April Fool me once, shame on you.

April 2, 2009 at 6:25 AM | Posted in cupcakes, giveaway | 11 Comments

Seriously people? Don’t you know how an April Fool’s joke works?

You don’t give away the punch line in 5 comments! *Giving Catherine stink-eye* If you figure out the joke, you keep the joke running. You egg ppl on. Come on!! Do I have to do everything? Let’s try to do better next year mkaythx.

I do apologize to all the readers that were upset about my April Fools Joke though. I am sorry you got punked but I have to admit I was a little taken aback with the emails. Some of you were honestly POed at me! I think I even got a death threat? Kidding kidding. But you all are pretty serious about your giveaways for sure. I don’t blame you. I’d stab someone in the eye with a sprinkle to get a free beater blade too.

To make it up to you, have a red velvet cheesecake cupcake on me.

So… we cool again? Am I forgiven?

No forgiveness for you!

Aawww come on… I don’t like when my readers are mad at me. *sniff*

I might have a little evil streak in me at times but I hope that my readers know me well enough that I couldn’t really be THAT mean. I take my giveaways seriously and TRULY appreciate each and every comment. Honest! Girl Scout’s honor. (Hmmm… does that work if you were never a girl scout? LOL)

… and the winner is???

Congratulations #146! Please email me your shipping address and I’ll drop your pink beater blade in the mail as soon as I can find a box to put it in. To all the other commenters, don’t fret. I am bound to have another giveaway soon. Very very soon. Ok maybe not that soon.

Happy Thursday-It’s-Almost-Friday readers!



  1. THANK YOU!!!!! Wow…I’m so so so excited!!!! :)

  2. Haha.. I knew you wouldn’t keep the beater blade for yourself!

  3. Hehe…..stab someone in the eye with a sprinkle. You are too funny!

  4. I think those of us who are long time readers knew you could never be so mean. I was actually thinking about you yesterday hoping you weren’t getting TOO many nasty e-mails! I’m glad someone got that Beater Blade! :)

  5. omg it’s so pretty i just want to hold it. can i hold it?

  6. ahah You stab someone to get sprinkles.. hehe Hey there darling.. I have been meaning to ask you where I can get jumbo cupcake boxes for shipping- any ideas, I would like to make one for my friends birthday = )

  7. Shipping? or delivering? I don’t any boxes that I use specifically for shipping but I have the 4 cupcake box and insert for presentation and hand deliver. (Look at this picture for example.) I bought my boxes wholesale (so you get 100 at a time) at http://www.brpboxshop.com. Hope that helps!

  8. Haha, you’re joke was hysterical. And even though I wasn’t POed, I’ll totally take your cupcake offering!

  9. That red velvet cuppy is so pretty… yum. :)

  10. Oh, and BRPboxshop is awesome.

  11. Just found your blog through Google recommendations on my reader, I love it! I am an avid baker also (have had to cut back though, my waist was starting to feel it) I am signing up to follow, stop in and say hello sometime.

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