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It’s been a little while since I’ve done an “Ask IHC” segment huh? I’ve answered this question many times via emails so I figured its about time to just post the darn thing for everyone to read. Sound good?

PS. I found the most adorable heart sprinkles in the $1 spot at my favorite french store. You know? Tarjay… LOL. You can bet I am getting in the Valentines mood. I am thinking chocolate cupcakes with heart sprinkles are in the near future, no?

Dear Ms. I heart CuppyCakes,

I have a question related to cupcake, I make a big quantities when I have time for my kids, so i need to know how many days it can be refrigerated, I know you would like to know the ingredients, it’s very simple;

Betty Corker Ready Mix cake + eggs + oil + water

and the frosting is:

Butter + Icing sugar + 2 spoon of fresh milk.

I would love to know how many days i keep the cake in the fridge and also the frosting.

Looking to hear from you very soon.

Thanks & Regards,

Hi Nayda!

I have to admit I giggled at being addressed as “Ms. I Heart Cuppycakes”. So cute! :)

I would say refrigerated maybe 1 week but I personally prefer to freeze my cupcakes if I am working on a large cupcake order. I’ve baked cupcakes unfrosted and froze them for up to 1 month and they still taste yummy after defrosting!

50 naked red velvets and 50 naked vanilla cupcakes “chilling” in my freezer

What I usually do is bake the cupcakes, let them cool, wrap each one tightly in saran wrap and freeze them unfrosted. I find that the saran wrap helps the cupcakes retain their moisture. When I am ready for them, I unwrap and let them defrost at room temp for maybe 20-30 minutes (maybe longer depending on your freezer temperature) and then frost with buttercream (or whatever you use). I also like to make big batches of frosting ahead of time and put them in airtight containers and freeze them too! Just let it defrost at room temp before frosting the cupcakes.

Hope that helps!



  1. Thank you! That info is very helpful! I knew I could freeze ’em but wasn’t certain about the defrost method…you know, in the fridge or out!
    ~ingrid :-)

  2. that was helpful to me! thanks a ton

  3. Wow you really are prepared…. this is helpful!!!

  4. love ur baking!!! :]
    was just wondering where you can purchase those cupcake holders? the ones you use, i love em, they look so pretty!!

  5. Wow!
    That’s a lot of cupcakes lol!
    Great to know that i can frost the cakes and the frosting seperatly.

  6. STWBRY, They are called party nut cups or souffle cups depending on where you buy them. I buy mine at Smart&Final, 250 for $5. I’ve always seen them in smaller quantities at Michaels or cake supply stores. HTH!

  7. OMG i love that fact that your freezer is packed tight with cupcakes!!! LOVE IT!!!

    ps bunnies coming along wicked cute, i worked on them while in the poconos this past weekend :D

  8. STEPHCHOWS, Wheeee… can’t wait to see the bunnies! PS. I read “porno” instead of “poconos” at first. Oops! haha.

  9. HAHAHHAHAHA oh my! what’s on your mind this morning :D hahah yes crochet and porn totally go together i agree ;)

  10. Oh no…I’m headed to Target today. I’m only supposed to buy necessities, but something tells me I’m going to be spending a few bucks in the $1 section.

    It’s really important to stress that cake/cupcakes should not be refrigerated. Not only will the cakes start to go stale a lot faster, but they will also absorb any odors from other foods (like garlic and onions – ew!). Even if it’s just a couple of days, better to freeze or leave at room temperature.

  11. HA! Your cupcakes in the freezer photo cracked me up. That’s what I absolutely don’t need. One bad day and I don’t think freezing the cupcakes would stop me! :)

  12. TANYA, Thanks about the refrigeration tip. I agree too. I always find if I refrigerate cupcakes they go stale way too fast. Beware the dollar spot! I found heart sprinkles, some small ribbons and a cupcake spatula!

    MARY, HAHA @ one bad day. So true! But I don’t keep THAT many cupcakes in my freezer at one time unless I have a cupcake order.

  13. OMG, I can FREEZE my frosting?!?!?! What a stinkin revelation for me!!! Weeee! I can’t even tell you how deeply upsetting it’s been for me to toss excess frosting in the trash! Thank you for the info C!

  14. MONDAYS, Oh yeah. You can freeze frosting. I’ve frozen buttercream, whipped cream and cream cheese frosting with no problems. Sometimes I’ll remix after thawing to get it to the consistency I want. But for the most part I just thaw and start piping. No more throwing frosting in the trash!! haha.

  15. hallelujah to that sista! ;)

  16. Do I hear Fridge Raid! Ohhhh, yeah.

  17. I love the photo of the cupcakes in your freezer. It never would have occurred to me to wrap each cupcake separately. I have always frozen them in big tupperwares.

  18. You got an award!

  19. LISA_MAGICSPRINKLES, LOL @ fridge raid!

    STEF, I never thought about putting them in tupperwares! Maybe I’ll have to try that next time and see if there’s a defrost taste difference. I think I use saran wrap to save space. My freezer is so full that I don’t think a tupperware of 100 cupcakes would fit!

    J, aawwww bloggy for me?? ::blushing::

  20. I’ve frozen unfrosted cupcakes and heated them up in my toaster oven to defrost them. I haven’t tried just letting them sit out for 20 minutes though. I’ll have to do a taste comparison.

  21. KAMAILE, Toaster oven? Wow. Never thought of that. I guess I thought it would be “too” warm and the frosting would melt. I might have to give that a try next time! Thanks for suggestion.

  22. Hi there, I simply love your work and blog. I have been searching high and low for your cupcake liners, Wilton has them as nut and fruit container, I was no sure whether it is save for baking. Any advice?

    Fresno, CA

  23. So sorry for the delay in answering your question!

    They are called party nut cups or souffle cups depending on where you buy them. I buy mine at Smart&Final, 250 for $5. I know Wilton use to have them but I believe now they say on the packaging that they are not recommended for baking. HTH!

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