My Cupcake Valentines’

February 15, 2009 at 8:28 AM | Posted in cupcakes, technology | 20 Comments

I am such a turd.

Yes, I just said turd on a cupcake blog. T-U-R-D. Turd.

Do you ever put your foot in your mouth and then regret it?

My hubs picked me up from work on Friday and I was telling him about my CW’s husband delivering flowers to work for Valentines Day. Two dozen red roses. I admit I was jealous. I wanted flowers to flaunt around the office too. So I asked him why some men take the time to plan surprises, buy flowers, make reservations and other men (like my husband)… don’t. To be honest, I am not asking my husband to change. Just curious how some men are programmed to be more… uh… romantic?

He didn’t say much. Just kinda nodded and mumbled some incoherent words. If anything my hubs has learned that when I go on tirades that if he just keeps quiet, it will be over soon. I guess I was just in a tirade mood and it continued until we walked into the apt.

Guess what was on the dining table? Flowers and a little package.

I yelled “What is that? What the heck is that?” over and over again.

We had already bought our Valentines’ gift for each other. We decided to do a combined gift and splurged on a Wii + Wii fit last week so I wasn’t expecting him to do anything else. If I don’t request something, it doesn’t happen. His MO hasn’t changed in years.

But he just smiled mischievously.

Greatest Valentine’s gift ever. Pink sunflowers and cupcake iphone speakers.

♪♫ Britney is so much sweeter coming out of cupcake speakers. ♪♫

Its ok. You can call me a turd. I deserve it.

Even after 11 years of being together, my husband still keeps me on my toes.

He’s a keeper.



  1. Aww what a wonderful suprise!

  2. Those are such cute speakers!

  3. What a great surprise! I love those cupcake speakers!

  4. That’s so cool!!!

  5. Awww, what a great hubby!

  6. Awesome! Love that in a man, mine is pretty cool, too!

  7. I have those speakers!!! They are awesome!
    Your husband must have been giggling inside when you were off on your tirade! What a lovely surprise for you! He definitely sounds like a keeper ;)

  8. Awww how sweet – how lucky are you :)

  9. That’s so sweet! My hubs and I agreed to not get each other anything and then he turned around and got me a dozen roses and a sweet card. Husbands are goofies aren’t they? : )

  10. don’t feel like a turd, the same thing happens to me. Whenever a major holiday happens and my long time boyfriend doesn’t do something I think “damn, why doesn’t he do the awesome thing that other guys do?”, but then he does something way more awesome than the basic flower candy route and I feel bad for doubting him, but then think I have damn fine taste because I picked this guy and he isn’t your standard flowers and chocolate guy…he gets me :)

  11. Wow those speakers are the BEST!

    Hahaha I’ve said turd on my blog too ;D

  12. ahhh, cutest things ever!

  13. I just bought these on E-bay! Can’t wait for them to be delivered :). Your hubby knows the way to your heart!

  14. That is so awesome!!! I am not a huge Valentine’s day fan, but that is definitely a sweet move on his part!

  15. Awesome speakers…you’ve got a winner there!

  16. Hi there turd.. haah “giggles” Oh, what an adorable man, you see in the end they redeem themselves (most of them), those speakers are just darling, they really are!

    He must have searched high and low for those cup cakes. I’ve put my foot in my mouth… oh plenty of times.. so glad you had a fabulous v-day!!!

  17. Awww…how sweet! Those are awesome speakers. I didn’t even know stuff like that existed.

    (We got a Wii for Valentine’s as well. Somehow I feel less like a nerd knowing someone else did it too. :))

  18. That is so sweet! Just as you start to loose your faith in them, men can surprise you in the sweetest ways!

  19. How cute!!! LOVE the speakers!!! You sound like me…I go into tirades and my husband tunes me out (he tells me this because he says I am having a moment and knows it will pass). But I complained ALL of Saturday while we worked out about how he has never gotten me a V-day gift and blah blah. I got home to a box of Godiva of the peanut butter cups and my favorite tommy bahama candle. Isn’t it amazing how sometimes…they ACTUALLY listen?? And re: programmed–eh…I guess we have to focus on all the other great qualities. :)

  20. oh my. so long since i’ve visited!
    anyway, do you think i could get those cupcake speakers in singapore?
    ive never seen them here ):

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