Crunk or Caffeine?

March 5, 2009 at 6:27 PM | Posted in cupcakes, teaser | 68 Comments

Can I let you in on a little secret?

I heart emails from my readers. All emails. Even the ones that start with…

Sucks that you lost :(

One of my readers (Thanks B.Diddy!) emailed me that my red velvet hi-hat cupcakes didn’t win the Mixing Bowl Cupcake Contest. *sad face*

Ah well. What can you do right? You win some. You lose some.

*15 second pause*

Moving onto the next cupcake.

So I have a couple ideas up my sleeve. Crunkcakes or Starbucks-inspired?

You pick.

… and GO!



  1. I have to know where you would go with crunkcakes… :-D

  2. Ooo, what does a crunk cake entail?! I’m tempted to say caffeine, but I’m also tempted to find out what the crunk is. Can I vote for both?

  3. crunk = crazy drunk so a crunkcake is an alcoholic cupcake ;)

  4. Oh but why can’t it be both? Maybe some Kahlua or Starbucks Coffee Liqueur??? :)

  5. aw, the super sucks. those cupcakes were adorable.

    i don’t mean to sound dumb but i don’t know what exactly you mean by either cupcake…pictures?

  6. There are NO dumb comments ;)
    crunk = crazy drunk so a crunkcake is an alcoholic cupcake
    Starbucks = coffee cupcake

  7. Girl, I like the way you think ;)

  8. Trust me. I gots a good idea for this crunkcake. I just hope it turns out as good IRL as in my head. haha

  9. my vote is for a white russian crunkcake! best of both worlds!

  10. Oh I totally have to add that to the must-bake list! Have you seen The Big Lebowski”? When I make a white russian cupcake I totally have to name it after The Dude. haha.

  11. Totally a crunkcupcake :). A student like myself needs a way to unwind after some extremely busy and stressful days, why not include awesome baking with a bit of alcohol to celebrate?? hehe.

  12. Do both! Well…sort of.
    Maybe a caffeinated crunk cake that combines red bull with Jager to replicate jager bombs?

  13. CRUNK CAKE! I want to know what is isss!

  14. I’m not a coffee drinker, so I’m gonna have to say crunk!

  15. I vote for crunk mainly because I’m not quite sure what it is…isn’t there a song with that word in it (I think it’s R&B or something…)…if so and you go with the crunk, you should totally include it in your post. : )

  16. Crunk!

  17. Caffeine, but that may just be because I’m suffering withdrawal. What in the world caused me to give up caffeine for Lent?!? PS – those silicone muffin cups you gave me? AWESOME^2. Seriously.

  18. I think I’m going against the crowd, but I don’t partake in ‘crunk’ so I’m voting for Starbucks-inspired!

  19. Amen. Might as well relieve some stress with a dessert and alcohol in one right? Best part? No hangover!

  20. Ooohhh jager bombs! Will put that idea on my must-bake list! Thanks for suggestion.

  21. I’m going to have to vote caffeine on this one, because I have a friend who is a Starbucks ADDICT, and she’s been wanting to make cupcakes as well. I may likely be outvoted, but a girl has got to try! :)

  22. crunk = crazy drunk so a crunkcake is an alcoholic cupcake

  23. Heck yeah!

  24. crunk = crazy drunk so a crunkcake would be an alcoholic cupcake

  25. Partay at J’s!

  26. Gave up caffeine for Lent? Oh my. I’d be afraid to be around T if he gave up coffee. Hopefully you still have friends when Lent is done. hehe. So glad you dig the muffin cups!

  27. I know it sounds like I drunk…oops freudian slip… drink alot but I really don’t. Well now. I use to in high school and college but now not so much. I am not a big coffee drinker either. Ironically crunkcakes and caffeine seem to be my cupcake asthetic though. Weird huh?

  28. Starbucks addict huh? Oh man. Tell me about it. I have more friends that are addicts than not. My friend keeps asking me to make a caramel macchiato inspired cupcake. Don’t worry I’ll eventually make the Starbucks inspired one too. Just trying to gauge which one I wanna do first. ;)

  29. Well I won’t have time for it this weekend, but I’d love a starbucks-inspired cupcake since I’m not supposed to have alcohol in the dorm (even though my boyfriend and I snuck in a bottle of wine to go with dinner this week…I feel so evil.) That and I love Starbucks!

    I’ll also be making Tres Leches cupcakes tonight or tomorrow with him since I had to go with more generic flavors for his birthday cake (apparently a lot of people dislike tres leches, so I made home-made funfetti and chocolate cake instead. The party was a hit and tons of people showed up!) I also found my extremely small and prized stash of 7 party-nut-cups, so I’ll be able to make at least a few cupcakes. One question though: Did you really use 5 eggs in the batch you made?

  30. I totally agree with the BOTH option :D

    I say amaretto mocha!

  31. oh please crunk! i’ve had a kid with strep for a week begging for cupcakes, and would love to make half an adult batch!

  32. Sneaky sneaky! Oh who am I kidding? I’ve snuck alcohol in my dorm many times. I think its some rite of passage in college. LOL. Yup! 5 eggs for the tres leche. The eggs give the batter structure b/c it binds the other ingredients together when it bakes up. I think the cupcake needs the extra support for the milk mixture you’re adding. Let me know how they turn out!

  33. Amaretto mocha! Oooohhh. That would be all kinds of tasty!

  34. Aaaww poor kiddy! Sounds like momma needs an alcoholic bev b/c of sick child too? Trust me. I understand. My husband is a CHILD when he’s sick. We’ll see if we can make that happen ;)

  35. I would {heart} to see a Starbucks inspired cupcake!

  36. Don’t you worry! It will get baked sooner or later ;)

  37. I’m thinking a combination.

  38. I’m thinking you’re right. ;)

  39. Well, since you have already done a ton of coffee-inspired ones, that would be boring so my vote is for CRUNK!

  40. I vote CRUNK! I’m so obsessed with the idea of boozy cupcakes these days… I’ve tried beer and bourbon (separately, of course!) but I need new inspiration!

  41. Sucks that we both lost. :( (I entered my Cinnamon Granola Cupcakes after I read your post!) I think we might have had a better chance if we had entered earlier.. but such is life! I say crunkcakes- totally original!

  42. I love the idea of doing what someone else suggested…amaretto mocha! Or what I love to get at Cold Stone 1/2 amaretto 1/2 coffee? But if we have to pick just one I say get Crunk on us! Thanks for getting me excited to go drinking on a Friday…I can officially say you put the thought in my head! (hehe)

  43. Why not both? :) And I voted for you anyway.

  44. oh make a crunk cake, cause i’ve never seen one of those!

  45. I’m not even kidding on the muffin cups – I’ve used them twice in two days. And recommended them to my baker friends. And told them they can’t borrow mine.

    And yes, I’m hoping I still have friends after 40 days of no caffeine. Part of the problem? I absolutely love the taste of coffee. Not just an addiction thing. *sigh*

  46. … and it has nothing do with your name right? ;)

  47. Beer? Bourbon? Share recipes/links please!

  48. I saw your cupcakes! I’d be happy if you beat me but it sucks that we both lost. Bummer. Maybe you’re right. Earlier probably better. Oh well. I am just a procrastinator like that. ;)

  49. Glad I can do my part to help promote Friday night happy hour. HAHA

  50. I’ll probably bake both eventually. Just trying to decide what to do first. hehe. Thanks for vote! :)

  51. I have a couple of crunkcakes on my blog already. If you do a search for “crunkcake” in my search box at the top right of the blog, it will pull up those posts for you.

  52. Although I am a Starbucks addict, I’d like to see a combo… something like a “Girl Scout Cookie.” I just thought of this b/c my husband came home with about 7 boxes of girl scout cookies. It’s been a while since I’ve actually ordered one… and I’ve seen these made a couple of ways, but the one I remember is made of Irish Cream, Coffee Liquor, and Peppermint Schnapps. I’ve also seen it with the Peppermint Schnapps, Creme de Cacao, and heavy cream… or for those who like it hot, Peppermint Schnapps and hot cocoa. But however you mix it, it’s still yummy.

  53. Holy yum! I remember “girl scout cookies” from my college days. But we did it ghetto style. Peppermint schnapps shots followed with a chocolate milk chaser. Memories… I am definitely adding that to my list of must-bakes. Thanks for suggestion!

  54. Don’t make me decide!! I’m with the middle-ground, combo people!

  55. I don’t drink coffee but love the flavor so I vote Starbucks.

  56. You so funny! Don’t you worry. Someday I’ll do the combo ;)

  57. I don’t drink coffee either but I am kinda opposite. I like the smell but not the flavor.

  58. I love everything that you bake, so it really doesn’t matter to me. But since St. Patty’s Day is fast approaching, if I had to vote I’d say Crunkcake for sure!

  59. Aaaaww you’re too sweet! Good call on St. Paddy’s day!

  60. Starbucks inspired ones ! I’m French and Starbucks addict !!!

  61. Um…you know my answer to this. :)

  62. Bonjour! Agréable de vous rencontrer!

  63. Caffeine right? haha

  64. How ’bout a combination of the two? :D

  65. Starbucks please. Please. Please.

  66. Oh don’t worry! Thats definitely on the must-bake list. ;)

  67. Patience grasshopper. haha

  68. Girl.. crunk cakes? Um you might have some drive by’s lol

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