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December 29, 2008 at 8:26 PM | Posted in Cupcake Question of the Day | 26 Comments

What flavors do you think of when you think of New Years Eve?

I am in charge of NYE cupcakes (derrr!) and to be honest I can’t really think of NYE flavors. Thanksgiving has pumpkin. Christmas has peppermint. What’s New Years?

Maybe… Champagne?


Don’t you do liquid dinner for NYE too?

Just keeping it real folks.



  1. Chocolate covered strawberries is what comes to my mind immediatly so I’m going to have to say chocolate, strawberries, or combination of the two.

  2. NYE? Totally, 100% champagne. Unless you want to go with the other required New Year’s foods, like blackeyed peas. Which, for some odd reason, doesn’t really sound all that appetizing in cupcake form…
    PS, I just got your card – thank you! I absolutely love your Christmas photo too, it’s just too cute :)
    PPS, after a google search, things that are pig shaped (wtf?) or something cornbread-inspired might work too.

  3. i’d agree that champagne is the first thing that comes to mind, but that may be a little plain… maybe shake it up and make it mimosa-flavored? i’d eat it!! :-D

  4. I’m think of champagne flavour and edible glitter…

  5. apple cider works as well haha, dunno if you can make something taste like cider.

  6. I definitely think of champagne and strawberries. Maybe strawberry cupcakes with some kind of creamy, champagne frosting?

  7. Strawberries and champagne!

  8. I made some champagne cupcakes for a graduation party earlier this year. They were really good. Those would work. I think Cupcake Project did a mimosa cupcake as well.

  9. Um, I believe the traditional New Year’s Eve meal is pizza rolls and champagne. As pizza roll cupcakes sound fairly gross, I’d just go with champagne. :)

  10. yeah, have to agree with champagne and strawberries, maybe chocolate, because of course chocolate is good anytime. :)

  11. I think you should do one of your crunkcakes!

  12. January 2 is National Cream Puff Day, maybe you could try to do a cream puff-inspired cupcake. That would be a fun challenge!

  13. Chinese food … obviously

  14. To me nothing says New Years Eve like champagne and glitter. So I agree with a lot of the other people. I would say strawberry too, but to me strawberries and champagne will always be Valentine’s Day.

    I’m so excited about this one.

  15. Isn’t New Years about black eyed peas…after the champagne of course? But i’m not sure how a Black eyed pea cupcake would taste. EWWW>

  16. Champagne yes, but you could do something like a martini inspired cupcake too. I like the idea of a fancy drink being inspiration – and martinis are so “cool” these days. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!
    Good Luck, and Happy New Year!

  17. New Years’ to me has always been about extravagance: champagne, caviar, dainty appetizers, and dramatic finishes. Maybe a flambe crunkcake, or a champagne flavored one decorated with fake caviar made from tapioca pearls?

  18. Champagne sounds like a good idea, and I think one way to get that bubbly feeling is a really light sponge cupcake…when I read this entry, the first thing that came to mind was these raspberry sponge cupcakes I made a while ago…either with raspberry flavor or some other fruit and some sort of 2009 topper, maybe?

    Another option is always something deep dark and chocolate-y for everyone to eat on New Year’s Eve before those New Year’s Resolutions set in. ;)

  19. dark chocolate, strawberries and champagne! Try using Verdi( this is the champagne we had at our wedding and it’s really cheap and tastes good) It also comes in peach and raspberry flavors

  20. Champagne, cheesecake, and black eyed peas come to mind. And giant glitter like kind that looks like big pieces of foil. Also, noise makers!

    Maybe put the cuppy in a champagne glass?

  21. Champagne does seem like the typical New Years Eve go to flavor. However, the first thought that came to my mind was confetti…or in cupcake terms, funfetti. Your version of the classic cake mix would seem to fit the party mood.

  22. Champagne…chocolate…raspberries…silver…

  23. I think champagne cake with chocolate/strawberry topping for NYE

  24. Mimosa Cupcakes are orange cupcakes with champagne syrup drizzled inside, topped with a champagne frosting and a little orange rind.
    They are so yummy

  25. This is not a New Years’ related comment, so I apologize … but I can’t find where to ask you this question.

    I seriously LOVE your blog and all your cupcake ideas. Since I was pregnant with my daughter Emma last year, I have been obsessed with all things cupcake-related. Every time I find a onesie or a bib with a cupcake on it, I have to buy it for Emma. She has several cupcake-themed outfits (have you seen the cupcake line of baby clothes at Gymboree?). :)

    Emma’s first birthday is coming up next month (I can hardly believe my munchkin is going to be ONE) and the hubby gets the grand prize for suggesting to me (two months in advance) that I should do a cupcake theme for her party! Yippee! I want to make several different cupcake recipes (from your blog, of course) for people to choose from for their desserts.

    My question (finally, sorry I’m so wordy) is this: where can I find cute cupcake-themed decorations? I thought for sure it’d be easy to find decorations at your favorite French store, Tar-jay (hee hee) or at Party City or JoAnn’s or something. But after three shopping trips, I came up with nothing! I may have to just use fun, girly, cupcake-like colors for the plates, napkins and cups.

    So, if I can’t find any cupcake-specific decorations, do you have any suggestions for how else I could incorporate the cupcake theme into Emma’s first birthday party besides just serving cupcakes? It’s going to be on Jan. 31 … so I have a limited amount of time to prepare. And a limited budget. But I’m so excited. :)

    Thanks for all you do to maintain this awesome blog and share all your sweet ideas for delicious and adorable cuppycakes!

  26. MANDY, I emailed you :)

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