Would you like some cupcake with your cupcake?

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Yesterday I spent most of my afternoon baking, dipping and melting chocolate. I remember getting out all the ingredients and materials for my cupcake pop order – 40 Hello Kitty and 40 cupcake pops – and immediately started second guessing myself.

At $1 a pop (no pun intended), I realized at that moment, I did not charge enough. To be honest they take time, effort, steady hands and dipping skills. Some of which do not come naturally for me. But after my initial grumbling about a 4 year old little girl that swindled me with her cute pigtails and “Pwetty pwease Miss Cwara”, I knew I couldn’t back out for fear of said birthday girl’s wrath. Have you ever been the subject of a little girl’s wrath? Trust me. You don’t wanna be. *shudder*

Thankfully after the first few pops, it became almost second nature (although not quite as perfect as Bakerella) and my mind started to wander. I get ideas. Sometimes they are illegal ideas like: I wonder if pot cupcakes would be just as potent as pot brownies? Sometimes they are evil scientist genius ideas like: What if I garnish a cupcake with another cupcake?


That’s worth repeating.

Garnish a cupcake with ANOTHER cupcake?

I think I just opened some delicious time portal.

There’s no such thing as too much of a good thing when it comes to cupcakes.


Happy 4th Birthday Alyssa!

Enjoy it while you can b/c before you know it you’re 20-something going on 30-something and contemplating the importance of having the number of candles on the cake that reflect your actual age. <— The following statement is not based on real events. Any similarities to a certain blogger are purely coincidental.



  1. May I please join you in your delicious time portal? These are beyond adorable!

  2. Of course! The more the merrier! I’ve heard that you can also open the delicious time portal by sprinkling bacon bits on bacon too. LOL

  3. Is that time portal shippable? Whoa, the cuteness.

  4. Garnishing a cupcake with another cupcake – brilliant!! Kids can be quite persuasive – but glad things worked out for you.

  5. Hah! Love the cupcake on a cupcake idea! And yes, you should charge more!

  6. Hehe Oh I love your blog CB, you make me laugh out loud for real. I think you should charge more for the pops, you do make em beautifully.
    As for the cupcake atop a cupcake, it is PURE genius, and don’t ya just love it when moments of cupcake brilliance hit!?!

  7. That is so cute! I mean… cupcakes are about as cute as it gets, so why shouldn’t they garnish themselves? :)

  8. The time portal is omnipresent. No shipping necessary! ;)

  9. Oh yes. Kids can be sneaky little things. It also helps them b/c I am a sucker too. haha

  10. Oh definitely will be charging more next time. I rationalized in my head that it was part of her bday gift so it’s all good. LOL

  11. Glad to make you giggle! I try not to take myself too seriously. Blogging is suppose to be fun right? I’m certainly not doing for the money (or lack thereof)! ;)

  12. Exactly what I thought too!

  13. “I think I just opened some delicious time portal.”
    Yes. Yes you did.

  14. holy freaking crap.

    you are a genius.

  15. Happy birthday, Alyssa! Your cupcake topped cupcakes….whoa, that’s like crossing the streams in Ghostbusters :) They look stellar, out-of-this-world, fantastic!! Great job!

  16. So cute and so funny, I do know the wrath you speaketh of. I am doing my niece’s birthday party soon – not sure what I am getting myself into! Nicely done.

  17. Mmmmm a cupcake squared is definitely better! But what’s the square root of a cupcake…. gahhh I’m a nerd! Why did I even think of that question!!!!

  18. I wish I lived by you because I had a pink cupcake themed first birthday party for my daughter and those would have been perfect. I searched high and low for the perfect idea and I just ended up making mini pink cupcakes. Your idea would have been so much more creative. So cute!

  19. You saw it too then? Sweet. My job is done. ;)

  20. Now now. Genius might be too much credit. But… I’ll take it. haha

  21. Crossing streams ala Ghostbusters! hahaha

  22. I am telling you. They look like cute little mini princesses but I know what they really are. lol Good luck with niece’s birthday party!

  23. Square root of a cupcake? Oh honey. That’s even too nerd for me. LOL

  24. I think mini pink cupcakes is an adorable idea for a little girl’s birthday! Definitely keeping that idea on the back burner if I need a little girl birthday idea :)

  25. Aww, very cute idea, my girls would love that, they never suffer from cuteness overload.

  26. Evil genius! And totally cute, too!

  27. You are not kidding that sometimes we underestimate the time involved and the worth of a project–I had the same experience over the weekend after making 300 hand rolled and hand dipped sugar cookie crosses for a communion! It was intense but came out beautiful–just like your pops and cupcakes garnished with cupcakes! Absolutely Adorable!!! I am sure the guest of honor loved those pops and you came up with a genius idea to boot–thanks for sharing!

  28. Call me whatever you want, but (and not that I condone that sort of stuff) my brain perked up with the question of whether a pot cupcake would be as potent as a pot brownie… ;)

    Cute idea to put a cupcake on another cupcake!

  29. Oh no she didn’t. That little girl stole my name! I mean, she could have at least gotten the birthday right. It’s May 19th, not April 27th! Just a little off. To top it all of she gets those cupcakes?! I wish i could get something like that on my birthday!

  30. Love it. Cupcake on cupcake – who could ask for anything more?

  31. A cupcake and it’s mini-me. Too cute!

  32. That is so adorable it makes my head want to explode. I’m so stealing this idea!

  33. I almost did this with bakerella’s bunny cake pops! But I wasn’t sure if the weight of my bunny’s would hold on buttercream alone. Good to know that it does work. They are too cute. Also, you’re right about the cake pops becoming 2nd nature after the first few… I made 30 bunny cake pops for my 3 year old daughters preschool class and the 2nd batch looked much better than the first and took 1/2 the time to make.

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