What’s an emulsion?

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I heart my readers.

You all have some insane attention to detail. After posting my Caramel Apple PI Cupcakes, I got a few (which is more than a couple but less than some, my husband tells me) emails asking me…

“What’s an emulsion?”

For those that missed it. I used a butter-vanilla emulsion in place of the vanilla extract. Sandy from Lorann oils sent me a sample of butter-vanilla emulsion a couple weeks ago explaining that emulsions have a more potent flavor than an extract used in a 1:1 ratio because the flavor is encased in a gum which helps protect it from heat and emulsions are alcohol free, which means the flavor won’t “bake-out”. Now I am very partial to my homemade vanilla extract so I admit I was kinda skeptical. But I am not one to turn down free samples (Why do you think I love Costco?) so I said “Sure why not?”.

It sat on my kitchen counter waiting patiently to show what it could do. But recipe after recipe I reached for my vanilla extract instead. I guess I am a creature of habit. But I made a conscience effort when I baked these last cupcakes to try the emulsion.

And let me just say… WOWIE! Potent isn’t the right word. It’s more like a vanilla explosion. I LOVE IT! Now I couldn’t keep this information a secret. I had to share with my readers too!

You ready for this?

From now until May 15, 2009, you can get 10% OFF your entire order from Lorann oils. I love their emulsions and candy oils! I already placed my order to try the orange emulsion next. w00t!

Use coupon code: cupcakes (case sensitive).

Oh no no… no thank you necessary. I am just a humble person like that.


PS. Happy birthday MIL! You gave me the greatest gift of all. Your son. ♥



  1. i can not begin to express how much i am obsessed with your webblog. im a huge cupcake person, so looking at all your recipes makes me want to bake all of them. at the moment – im trying my hand on white chocolate mocha. (the fiance is in love with white chocolate mocha from starbucks, i wonder if it has a similar taste?)

    thanks for the cupcake-inspirations! <3

  2. I accidentally sent you this comment in a very old post…but here it is:
    I made your recipe for Almond Joy cupcakes…yum! I used a dark chocolate cupcake recipe and I piped the icing on and made a mixture of dark chocolate, cocoa powder and heavy cream and drizzled it on (that stuff kind of hardened mmm…), then I toasted some coconut and chopped almonds and sprinkled that on top and put a single toasted almond on each on. They looked so beautiful and were extremely delicious! I wish I knew how to send you a picture because they were so cute (:

  3. Thank you for posting this! I was in my favorite cake shop a few weekends ago and they had the Princess Flavor available but the packaging nor the staff could really explain what it was. Now I’m really intrigued!

  4. oh wow, i am obsessed with baking supplies, especially extracts!!

  5. Thanks for the tip. I plan to order the vanilla emulsion and I’ll let you know my thoughts later.

  6. Thank you soooo much for the link to information about vanilla beans on Ebay! Now I won’t skip over recipes that call for vanilla beans b/c they ARE AFFORDABLE afterall lol. Love your blog–thanks!

  7. Aaawww you’re so sweet! Thank you for the compliments. I am not a huge coffee person but I LOVE the white chocolate mochas at Starbucks so if your fiance loves them too, you definitely need to make these cupcakes! If you make them, please come back and let me know what you think. :)

  8. Wow! Your variation sounds delicious! I’d love to see a picture. Do you have a digital camera or a cell phone camera? You can email me the picture if you don’t have a blog to post it on.

  9. No problem! I get my vanilla beans directly from the supplier instead of ebay now and I’ve had nothing but great experience with them. Definitely cheaper than grocery store! Recommend them to everyone! Have fun baking with your vanilla beans :)

  10. What a great deal!! I can’t wait to try out these emulsions. Sound so intriguing!

  11. Interesting to learn about emulsion.

    Oh, btw, here in Indonesia, people are usually using vanilla powder instead of vanilla extract :)

  12. Vanilla powder? So interesting! I love hearing what my readers from other countries substitute for ingredients.

  13. I just recently stumbled across your website on my quest to find a swirl pastry tip and I have to say I’m amazed!! You make some yummy looking cupcakes!!! And there are some neat ideas on here, I will have to look into the “emulsion” a little more as I want to do lemon cupcakes soon! My question to you is, where do you buy the Magic tip 9st round and 7st star?? I have been scowering the internet and can’t seem to find a place that will sell them. Would you be able to point me in the right direction??? Thanks ever so much! Also, can you take pictures of the saran wrap “how to” with two colors? It’s definitely a neat idea!!

  14. Thanks for your sweet compliments. I buy my tips at my local cake store so I am not sure where you can buy them online. Maybe you could do a search for your local cake store and see if they have a variety of tips to choose from. The Magic Tip 9ST is a big star tip so you might be able to find a different brand if you can’t find Magic Tip. I also use the Wilton 1M frequently (smaller star tip) and you can find that at your local Michaels. Next time I do the dual color buttercream, I’ll take pictures :)

  15. I stumbled across your website. The emulisions are fantastic. They are great in my buttercream icing when I am using my hi-ratio shortening. Thanks ;-)

  16. Nice to “meet” you! Thanks for the emulsion review too :)

  17. I LOVE your blog!

    I get updates sent to my e-mail so I don’t miss any. Your recipes are great and your photos always look soo yummy.

    I have a Pink KA mixer and my dream kitchen would be neutral grey with room for colourful accents. I really love pink at the moment and have bought as all the pink utensils that I have seen. It helps having two little girls (not that they are interested in baking) but is a good excuse to have extra of some things. I would love to have a pink Beater Blade but no-one seems to sell them here in New Zealand.

    Keep up the great blog.

    P.S. I posted my comment here so I didn’t get cought up in the competition traffic, since I am from outside the US.

  18. Aaawww than you so much for your sweet compliments! Glad that the email update works for you. Bummer you can’t find the pink beater blade in New Zealand. What about ordering it online? Here’s the link to one on Amazon!

  19. My emulsions are here, my emulsions are here! Yaaaaah!!! I know this will be just what I need to perfect my coconut cupcakes for hubby! Thank you, thank you!

  20. Awesome! Looking forward to hearing about your coconut cupcakes. Let me know what you think!

  21. So I started reading this post and got all excited and left to buy emoltions without reading the part about the 10% off. :-( Stupid. Oh well. I got a large vanilla and a small rum. I’m going to try them out this week on some cakes. Thanks for the tip!

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