“I do want to express myself, okay… And I don’t need 37 pieces of flair to do it.”

February 25, 2009 at 3:12 AM | Posted in cupcakes | 17 Comments

I made the Y2K7 switch from MySpace to Facebook last year. I didn’t use to be but since I’ve been getting flair from various Facebook friends lately, I am officially addicted to the “Pieces of Flair” application.

I hope you get the movie reference. If not, please do yourself a favor and rent the movie.

Wanna see some of my flair?

Click image to enlarge

Do my friends know me or what?

My personal favorite is the “whore” one. I literally cackle every time I see it.

Oh… and I threw in a Twilight flair just for the Hale of it! tehee…



  1. “I’m not going to work anymore…I’m just not going to go…I never liked paying bills.” I Loooooovvveeee that movie!!! : )

  2. Definitely a great movie. =) I have a few pieces of flair on FB that others have sent me, but I haven’t really gotten sucked into it yet. I obviously need to go check out what else is out there–I had no idea there were so many cupcake ones.

  3. “I deal with the god damn customers so the engineers don’t have to. I have people skills; I am good at dealing with people. Can’t you understand that? What the hell is wrong with you people?”

    LOVE THAT MOVIE! It’s too funny. I have written a TPS report before. It’s too funny that some of the older guys don’t understand why all of us younger kids snicker when we talk about TPS reports.

    I haven’t really gotten into the flair stuff on FB either…

  4. Love the flair! I too am addicted. As for Office Space – great great movie! I actually have a couple of the “quotes” as ringtones. (Yes, I am that person!)

  5. I workout only to eat more… story of my life lol

  6. haha i love pieces of flair … and office space, for that matter ! i have to go get the “i workout only to eat more” one right now.

  7. i loooove that movie. that’s hilarious.

  8. I tend to avoid that stuff on FB, but those are super cute – I must admit!

  9. How do I facebook ya?

  10. HAHA. Love the movie b/c it has SO MANY great lines!

  11. There’s flair for everything and anything. Some of my friends have just WAY too much time on their hands so I have tons of random flair (cupcakes, twilight, SATC etc etc)

  12. LOL @ What the hell is wrong with you people? He was such a great character. The jump to conclusion mat had me cackling… Oh yeah. Those TPS reports are just classic. If you’ve ever worked in an office you will love everything about this movie.

  13. Ringtone quotes?? No way! How do you do that? I have to get the quote “but but… last time I didn’t get a piece and I was told…” Milton cracks me up!

  14. I know right? Thats one of my favs too.

  15. Uh… meaning? You wanna be FB friends? Email me and we’ll exchange “real names”. LOL

  16. hi whats up?

  17. i just received a piece of flair that said you’re my cuppycake!!

    maybe that works :)

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