Electrolux Cupcake Exchange to fight Ovarian Cancer

February 14, 2009 at 9:15 AM | Posted in cupcakes | 8 Comments

If you keep up with anything and everything in the cupcake world (like me) you’ve probably heard that Electrolux is teaming with Kelly Ripa to fight Ovarian Cancer, one cupcake at a time. What do I think? I say… FanFREAKINGtastic! So I wanna do my part to spread the world.

The gist is: the more virtual cupcakes we send, the more money Electrolux will cough up donate to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

Here’s what I am gonna do.

Today. Valentines’ Day. All day. If you send me a cupcake, I’ll send you one too! Leave me a comment letting me know you sent me one with a valid email address so I can return the flavor. teehee.

It doesn’t take long. Just register. Pick your flavor (Hubs was a little upset that there was no red velvet option though), pick your frosting, pick your topping, pick your cupcake liner, write a message and send! Its fun! (and free). Easy peasy.

As a bonus, every virtual cupcake you send will enter you to win a Red Hot Washer and Dryer from Electrolux. (See more deets on their website.)

I must be getting old b/c the possibility of winning a new washer and dryer makes me giddy. Heck I don’t even have an old one. I still have to lug my laundry down the hall. ‘Tis the joys of apt living.

Happy Valentines Day readers!



  1. I just sent you one :) danigirl8 (at) hotmail (dot) com (I used a different email address when I sent it…)

  2. I just sent one to you as well as my girlfriends. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


  3. Sent you one!

  4. ^ Thanks for the cupcakes! I hit you all back too! As well as all the ones I got that didn’t leave a comment. By my count we raised about $21 already! woot! Aint fundraising sweet? ;)

  5. Done!

  6. done…i heart fighting cancer!

  7. I sent you one!

  8. ^ Thanks for the cupcakes, girls! Hope you enjoyed your cupcake back :)

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