Pink Beater Blade **GIVEAWAY** (Try again next time!)

March 22, 2009 at 9:21 PM | Posted in giveaway | 229 Comments

I like colors.

Actually I’ve lived in an apt for so long that I crave colors. I am tired of my white walls. I realize over time that I have posters, pictures, clocks, christmas lights (No, I haven’t taken them down in 5 years!) on my walls to cover up as much white as possible. I think someday when I buy my own place I might go a little crazy with the paint swatch. I already know that my kitchen will be red and aqua.

Love the cabinets with pops of red color (minus the floor)

Hence my empire red KitchenAid mixer.

It all started with my mixer. Since then I’ve amassed all the red kitchen utensils that I come across. So you can imagine my absolute *JOY* at the limited edition red beater blade that matches my empire red KA mixer. (Yes, it is a sickness. Maybe a tad OCD?) To celebrate all the other OCD matchy matchy freaks like me I wanted to have a little giveaway.

Gary, creator of the Beater Blade, is graciously donating to one lucky IHC reader a PINK BEATER BLADE *golf clap* He will be selling limited edition red (like mine) and also gold Beater Blades at the Chicago International Housewares Show from March 22-24th. Man, I wish I could be there! Can you imagine me at a housewares convention? Ooohh… scary thought. HAHA

Pink Beater Blade for KitchenAid 4.5 and 5-quart tilt-head

(1) Only those who live within the US eligible to win prizes. (Sorry my international peeps!)
(2) Please make sure you have a valid email address so I can contact you if you win.

To enter leave a comment:
What color(s) is your dream kitchen?

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Deadline: Tuesday, March 31 @ 11:59pm PST

Winners will be chosen by Mr. Random Generator.

Alrighty. Enough yapping from me. Smell ya later readers.



  1. 1
    number one never wins, right? oh well. I still love me some pink.

  2. 2
    Stainless steel and black!

  3. 3
    Evergreen and Eggplant paint with wood cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

  4. 4
    Hmmm… red and orange — something about those colors is very tasty to me for some reason.

  5. 5
    Okay, I would LOVE either seriously pastel colors or dark vibrant colors. Definitely pastel yellow, either pastel blue or pastel green. Like EASTER! Oo or a carnation pink mixed with a muted hot pink.

    Either that or a bright red and a nice bright white. Or checkered black and white!

    I wish I could actually get a kitchen like that.. haha

  6. 6
    lime green all the way! :)

  7. 7

    I would bake one of your amazing recipes for the entry trifecta, but my kitchen is all packed up for moving :(

  8. 8
    My ideal kitchen would be white and black w/stainless steel appliances. Very simple and clean looking. (I’m boring – and afraid of color).

  9. 9
    My dream kitchen is a light yellow, blue and white.

    Those colors scream at me.

  10. 10
    Wow, I’d love that thing! KA accessories + pink = :)

    Anyway, my dream kitchen color changes about as often as my kid’s diapers… today it would be all neutrals with accents in a dusty sage. And SS appliances.

    Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  11. 11
    Red and lime green. Bright and vibrant

  12. 12
    My dream color kitchen would have a Tuscan feel to it. I like the earthy reds, browns and oranges in that color scheme. I live in an apartment, too, so I feel you on the white walls. :)

  13. 13
    pink pink and more pink!


  14. 14
    I would probably have a pastel green for my walls and white cabinets. That’s combo always seems so light and bright to me!

  15. 15
    Red and Kermit the Frog green…weird, I know, but I really love dark red, that awesome green and ivory together.

  16. 16
    My dream kitchen would have dark dark cabinets, slate tile floors, and granite countertops. And of course I’d use red for an accent color. I have the red KAM and a red Cuisinart food processor/blender.

  17. 17
    Robbins egg blue walls and white cabinets ;)

  18. 18
    Dream kitchen: something really rustic looking with dark woods and wrought iron everywhere. really earthy colors like taupe and wild greens.

    BUT on the opposite end of the spectrum i’d love a 50’s inspired kitchen with a pink fridge, yellow stove, and orange microwave!!!!

  19. 19
    Dream kitchen? Hmmmm…I’m going to say gorgeous wood cabinets, stainless appliances, granite slab countertop, and whatever wall space is left in green. That’s the color I love consistently, even if it varies in shade! :)

  20. 20
    My dream kitchen is white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and sand colored counters with punches of blues and greens. Very beachy and calm.

  21. 21
    Yellow and Blue. Bright bold colors.

  22. 22
    I had to giggle about covering up those horrid white apartment walls. I can’t stand white walls either. Now that I live in a house I have a lovely yellow kitchen. The paint color is “Butter Up”! But my KA is tangerine and I have tons of orange accessories. If only the beater blade came in orange. Now that would be fantastic!

  23. 23
    retro – aqua and white with stainless thrown in here and there

  24. 24
    Oh I love pink! I think my dream kitchen would be white pink and black. But that is in my ulternate bachlorette for all eternity life

  25. 25
    ORANGE! I tried with our kitchen now…but my husband wanted nothing to do with it… :(

  26. 26
    I Tweeted about it!!

  27. 27
    white, yellow, and ORANGE, of course. :D
    you know where to find me!

  28. 28
    Cobolt blue with stainless steel appliances

  29. 29
    Light blue and white. : )

  30. 30
    i think my dream color is the color i just painted my kitchen – lime green! well “lettuce” to be exact! it goes so well with my oak cabinets!

    but alas, not beautiful pink kitchen aid does not match! but that lovely beater blade will match my pink mixer and that would make me oh so happy!

  31. 31
    OMG a pink blade, SUH-WEET! I *heart* pink to bits (hence the pink laptop…etc… ;) )

    but i don’t think i’d do a pink kitchen cuz the hubs might freak, so the dream kitchen would be decked out with some sorta rustic Italian feel… some exposed brick and what not.. then i’d probably go with a mean new blue mixer… although maybe a pink one could get past the hubs! ;)


  32. 32
    My ideal kitchen would be bright green with cheery accents of orange and pink…and of course, it would highlight the Kitchen Aid mixer. Sometimes, I wish my kitchen were like Sandra Lee’s where she changes all the colors based on whatever party she is having.

  33. 33
    I love the stainless steel with black appliances. …if they were only easier to keep clean! :)

  34. 34
    i tweeted!


  35. 35
    My dream kitchen would probably be a mix of wonderful 1950’s inspired candy colors. Right now I have a robin’s egg blue Kichenaid mixer, a pink toaster and a red can opener. I love candy colors paired simply with soft white.

  36. 36
    Enter me please! My dream kitchen would be red to match my lovely mixer :)

  37. 37
    I also baked your Snickerdoodle Cupcakes recently and posted about the experience on my blog. They were absolutely fantastic. My husband is so picky and he ate tons of them! The cinnamon cream cheese frosting was the most amazing frosting I have ever tried. It’s my go-to frosting recipe from now on.

  38. 38
    Oh my dream kitchen is definitely an avocado color. Maybe not so dark. Hmm light avocado? That’s just this year though. I love dark cabinets so it would have to have those. Maybe that concrete counter tops.

    Pssh dream kitchen..Pioneer Woman’s kitchen is secretly my dream :(

  39. 39
    My old kitchen was violet walls with almond cabinetry and mismatched appliances. When we finally renovated in Oct 2007 I got my dream kitchen.Dark walnut cabinetry, granite counter top, and stainless steel appliances. All that’s missing, and adding slowly after paying for the renos, are the bursts of red in accessories and pots and pans, although pink is actually my favorite color. And the beater blade will make my white mixer not seem so…white.

  40. 40
    I Love RED!!! or yellow :)

  41. 41
    bunt orange and dark blue are my favorite colors for a kitchen

  42. 42
    My ideal kitchen scheme is all shades of white! This is a great give!

  43. 43
    Aqua and pink. Or orange. None of which really matches my pistachio KA mixer or my new “Martha Stewart Blue” KA hand mixer I got recently!

  44. 44
    I think mine will either be lemon yellow or green apple…or a combination of the two. I’m not in my dream house so it may change when I have my dream kitchen and see the layout.

  45. 45
    Oh definitely gray with tons of blue accents (like delft blue).

  46. 46
    oooh!!! I’ve wanted this ever since you got one!!

    My kitchen is green, but it’s got all sorts of colors in it!

  47. 47
    Stainless steal and sage green or avocado.

  48. 48
    I tweet tweet tweeted

  49. 49
    Bright red!

  50. 50
    Yellow!! Something bright and cheery. My kitchen does not get as much sunlight as I would like. Painting it yellow would give me that artifical sun. :)

  51. 51

    Your iphone will probably die before the end of the day from all the twitting!

  52. 52
    I would love this. My dream kitchen is deep plum or something with some warmth!

  53. 53
    Red like the rest of my kitchen appliances! =D

  54. 54
    Pink for sure. I have all the pink tools, coffee maker, chopper, blender, etc.

  55. 55
    Hmmm…tough question. I rent too, but I haven’t really thought about it. Stainless steel appliances for sure. Black and some sort of green or blue as an accent color.

  56. 56
    My dream kitchen is all tuscon colored. Warm and inviting. Halfway there…

  57. 57
    Yellow – the color of butter.

  58. 58
    My dream kitchen is Red, like yours! I love color! Colored beaters, that is amazing! hope I win….


  59. 59
    My dream kitchen is loaded with stainless steel, red, and black! Ikea actually has a set up in their store that I ADORE!!!! I love it!

  60. 60
    I tweeted!

  61. 61
    I really love pale yellow for kitchen and bedroom, just gives you a sunny feeling even if you’re not feeling too cheerful. My kitchenaid is red though, I couldnt possibly choose any other color!

  62. 62
    My dream kitchen is loaded with stainless steel, black and pops of teal! I have the whole thing done in my mind, but I am like you and have been living in apartments for the last 8 years. Two more years and I should have everything in order to buy a house!

  63. 63
    My dream kitchen would be yellow. I love yellow kitchens.,

  64. 64
    dark red, brown, and stainless steel appliances!

  65. 65
    black, stainless steel, and anything that matches my martha stewart edition kitchen aid.

  66. 66
    Green tea green. Sweet.

  67. 67
    I already have my dream color: bright aqua!

  68. 68
    I have the empire red KitchenAid, too! It is by far the most awesome thing in my sad little apartment kitchen. My dream kitchen is going to be a bright red/dark red/lime green combo. I’m off to find these beaters now… brilliant idea!

  69. 69
    stainless steel and concrete! so basically gray and silver. :)

  70. 70
    Even though my favorite color is purple, my dream kitchen would be all warm and inviting colors, like a nice rich caramel with cherry and chocolate accents. (Sounds like the makings of a delicious dessert AND a delicious kitchen to me!)

  71. 71
    OMG.. this is so perfect! My favorite kitchen is pink and sage… and my current mixer blade has chipped…so of course a PINK beater blade is perfect for me!!! :)

  72. DO NOT COUNT THIS, THE ABOVE IS MY COMMENT….. sorry this is just to correct my email address for the above entry

  73. 72
    I just gutted and redid my kitchen. Dark taupe with red accents. Love it!

  74. 73
    Red (to match my KA too!), and maybe blue and white. But not in a country americana way. More in a nautical blue and white, but with red accents sort of way. I think.

  75. 74
    My dream kitchen is lime green and white which would match my red kitchen aid perfectly!

  76. 75
    I made your lemon cupcakes (minus the raspberry mousse – I made the mousse for a raspberry cheesecake last month) this weekend and they were a great hit! I haven’t posted about them yet but I will some time this week!

  77. 76
    All black and white. More like black with white accents.

  78. 77
    We just painted our kitchen a wonderfully glorious RED! I love it

  79. 78
    My dream kitch is orange with a stainless steel backsplash and stainless steel hood and chocolate brown floors.
    I am a fourth of the way there with orange walls, just need the moolah for the rest of it.
    I would still lurve the pink beater blade though. I have gifted many, but haven’t gotten one for myself yet!

  80. 79
    I’d love a bigger kitchen in blue and yellow. Mine’s kinda smallish now and it’s orange and green direct from the 70s. Yikes.

  81. 80
    I love bright Mexican kitchens. Red, yellow, orange, teal and purple would be my ideal kitchen colors.

  82. 81
    Lime green all the way

  83. 82
    Hellla yeahhhh!!!! My sister is a red kitchen girl too :) Though she has no room for a kitchen aid… that’s ok she loves to stir on her own haha. My last apt had bright orange counter tops… that was pretty damn fun… my one now is all white… BORING. Dream kitchen… hmmmm I can’t decide!!!! But something fun punchy and bright! lol :D

  84. 83
    I love a red kitchen!

  85. 84
    I just painted my kitchen “cork”. Which is a dark yellow mustard color. Reminds me of a old “50’s” color. Going from atrium white to cork brought my kitchen to life.

  86. 85
    So I don’t suppose this can be traded for a beater on another style of mixer huh? I guess I could always give this to my sister instead. I’m not a KA fan as you know. I have a maple leaf themed kitchen rather than a color theme. The linoleum has a hunger green and sort of burgundy/rust color for the leaf prints, so that tends to be the color of my towels and such. The appliances don’t match the theme at all. I buy those based sheerly on function…thus the lack of a KA.

  87. 86
    My dream kitchen is all blond wood and back countertops. Imagine a high school science lab turned into a kitchen. To punch it up, I want occasional shots of red, like a shiny red Kitchenaid mixer on one counter. and, of course, the red beater blade o go with it!

  88. 87
    Green! I have the pistachio color mixer, and it has been the inspiration behind all things kitchen related for me. When we move I can wait to find the perfect shade of green to paint our walls.

  89. 88
    caramel and mocha. i just love the colors….i have them picked out already…i think subconsciously, i chose them because they are foods. then again, maybe not-so-subconsciously. :-)

  90. 89
    i have been dying to get my hands on one of these…but, i’m lazy! :-)
    the color of my dream kitchen? probably sage & lilac with stainless steel counters, so silvery/gray? :-P

  91. 90
    I just moved into my dream kitchen. Black and Red French Chef style! Loving the pink! Thanks.

  92. 91
    Tweeting for another entry!

  93. 92
    my dream kitchen would be pink and blue like baby pink and baby blue.

  94. 93
    My dream kitchen is blue and yellow… very springy!!

  95. 94
    I’ve always wanted a fairly light-colored kitchen, with oak or maple. But I’d have to have red accents—I wish my KA mixer were bright red (I went with black though, so it didn’t look to horrible in my currently greenish kitchen, which desparately needs to be redone!)

  96. 95
    I would love a stainless steel kitchen with Martha Blue appliances!

  97. 96
    My dream colour for my kitchen would be tuscan colours, mustard yellow, burnt orange,olive green. I just love those colours!

  98. 97
    Oh man, I want this SO BAD! My KitchenAid is pink so it matches!

    My dream kitchen would be butter yellow with pale green accents. I think it’s so bright and cheery!

  99. 98
    Red’s my fave color – everything in the house would be red if I could get away with that…!

  100. 99
    chocolate brown and blue

  101. 100
    My dream kitchen would be a sage green and light purple… and stainless appliances! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  102. 101
    I tweeted about this giveaway here:

  103. 102
    My dream kitchen would be Pink with silver accents (maybe some pretty silver wall designs). I already have my Pink Kitchenaid Mixer to match! =)

  104. 103
    Ohhh I do love the beater blade!! My dream kitchen would be whatever color would go with the amazing copper KitchenAid stand mixer I’ve been eyeing at William Sonoma.

  105. 104
    My dream kitchen is all that I have—granite countertops, dark wood cabinets and stone floors (and big windows)—just add my turquoise wall color I’m about to paint on-and it’s perfect. but it wouldn’t be my kitchen without my pink KA mixer. the pink beater blade would fit it so well!

  106. 105
    My DREAM kitchen would have antiqued cream cabinets, stained concrete countertops, stainless appliances, rustic tin backsplash, and would have creamy yellows and rusty oranges on the walls and accents!

  107. 106
    I currently have my dream kitchen colors…brown and sky blue!

  108. 107
    I want my kitchen to be bold & bright. I’d like reds, oranges, & yellows…Hence my Red 600pro KA mixer :D

  109. 108
    My dream kitchen is white cabinets with yellow walls and blue accents.

  110. 109

  111. 110
    My dream kitchen is hot and light pink, light green and white with light wood cabinets and fabulous track lighting. There would be lots of counter space and it would always be tidy and not coated with a thin layer of powdered sugar. HAHA. And the last piece of most importance in my kitchen is my pink KA (so this blade would make a perfect match).

  112. 111
    My dream kitchen is totally retro, with tur

  113. 112
    I loved neutrals with pops of bright colors!

  114. 113
    I’m in a very green/yellow mood. I have the paint swatch pinned up on my corkboard and I keep hinting to Aaron that I want to paint…right now our kitchen is a salmon color..and I’m very OVER that color. :)

  115. 114
    I already have my dream kitchen (well-in hindsight more storage space would be a big plus…)which is in our log home, so it’s very rustic (think log walls, cherry cabinets, stainless steel and slate.)

    I would LOVE this pink beater blade, especially to use it when I bake cupcakes to sell as a fundraiser for my NYC Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in October!!!!!!!

  116. 115
    I can’t believe you have a red blade! I’m jealous! I just finished making my kitchen and it’s light apple green with red accents (like my KA). I totally know what you mean about wanting white gone- we just got our first house and repainted the whole thing tan (besides the kitchen and bathroom). I love the happy, warm feeling and don’t miss white at all!

  117. 116
    Probably something cheery and bright, like yellow, then again I really like red… oh its so hard to choose!

  118. 117
    I want to win a beater blade, those look so neat!

  119. 118
    Just painted my kitchen terracotta. The paint color is called “Toasted Pecan”.. I love it!!

  120. 119
    I twittered about the giveaway!

  121. 120
    ROFL “smell ya later” ah good times, good times.

    Ahem. My dream kitchen, may sound rather boring, but, it would be chocolatey browns and rustic brick and cream. I have had the same dream since I was about 12 to have a huge kitchen that looks totally old world and then has a green house nook sitting area just off one end of it. Dream big right?!

  122. 121
    Fun giveaway! I love red, but that might be too bold for my dream kitchen. I would probably stick with mostly earthy tones, with a fun backsplash!

  123. 122
    Well, I was lucky enough to get all of the Kitchen Aid appliances and many accessories in pink for my bridal shower. I am a pink-aholic, but my kitchen is still plain boring white paired with neutral khaki and tan colored kitchen towels. How boring is that? I’d like to do a pink and light brown bakery kind of theme to be pretty specific. I can dream, can’t I?

  124. 123
    Hmmm, my dream kitchen. Lots of stainless steel, dark wood cabinets, well, I guess not too dark and I’d have to say red accents, but more of a brick red than Christmas red. Really, I just need to go window/dream shopping at a kitchen/hardware store and browse all the possibilities!

  125. 124
    My dream kitchen is lots of brown with maybe orange or bright green highlights. I am a bit boring :)

  126. 125
    Stainless steel appliances. Warm wood floors (like a teak color… not too dark but not honey). A dark (granite?) counter top. Big butcher block somewhere in there. With a sprinkling of pretty colors: blues, pinks, greens, white… I don’t think I could pick just 1 color, but have a pretty good idea of what the backdrop for those colors would be… ah, dreams.

  127. 126
    I so want one of these things!! Hmmm…not totally sure of the color. Maybe some red, or soft yellows or greens. But there will definitely be granite and a double oven. Someday…

  128. 127
    Really dark cherry with lighter tan and gray marble countertops, stone tile floors, and all stainless steel appliances. So super neutral, with pops of color added in depending on the season. At least that’s the dream…honestly anything with more personality than the all-white dorm kitchen would be an improvement!

  129. i live in australia so cant enter, but i bought a PINK KitchenAid and also went on to buy pink utensils!! I LOVE MY KITCHEN! :)

  130. 128
    Where the heck did you get a RED beater blade?! :) My kitchen has red accents and I also have a red KA mixer and am slowly acquiring red applicances and utensils as well!

  131. 129
    happy colors… mixed with calming colors…

    navy blue (I guess that helps with the boyfriend being a sailor)


    lime green

  132. 130
    My dream kitchen would have to have a lot of windows to allow light to shine though so it’d always be bright. The walls would have to be a pretty blue or yellow color with wooden cabinets and granite counter tops.

  133. 131
    I’ve been giving this a lot of thought lately, since I’m borderline obsessive on househunting… despite being far from having a decent down payment! A girl can dream, right?

    When I think of my kitchen, I see a light shade of green. Maybe a light avocado color? Or yellow, but nothing too garish. That’d be painful first thing in the morning. lol

  134. 132
    pink and blue for sure, I’m dreaming of it right now!

  135. 133
    My favorite color for a kitchen? White! No, not really. I’d love for it to be red.

  136. 134
    Stainless steel and mustard brown/ gold

  137. 135
    Since my kitchen is so old I’d almost be happy with anything new. If I had a choice I’d like lots of wood and dark green marble counters, with lots of storage space.

  138. 136
    marble counters and red/black accents!

  139. 137
    Right now, honest to God, the only requirement of my dream kitchen is that it’s bigger than the FREAKING SHOEBOX I currently have. Seriously. I can stand in one place and touch the fridge, stove, sink, microwave, and pantry door at the same time.

  140. 138
    All I know is that I would love stainless steel appliances. If we ever get a chance to buy a house, it would depend on what I liked at the time. Something classic would be nice.

  141. 139
    I’d have to say some mixture of white and a soft blue. I love me some beachy-feeling colors!

  142. 140
    My dream kitchen would be much much bigger. I love the look of stainless steel and black with dark wood cabinets.

  143. 141
    What an awesome giveaway. My dream kitchen color is the terra cotta burnt orange that I already have!

  144. 142
    I know I want some earthy green color on the walls, medium to dark wood cabinets and a neutral tan floor and counter tops. The recycled glass counter tops are pretty neat. And to carry on with the glass I would love to have a glass tile backsplash. There would also be accents of copper and bronze.

  145. 143
    I love kitchens with dark wood cabinets, stainless steal, and black counter tops. I’d use appliances to add splashes of bold colors (red or blue). Now, all I need to do is get rid of these raspberry countertops (yuck!).

  146. 144
    Like you, I’ve lived in apartments with boring white walls for far too long. When I finally get my own kitchen, I’m thinking bright primary colors – a combination of yellow, red, and blue. Your aqua and red is fun too though!

  147. 145
    I would LOVE an aqua kitchen with white in it. It’s such a clean, retro feel. :)

  148. 146
    OH MY…that will match my Pink KA Mixer!!! I want, I want, I want! :)

    My dream kitchen is bright and sunny with TONS of space…so clean like White or a sunny yellow would be lovely! Maybe white AND yellow?!

  149. 147
    Blue or yellow with white cabinets. (I am currently in love with all aqua and red combos, though…in the process of going that direction w/ our MBR)

  150. 148
    Very warm Tuscan colors (deep yellows, oranges, browns)

  151. oh man. i think i have ADD when it comes to picking my dream kitchen. first i think PIIIIIINK! but the i remember that i LOVE dark wood cabinetry with a dark green or navy blue. THEN i picture something bright and sunny like yellow and a muted aqua with white. and then i picture all of those and shove them all together and get a jumble of ugly :DDD

    but whatever the color, i would have pleeeenty of storage space and my own island with marble/granite countertops and a tile backsplash. and i would be able to look out a window into the beautiful sunshine OR into the living room (via the breakfast bar) were my fiance is most likely playing guitar hero. hey, one can dream right?

  152. 149
    oh man. i think i have ADD when it comes to picking my dream kitchen. first i think PIIIIIINK! but the i remember that i LOVE dark wood cabinetry with a dark green or navy blue. THEN i picture something bright and sunny like yellow and a muted aqua with white. and then i picture all of those and shove them all together and get a jumble of ugly :DDD

    but whatever the color, i would have pleeeenty of storage space and my own island with marble/granite countertops and a tile backsplash. and i would be able to look out a window into the beautiful sunshine OR into the living room (via the breakfast bar) were my fiance is most likely playing guitar hero. hey, one can dream right?

    forgot my email address

  153. 150
    What a cool giveaway! My dream kitchen would be pink (just like your giveaway!) however my husband wasn’t to keen on the idea :)


  154. 151
    I sympathize with having dreaded white apartment walls. I love blue and yellow with small splashes of orange in a kitchen.

  155. 152
    My dream kitchen would be a mix of ivory and french blue – my favorite colors!!

  156. 153
    Ooooooh.. my DREAM kitchen? Something like my great grandma’s was, with lots of yellow and silver. But with my PINK stand mixer, duh.

  157. 154

  158. 155
    Stainless steel and empire red, dark cherrywood cabinetry would highlight the red splashes of color!!!!!! I love my red KA stand mixer, too.

  159. 156
    I love black and stainless steel with some red accents… someday I’ll have it!

  160. 157
    I don’t have my dream kitchen (yet!), but it’s decked out in my dream color! I love pink and all of my kitchen accessories are pink. I’d love stainless appliances and concrete countertops when I do get my dream kitchen though!

  161. 158
    I have lived in apartments way too long so I long for any color. However, I love cherry cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and granite countertops accented with yellow and red.

  162. 159
    I hope I win! My dream kitchen is a classic white kitchen with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances and accents, and a light colored granite or marble countertop. I’ll probably never get it but a girl can dream!

  163. 160
    Black and stainless steel.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  164. 161
    Hey, I have the same mixer! And the matching blender to boot. My dream kitchen would have dark cherry cabinetry, stainless appliances, and maybe a deep greens and reds.

    Thanks for having another giveaway!

  165. I would love a white & red kitchen!!! Maybe with pops of turquoise!!!

  166. 162
    I would love a white & red kitchen!!! Maybe with pops of turquoise!!!

  167. 163
    My dream kitchen will be neutral colors, stainless steel appliances with splashes of Cinnamon Red!!

  168. 164
    I actually think that the colors of my kitchen now are perfect. White cabinets, stanless steel appliances, lemon colored walls and lime accents everywhere. However, once the weather changes, I always think about a change. But, for now it is spring and I am happy!

  169. 165
    i actually like the color of my walls in my kitchen – sage green – i would like the cabinets to be white and would like stainless steel appliances!

    I don’t have a blog, but I am as I type this working on your Jello Shot cupcakes minus the shot for my daughters birthday! I have the jello getting jiggly (hopefully) and the cupcakes in the oven! It is such a great recipe that when i do have to make cupcakes for a girls night, I will be making these with the shot (or 2 or 3!!)

    Thanks for a great site, i share it with all my friends!

    Jen from PA

  170. 166
    My dream kitchen color would include red, black, and stainless steel.

  171. 167
    I have always wanted a black and stainless steel kitchen. Accented with royal blue. ::sigh:: :)

  172. 168
    My dream kitchen is a baby turqoise room with accents of pink/fushia and browns. My cabinets would be blonde and there would be lots of windows so that my wheat grass garden would flourish!
    Alas…it’s only a dream.
    I hope I win! Come on!

  173. 169
    bright yellow and white!!

  174. 170
    My dream kitchen would be a pale robin’s egg blue. I’ve always loved that color and I think it goes with almost everything.

  175. 171
    I would love to have that for my kitchen aid!!!

    Lets see….walnut stanied cabinets, antiqued. Huge middle island, painted green and antiqued. Double oven and 6 burner cook top. Lots and Lots of windows! Wood floors, faux painted walls, groin vaulted beams….

    Ok so I’m pretty specific! ha!

  176. 172
    I know it is corny– but pink and aqua… I am slowly working towards it. A work in progress- so this kitchen aid attach. is PERFECT!!
    PS LOVE LOVE LOVE your recipes!!

  177. 173
    bright yellow and red…love it!!

  178. 174
    My dream kitchen is black and stainless with teal accents.

  179. 175
    Stainless steel restaurant-grade appliances and sage green walls and deep honey colored cabinets. Would love corresponding glass tiles for a splashback.

  180. 176
    Lately I’ve been in love with white with stainless steel.

  181. 177
    I would have to say brown and pink tones :)

  182. 178
    oooh! pretty. My mixer is black so I think it’d be great contrast.
    My dream kitchen is emeral green tiles, hexagon white mosaic floor tiles with dark stained cabinets…in my current kitchen though I’d just settle for white cabinets to help with its claustophobic size!

  183. 179
    peach and creamy yellow!

  184. 180
    My dream kitchen would be a cottage/country style with white cabinets a green island with a big white farmhouse style sink. I would paint the walls either a light blue or a light green. There would be stainless steel appliances, lots of built-ins so it looked old but was brand new. I would also do white subway tiles for a backsplash! Ahhh a girl can dream right?

  185. 181
    I *just* finished painting my kitchen this past weekend-it’s a pale seafoam green and I’m in love. It matched the green countertop and pinkish cabinets perfectly.

  186. 182
    My favorite would be yellow and blue. Sigh.

  187. 183
    My kitchen would be a nice, sunny yellow. I don’t know why, but it has always screamed “kitchen” at me!

  188. 184
    I tried your Mocha Cupcakes with White Chocolate Buttercream. They were super yummy, but for some reason the flavors didn’t balance too well for me. Ah well.

  189. 185
    I’ve made your Santa’s Favorite Cupcakes… delicious!!!
    my family is a huge fan of tres leches so that worked out amazing!!!

  190. 186
    I love cherry cabinets, stainless appliances and granite with subtle gold untertomes.

    Now I’m daydreaming about it….=)

  191. 187
    My kitchen is almost my dream. Chocolate Caesarstone countertop, glass piano tile backsplash and the original throw back mid century modern kitchen cabinets that came with the house. The hubs gave me a sweet new gas range and stainless fridge. The only thing it needs now is a stainless double oven. MMmmmm. Love it.

    Bring me the beater blade random man. :)

  192. 188

  193. 189
    i’m dreaming of a little apple green to freshin’ things up! yum…

  194. 190
    I love sage green and pink. With white cabinets…

  195. 191
    My dream kitchen is red!!! With counter space galore and nothing sitting on it except for my red KitchenAid Betty!

  196. 192
    Blue and green… what my kitchen is now. I love our remodel!

  197. 193
    Hey there,

    Well I would love a retro kitchen done in reds and aqua. At this point I doubt that I would be picky at all, I would just love a wonderful, workable kitchen to spread out in and cook to my hearts desire.


  198. 194
    I was at the housewares show and it really is enough to make your head explode! I wish I would have had more time to wonder, but I was busy in my own booth. I did manage to see four of the chef demos.

    I remodeled my kitchen a few years ago and have eggplant walls with green glass tiles and love it!

  199. 195
    My dream kitchen would have lots of storage and pantry space. New stainless steel appliances and lots of bright, cheerful colors. :)

  200. 196
    Hey, I made your amazing Chocolate Caramel Crunch Cupcakes yesterday and blogged about them today.
    Holy cow, the caramel buttercream especially was DIVINE!

  201. 197
    Light yellow!

  202. 198
    I tweeted at ya, but I don’t know how to send a link!

  203. 199

  204. 200
    Burnt orange with black and brown accents. Also the color of a really good cappuccino!

  205. 201
    I would love to have it painted in the family of mocha, cappucino, and a very light brown color all over the kitchen walls, cupboards, and pantries. BUT with out of the world colored appliances. :B

  206. 202
    Black and white with red accents.

  207. 203
    I like a true red, with white and black accents, and a little bright true yellow

  208. 204
    I like true red, with white and black accents, and a little bright yelow for interest

  209. 205
    I would LOVE a Red Blade, my dream kitchen would have some darker wood colors with Red accents, Italian Style!

  210. 206
    I also Tweeted about it!

  211. 207
    My dream kitchen is Black, White and Red! Classic.

  212. 208
    Black and silver *sigh*

  213. 209
    Dream kitchen? Porcelain white with a splash of Tiffany blue.


  214. 210
    I love pink!!! So I would like to say my dream kitchen color is pink but I don’t think my husband would like that. So I would have to say me dream kitchen color is browns with a rustic sort of feel…italian theme possibly!! One day though…

  215. 211
    My dream kitchen would be old-school aqua with modern chocolate (what else?) brown. Also one a bit bigger than a postage stamp would be nice since I’m sending my dream out into the universe anyway, I might as well be specific. =) heheh

  216. 212
    Lots of red accents…I already own all red kitchenaid appliances!

  217. 213
    Definitely Pink!

  218. 214
    Oh goodness, girl, I have baked so many of your cupcake recipes. I am a nurse at a hospital and I take them to work with me. People LOVE them and they go on and on. You are my cupcake baking hero. Want a link to one baking spree inspired by your site? Try this one or this one or try this one.

    Also, I think my dream kitchen would be mostly natural wood… I think. I imagine maybe granate counter tops or a large wooden slab for cutting and prep by a huge industrial sink or two… I wouldn’t mind some chrome or even black… my kitchen is entirely white now and I like it. It’s very clean. I guess I’m not picky about color so much as content.

  219. 215
    I love WHITE! My dream kitchen would be white, white, white because it reminds me and makes me feel pure, clean & refreshing! Thanks for hosting!

  220. 216
    I own a red KitchenAid that I love! It has made be dream of more red accents. Probably stick with a mostly white background, and stainless steel appliances!!

  221. 217
    My dream kitchen would be clean white cabinets with black stone countertops. I have 5 different colors of Fiesta dishes in my kitchen, so the pops of color would come from those.

    My KitchenAid mixer is Caviar. It’s black with glitter!

  222. 218
    And a tweet!

  223. 219
    RED, honey, RED – and mine is deep red walls with ivory cabinets !

  224. 220
    I’m probably boring but I love white! Its just so clean and fresh. I would maybe go for a yellow but will still have big white cabinnets, stainless appliances (even though cleaning them is bleh…) and i would consider 2 ovens….more cupcakes!

  225. 221
    PINK of course! And this beater would be the most perfect addition to my pink stand mixer. Love it!

  226. 222

  227. 223
    Oooh, my dream kitchen?? Definitely some purple and turquoise – love those colors together! :)

  228. 224
    Ohh. Jeez. That’s like asking me to pick a favourite food. lol. But I’ll go with either light blues, lavender, navy and creams, or maybe sage green, black and red!

    Also, I have the pink stand mixer, so that blade would totally match! :D

  229. 225
    Black, silver and dark brown

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