Vote IHC for The Next Iron Cupcake Star! +GIVEAWAY?

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Remember these cupcakes? (Actually if you ate 1 or 2 or a few you might not remember, eh Scott!? lol)

So… um… yeah. I’d really appreciate your vote. Please? I’ll be your best friend. Don’t make me beg. Because I will.

*getting down on knees intertwining fingers with the pouty-est puppy dog face I can muster*

Hey! Where you going?

Ok hear me out. I’ve got a crazy idea! What if I… Share the wealth!

Here’s what I am gonna do.

Leave me a comment on this post that you voted for my RUM AND COKE CUPCAKES and I’ll enter you into a giveaway to choose any 1 of the prizes I receive *IF* I win. How’s that for a bribe incentive?

Think about it? It’s win win! I get Iron Cupcake fame+admiration and you get [insert awesome prize here]. You know you’ve been drooling over Cakespy art. FYI it really is as adorable as you think.

What you waiting for? You got some votin’ to do… git!

Fine print: There is no giveaway unless I win Iron Cupcake: Soda Pop. (Hopefully this makes sense?) Since I am going on the honor system, don’t be a liar-liar-pants-on-fire! Giveaway only available to US and Canada residents. Please one comment per person. Thanks for your vote!



  1. I voted for you!! Good luck!!

  2. Off to vote! I think those look awesome!

  3. I voted! I may just have to try these one day…

  4. Voted for you…love your creations! YUM!!

  5. I voted for you! :)

  6. I voted for you, my dear! I lurve me some crunkcakes!!!

  7. Hey, I voted. Lookout for those ladies who made like 8 different cupcakes though… they seem to know how to game the system. ;) (My January Iron Cupcake fell to them. And February too. I haven’t entered the last 2 months because I’m so traumatized… well, lazy).

  8. I voted for you! Good luck!

  9. I voted because, well, those cupcakes look AWESOME!

  10. Good luck! You totally won points with me for the sweet compliment! ;-)

  11. I voted for you. Good luck!

  12. Vote early and vote often!? Just kidding — but I wish you all the best. Your blog is truly an inspiration!

  13. Thanks for the reminder, love the suggestion, good luck.

  14. yours were the best, I voted

  15. I voted! And I think I’m gonna tweet for you to try to get you some more votes! I’m a rum & coke girl, so these are right up my alley!

  16. I voted for you! hope you win :)

  17. I voted for you, CB! I mean, the frosting alone should make you the winner, *wink*. Good luck!

  18. I voted for you! Hope you win!

  19. I voted for you. And only you, figuring not casting my other two votes would make my one even stronger. Rum and coke…brings back some spring break memories! Good luck in the contest!

  20. I voted for you!

  21. sent in my vote for you! Good luck!

  22. I voted for you! (I needed to vote anyway… considering I made these this week!)

  23. I soooo rocked the vote! (for u!)*

  24. I voted for you! I really enjoy reading your blog and your cupcake pics are fabulous!

  25. I voted for you!

    Love rum and coke. :) I’m sure that the cupcake version is just as good.

  26. I only used my 1 vote and it was for you. I hope you win!!

  27. you know i voted for you!! :) good luck!

  28. Man you are good at this whole bribe thing :) lol. Looks like there aren’t anywhere near as many peeps participating in this now. I think I only lasted the first 2 months… GOOD LUCK GIRL!!!!! You got my vote :)

  29. I voted for you! Fortunately, after going through the list I felt you really deserved it! You had a creative and original idea with a great presentation!

  30. I totally voted for you! I’m also getting some girls together for my birthday this Friday to try and make these cupcakes! They look awesome :) Good luck!

  31. I voted…you’re not winning yet though…so i’m pretty sure I’m gonna go to the computer lab and vote from a bunch of different computers….

  32. I voted for you its a beautiful cupcake and photo and I would have voted for you without the offer of a prize. Your cupcakes and website rock.

  33. I voted! You were 2nd place when I voted! Good Luck!

  34. iii voted!! and to prove it… you are in the 11th percentile. if others vote you could actually pull ahead!!! good luck *crosses fingers*

  35. i SO voted for you! good luck…for both of us!

  36. I don’t drink so I’ve never had a rum and coke, but your cupcakes are so cute! They look ready to party. :) Hope you win.

  37. voted!!! (and when I get home I’ll vote there too)

  38. hhmmm…rum and coke..I want one!!! Good luck..voted for ya!

  39. Voted! They look delicious.

  40. Your cupcakes definitely look professional, and soooo yummy!
    I voted for them too!

  41. I voted.. for yours!!
    your boozey cupcakes rock!

  42. i just voted for you…i hope you win. its one of the most original that i saw on the list. cant wait to try them myself

  43. I voted for you too, good luck!

  44. I voted!

  45. I voted for you, and blogged about your cupcakes today, as I gave them a try myself last week! Best of luck to you! There sure are a lot of good looking cupcakes over there. . .

  46. I voted for you! Good luck! They look amazing.

  47. I voted for you! Hope you win, I think its kind of beat that some people are making like 10 entries now…I kind of lost the flair for this contest after the cheating debacle.

  48. I voted for you. And im totally going to make these for my friends 21st birthday!

  49. I voted for you. Fingers crossed.

  50. I voted for you!! Good luck!!!! :)

  51. I voted!Good luck!

  52. I voted… Can you do this w/ diet too? I’m all about skinny pirates.

  53. I don’t see a reason why you couldn’t substitute with diet coke. If you make it, come back with review. Love to hear how it turned out with diet coke!

  54. I voted for you. I think that each person should only have been allowed to enter one cupcake into the contest.

  55. i voted for you! and if I could… I’d vote for you a million times…. your the best!

  56. Hey, this might sound silly~ but where did you get the cupcake liners you used for these? I am racking my brain- and can’t figure it out!!!
    OH, I voted;)

  57. I voted for you. I had no idea there were that many cupcake blogs out there.

  58. I just voted! Good luck! AND… I posted my blog post about being adopted by you! Look for an email coming your way sometime this weekend.

  59. Well… since you voted I’ll let you in on the cupcake liner secret *wink* They are called party nut cups or souffle cups depending on where you buy them. I buy mine at Smart&Final, 250 for $5. I’ve also seen them in smaller quantities at Michaels Craft Store. Hope that helps!

  60. I’m off to vote…
    They look like a sure winner to me…they actually look like they taste like a little bit of heaven.
    I’m a big rum and coke fan from way back…
    Good Luck!!!

  61. Voted right now! G’luck!

  62. Oh, my heavenly Lord!!!! This recipe is magnificant! I just joined Iron Cupcake yesterday; if I can vote for you and this fab recipe, I certainly will! Absolutely adore and am inspired by your blog space!
    All the Best,
    Anastasia (Stacey)

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