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Hi CB!

I love your blog! Your giveaways are always so awesome! I want to start doing some giveaways on my blog too.

Why do you do giveaways?
How often do you do giveaways?
Can you give me some tips on how to get sponsors?
Do you use your own money? Where do you get the money?
How do you set up your giveaways?

You don’t have to answer if these questions are too personal.

Thx, Anna

Hi Anna,

Whoa. Slow down with the questions. I’m getting whiplash! LOL

I am pretty much an open book (just don’t ask me my age and weight) so I’ve answered these questions a few times for other readers.

Why do you do giveaways?
– Honest truth? I am a comment whore (CW). There I said it. Simple as that.

How often do you do giveaways?
– I really don’t have a schedule. Just whenever I feel like it. I try to space them out though. Don’t want my readers to get giveaway overload.

Can you give me some tips on how to get sponsors?
– When I started my blog I wasn’t in it to get sponsors. I think you should take time to focus on your blog and the sponsors will come. You have to be dedicated though. I try to blog 2-3-4x a week. Sometimes it’s less but that’s my weekly goal. On the other hand, sometimes I’ll find a product that I love and want to share with my readers so instead of waiting for them to approach me, I am proactive and email them. I just briefly tell them about my giveaway idea and my blog. You can’t be afraid of rejection though. But the worst they can say is “no” right?

Do you use your own money? Where do you get the money?
– I’d say that more than 1/2 of my giveaways are funded by me. Also don’t forget that shipping costs add up too. All of the money that I make from my blog goes into my blog budget and that’s the money I use to sponsor my own giveaways. I like the idea of giving back to my readers. (I tried to convince husband that I should be able to use the money in our house savings too but for some reason he said no. Go figure?)

How do you set up your giveaways?
– I assume by “set up” you mean how I figure out who wins? I structure my giveaways pretty similar for each one. I’ve found I get the most entries by making it easy. I know that *I* rarely (if ever) enter giveaways that require me to re-post on my blog. Too much work IMO. Sometimes I’ll give extra entries to do other things but the main way to enter is to simply leave a comment and answer a question. Winner picked by random number generator. Easy peasy.

This is what works for me. I am always changing and modifying but for the most part I stick to this formula. It may not work for you and it’s all good. We all find our own way.

Hope that helps!


PS. What’s your blog?



  1. All things I’ve wondered about as well. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the post!

  3. I’m having a giveaway on my blog right now! (I paid for all of it myself. I just enjoy doing it!) Come on by! We randomly pick the names out of a bowl. Each of my four boys and my husband pick a name, then I pick the winner. Fun!

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