It’s starting to look alot like Christmas…

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Red velvet just seems Christmas-y to me. What about you?

I baked these red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for T’s school function. Doncha think the snowflake sugar cookie just gives it that extra holiday cheer? It totally does for me. My silver dragees always make me happy.(FYI I’ll gladly take bribes in dragees. ::wink::)

My fake cotton snow (that could also double as Halloween spider webs) kinda makes me wish that California got snow. Just a little. But I have to tell you ya. Wearing flip flops in the winter is pretty darn radical dude.

::shaking my shaka sign::



  1. Looks great CB. And I’m very jealous that you get to wear flip flops in the winter. We had to walk 10 minutes to the train last night and it was in the 20s and windy. Not fun.

  2. looking good!!

  3. You can have our snow. I haven’t seen the sun in weeks it seems. It is so grey here.

    I like how the red color seeps through the cake cup to make sort of a candy cane effect at the base.

    I see you’re going for illegal cuppys again with all those draggees ;-)

  4. Those cupcakes look so pretty! I’m so jealous of your weather. I hate snow.. well.. I think its’ pretty, but I just hate the cold.

  5. Oh please. We’ve gotten snow already and my sandals are still out … you can have both. Then again it’s taken me 20something years of training my tosies to be ok while frolicking in the snow

  6. I am from Australia, and know nothing BUT a hot Christmas! Of course Santa wears boardies and a singlet!
    Red velvet cupcakes are perfect for Christmas, and yours look delicious! I am going to try the recipe as soon as my Christmas holidays start! Thanks!

  7. I think you should have used green food coloring in the icing to give it an even more Christmas-y look! It also makes me said that it doesn’t snow here. (In New Orleans) Even thought It did Thursday! (Only the second time in four years!)

  8. I love red velvet… My favorite cake and the cookies are the perfect touch. I have lived in both warm and cold for Christmas and it’s all the attitude, not the weather! Have fun in the flip flops, I’ll be in snow boots…. Woooo hoooo!

  9. JEN, 20? as in degrees? It was about 50s here and I was SO cold! Brrrrr…

    RACHEL, Thanks chicky!

    ZEBE, You know me? I am a bad girl like that. HAHA

    STEPH, Honestly I’d rather be cold than hot but then again I am talking about CA cold so…

    NIKKI, I can not imagine “frolicking” in the snow with flip flops. I think my toosies would freeze. Us CAians are wussies.

    APPARENTLYJESSY, That is SO interesting that your Santa wears boardies! Love it! haha

    ALYSSA, I was thinking about adding a little green somehow but I guess I am kind of a candy cane christmas color girl. I really like the combination of white and red. Crazy about your snow!

    CARRIE, I’ve visited other states during winter and there’s nothing like CA weather. I guess I am just a CA girl at heart. But you rock those snow boots girl!

  10. Well, it IS going to be cold and rainy the next couple of days. I’ve got the heater on….so that is “winter” in my Los Angeles-based book. :) These cupcakes look great!

  11. FOODLIBRARIAN, True. Its pouring rain right now. Makes you just wanna stay in bed for the rest of the day with a good book…

  12. Oh I love your snowflakes. My local craft store guy where I get my sprinkles from keeps telling me that I can’t get those silver dragees anywhere. That they’re inedible. SO I’m insanely jealous of yours. And as usual now I want a cupcake for breakfast.

  13. MARY, Its the same way for me. Dragees are illegal in CA (lame!) so I have a covert dragee operation (ie friends from other states ship them to me) so that I can get some. I am just sneaky like that! ;)

  14. MMMM Silver Dragees….I can’t get them either….and I need them!!!
    I need to reach out to my friends in other states!

  15. you can come visit me in rochester ny… we always seem to have snow… but you might get stuck here… i swear i’ve had so many people come visit and get trapped here due to snow or ice… *sigh* and then they never come visit again :( boooo!

  16. We have plenty of snow in SLC, and I’m already tired of it! I liked snow a lot more when I was younger and it was socially acceptable to go out and play in it. :-)

    I love the snowflakes on the cupcakes! They’re just darling.

  17. I wonder how you get your cream cheese frosting so stiff? What’s the recipe? Cuz my frosting is alost at the soupy side compared to your’s!

    Really waiting for an answer…


    A regular visitor all the way from Sweden!

  18. forgot to say that the frosting recipe you’ve linked to doesnt looke like this one at all!


  19. LINDSEY, Yes you do! Beg, plead, bribe. Do what you have to do. They are worth it. I love my little dragees.

    STEPHCHOWS, Sorry I am geographically challenged. Is Rochester near Albany? My brother is in Albany for his radiology internship and I’ll probably visit him this summer. If Rochester is close by we’ll have to meet up!

    STEPHANIE, Who cares about social acceptibilities! Play in the snow. :)

    MONA, Soupy? If your frosting is thinner than you want, add more powder sugar to thicken it up. Although don’t add too much or it will be sickenly sweet. That is the recipe I use (unless I mix it up with a vanilla bean vs extract) but I think its probably stiff b/c when I make alot of cream cheese frosting I freeze the leftovers to use another day and this one wasn’t a fresh batch so it was probably stiffer from being in the freezer.

  20. LOVE THESE!!

  21. CB, I love your blog and your cupcakes! I’m wondering if you’ve ever done a post showing the different frosting tips you use, and what they look like once the frosting is on the cupcake. Right now all I have is a large round one, which I like, but I love the pretty swirls that this cupcake has and the variations you have in other cupcakes. I tried googling, but nothing… perhaps this could be a topic for a future post?

    Happy holidays =)

  22. HONEYB, Thank you :)

    CALLIE, You read my mind! I’ve been thinking about this post for a while now. Definitely on the to-do list! Thanks for letting me know you’d be interested in that post. Maybe it will make me get off my bum and do it! haha.

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