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Are cupcakes a fad or a timeless dessert?
Jennifer Lee from the New York Times poses a similar question to her readers.

(Thanks Stephanie for the article link!)

I had cupcakes at my wedding instead of a multi-tiered wedding cake. It was so much fun to see my guests getting down on the dance floor with champagne in one hand and cupcake in another. Best part? No ridiculous cake cutting fee! No fooling. There is really a “cake cutting fee”. Do vendors know how to gouge brides for every penny or what?

But I have always liked cupcakes since I was a little girl. I remember my mom making funfetti cupcakes for my birthday grades 1-6. It was such an honor to wear the “birthday crown” and hand out cupcakes to my classmates on the last day of school. (My birthday is in July so we always celebrated my birthday on the last day of school. What a gip! haha)

I guess I have to admit that I came down with the “cupcake fever” about 1 year ago as it was taking over the blogosphere and now its a full blown obsession. Do I think its a fad? I don’t think so. Maybe the nostalgia of paying 4 freaking dollars for 1 cupcake will start to get old (if it hasn’t already) in this economy but the concept of a cupcake, a portable bite size dessert as a vehicle for frosting, will be timeless for me.

Eek! I just realized that Cupcake Hero is due tomorrow! Where did this month go?



  1. i think that as long as people love eating sweets, cupcakes are not going anywhere ;) love your wedding pic!!

  2. I think cup cakes are really yumm and cool for weddings, they should serve them for more weddings.

  3. thanks for the shout out girl! I agree $4 for a cupcake will get old, but cupcakes… :) they are like diamonds… forever hahahaha. I was just talking about how wedding cakes always taste gross but all the other tables of dessert goodies are amazing, I’m totally not having a cake! screw tradition! :D

  4. They’re a little bit of both. I think kids will always love bringing cupcakes into school on their Bday (if schools keep letting them do it), but I think the uber trendiness of cupcakes and shops that sell only cupcakes is 100% a fad that will go away. Places that sell other baked goods will be fine and will continue to sell cupcakes, but shops that only do cupcakes will be in trouble eventually.

  5. Fairy cakes(which is what cupcakes were called in Britain before they were called cupcakes), are not a fad I don’t think.

    I ‘ve always liked them, ever since I was wee, and I think everyone has. Is like saying scones are a fad.

    I think there is a fashion for cupcakeries just now, which may make them seem faddy.

  6. I don’t think they are a fad. I will keep eating them because it is easier to limit myself to one cupcake as opposed to one slice of cake!

  7. I don’t think it’s a fad. My husband will keep it going I assure you. He can not say no to any cupcake:) I just love that they are a little perfect individual serving of cake.

  8. cupcakes are here to stay! they’re certainly super popular now, but i think they’re not a passing trend. i would have cupcake tiers at every single party of my life if i could.

  9. hey…another question for you…not to bug but i live in CA and i BARELY found out about Dragees, how come we can’t have them here?

  10. oh! and in the picture, is that your wedding dress? cause that is so pretty.

  11. I love cupcakes and I believe they are timeless! Check out today’s post on my blog for a picture of the treats at my favorite cupcakery!

  12. Dude I totally blanked on Cupcake Hero! (And DB this month). I think I have my head stuck up my butt. :)

  13. I’ll have to agree, I think they are little bit of both, wedding magazines/vendors are always looking for better, newer and unique ways regarding wedding cakes and such… I think they are fabulous a bit of a fad perhaps, but maybe their be like bell bottoms and stay.

  14. CAKEPIRE, Isn’t it ridiculous?? I wrote a post about it before with some info. Laws shmaws! I still get my dragees one way or the other. I just have to beg friends in other states to send them to me ;) And yes… that is my wedding dress. I wore the traditional white dress for the ceremony and my Vietnamese dress for the reception.

  15. Cupcakes will never grow old. I also love the idea of cupcakes instead of a wedding cake, especially if there is a cake cutting fee. Isn’t that part of the catering deal though, serving and cutting food? Whatever. I’m definitely taking your cupcake wedding idea *whistles innocently*

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