary.

  92. 89
    1. Sometimes–if I’m working with flour, grease, or just having a clumsy day I wear an apron. Also if my husband & I are cooking together I’ll wear one. He always wears his & we have matching aprons.
    2. My fav is the ‘Peony Sweetheart’ apron.

  93. 90
    I am hit or miss when it comes to apron wearing…it depends on what I am wearing genrally but I find it handy for wiping dirty hands on.

    I really like the dandelion print on the second page.

  94. 91
    I wear a special apron when I bake. My MIL made one for me with our engagement pic on it.
    My favorite one from the website is the Rochelle Sweetheart halter!

  95. 92
    1. I collect aprons, so I’m definitely always wearing one. Sometimes they’re cuter than the clothes I have on, so I’m extra cautious not to get anything on me!
    2. I really love the Sophie Berry also. When I own my future bakery, my ladies will definitely wear them!!

  96. 93
    So, um… Canada is like just like next door, and um, like… I really like aprons… and I have one with red and green hot peppers but like, I could really, um, use another one so while that one is um, being washed I don’t like go totally apron-less.
    (can’t blame a girl for trying right?)

  97. (This giveaway is now closed.)

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