♪Yippy aye yay, Mini Sirloin Burger Cupcakes♪♫

May 25, 2009 at 5:35 PM | Posted in cupcakes | 76 Comments

I know you’ve all heard the song right? The Jack-In-The-Box one.

It’s one of those commercial that YOU.JUST.CAN’T.GET.OUT.OF.YOUR.HEAD no matter how hard you try. Trust me. I’ve done everything! Hypnosis. Britney Spears on iPod repeat. Pounding my head against the wall. Nothing works. So I just admit defeat…

♪Way out West [echo the same words]
There’s a story told [echo the same words]
About a bunch of cowboys
Tiny & Bold Riding Tall
Tall in the saddle
Herding cows the size of schnauzers, but they’re cattle
Yippyayeyay Mini Sirloin Burgers
Yippyayeyay Mini Sirloin Burgers
Yippyayeyay Mini Sirloin Burgerrrrrs…..Yeah!♪♫

… and wave the white flag of surrender.

Since the NBA playoffs are on 24/7 at my home right now I have heard The Mini Sirloin Burger commercial (and The Most Interesting Man, Dos Equis one) over a million times. Does the NBA know how to channel it’s audience or what? At first it’s annoying but after the 100th time, it’s kinda catchy!

Oh come on! You know it is. You’re probably singing it right now. Don’t lie.

So for our annual Memorial weekend BBQ, I decided I had to make a burger cupcake. And btw you haven’t lived until you’ve heard your husband singing ♪Mini Sirloin Cuppies♪♫ while vacuuming the house.

Is the song stuck in your head now? Good! My job is done.

Happy Memorial Day readers.

I’m spending the day with my favorite veteran. My father-in-law. ♥

Recipe adapted from Smiley’s Sweets & Creations

Makes about 24 burger cupcakes


24 vanilla cupcakes
12 chocolate cupcakes
sesame seeds
clear vanilla extract
yellow fondant
your favorite frosting (I used cream cheese)
red and green food coloring (I used Ateco super red and leaf green)


Bake vanilla and chocolate cupcakes per your favorite recipe. Let cool completely.

Cut each vanilla cupcake in half to make the “buns”. Brush top of one vanilla half with clear vanilla extract and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Cut the top off each chocolate cupcake and discard (or eat them like me!) Then cut each chocolate cupcake in half. One chocolate cupcake=2 burger patties.

To make cheese: Roll out yellow fondant about 1/8″ thick. Cut square shape with 2.5″x2.5″ square cookie cutter.

To assemble cupcake—
Using a Wilton 97 leaf tip and green frosting, pipe the “lettuce” on the bottom half of vanilla cupcake. (I used a cake turntable to make piping easier.) Place chocolate cupcake “patty” on top of the lettuce. Then add fondant “cheese”. Using a Magic Tip 2A (or your favorite round tip), pipe the red frosting for the “tomato” on top of the “cheese”. Top with vanilla cupcake sesame “bun”.


Husband rating: A+
He couldn’t get over the cupcake looking like a little burger. Since he’s a sucker for cream cheese frosting, he totally loved it! (But he didn’t like the fondant.)

Wifey rating: A+
So fun to make and I love how they turned out! Since I am not a big fondant fan I didn’t eat the fondant but maybe next time I make these I might have to try the marshmallow fondant and see if that tastes better.

Other rating: A+
All our friends and family raved about the burger cupcakes. So many of them took pictures! At first no one wanted to eat them b/c they were … “too cute to eat” but eventually the cupcake craving kicks in and everyone dug in! Except my godson, who was too afraid to eat the burger b/c he didn’t believe it was really a cupcake. HA HA!



  1. WOW!!!!!!!! Those are amazing! That is one burger I would actually enjoy:)

  2. They look fantastic!! I made a burger cupcake recently too but I like your version better :)

  3. These may well be the most adorable cupcake I have EVER seen. You are a rock star!

  4. They are freakin’ awesome! You have out done yourself this time! Love, love, love them!

  5. I have to say that I like these made with Thin Mint cookies or York patties as the burgers, but never was a fan of the Nilla wafers as buns. Using the cupcake for that is a great alternative. I like using tinted coconut as lettuce just because its something different. That frees up the frosting to be yellow as either cheese or mustard…no fondant needed. I do think the cheese slices are pretty cute though. You could even cut little circles out with a straw and make it swiss cheese!

  6. Yes, yes please use marshmallow fondant next time! It’s soooooooooooo easy to make and taste five trillion times better than regular fondant.

  7. I love how creative these are! This would be a fun dessert to make for a cookout!

  8. ohhh…I hate you for putting that in my head now!

    But…cute cupcakes! They look amazing! Great job!

  9. De-lurking to say that the mini sirloin burger song is. always. stuck in my head. And the cupcakes are adorable.

  10. you’re the cutest! great idea!

  11. These look great! Very realistic. :)

  12. NO YOU DIDN’T just get that song stuck back in my head! bwhahahahah! I hear that on the radio SOOOO much… it IS catchy though… “mini siloin burger… HA!” These are super adorable… i bet my kiddos would have a blast making these! Thanks for the idea! xo

  13. That is soooo funny! My husband and two boys keep singing that and getting a kick out of getting us “hooked” on the dang melody. You really cannot get it out of your head! Your sweet rendition came out great and I love your photos! Thanks so much for shouting out to my blog “recipe”! Very kind of you, my dear :) Have a great week!

  14. You soo need to make a commercial. Instead of little cows, we need spider pigs and bunnies! The commercial can be shot in a stop motion technique like Wallace and Gromit.

  15. Those are TOOOOOO cute! Great job!

  16. Really cute! I like the sesame seeds on top..very cute!

  17. Umm…these are adorable. They will surely make an appearance at my 4th of July shindig. As always – thank you for sharing the wealth!

  18. How utterly cute an kitsch! I must make them!

  19. Ha! too cute!

  20. Awesome! They do look like burgers! Fantastic job.

  21. Are you kidding me??? THESE ARE ADORABLE!!!! Great idea girl :)

  22. that is so clever! interesting inspiration, but hey, when it hits, right?

  23. These are perfect little deserts to serve at a cook out! How fun and tasty. I so want to try these.

  24. That’s my kind of burger! Great idea.

  25. Where I live they don’t have Jack-in-the-box so I’ve never heard that jingle. I have heard the Free credit report.com commercials. Ever heard them? Though I would not like to admit it I have memorized all 1… I mean 2…. alright there’s 6! And yes I know them all!! Don’t judge me!!!

  26. […] don’t exist in New Jersey. Hey, I was happy enough to finally get a Sonic. Her burger cupcakes are a sweet take on the old classic cheeseburger […]

  27. Oh man, that commercial always gets stuck in my head, plus my kids go around singing it all day and laugh hysterically. Yikes. These little ‘burgers’ you made are incredible! Very creative and fun.

  28. These are the coolest ever— where did you get the idea.. please share— you are turning me on to cupcakes.. “wink”

  29. These are ridiculously cute! We don’t have Jack in the Box commercials on TV here. Are you jealous?

  30. you’re officially my new favorite person in the world.

  31. I know I already told you this on twitter – but those are amazing!! I can’t wait to see your ice cream cupcakes!

  32. Song in head. Check. These little cupcakes are just precious. As much as I love a good burger, I think I would prefer these little burgers :) So creative!

  33. Oh I love it! You definitely have to try the marshmallow fondant- it is pretty good!

  34. You rock. These are too cute. And now I have that damn song in my head. Thanks honey. :)

  35. these are too cute! i sent you a dm on twitter yesterday, but i don’t think it went through. i thought of you when i saw some cute “cupcakes” made out of flowers online. check these out:


  36. These are SUPER cute!! My kids & husband say I must try to make these. Wonder how cool this would look if you used the GIANT cupcake pan to make a HUGE burger cupcake.
    You’re a ROCK STAR for sure!!

  37. Oh my gosh Clara, these are too cool! had to look at these several times because they look like a burger!

  38. I remember seeing your burger when I was doing a google search. Next time I might try it with the shredded coconut lettuce! Way cute!

  39. I love being a rockstar. A cupcake rockstar! {fist pump}

  40. Thank you T!

  41. Fun idea about using York Peppermint Patty. One of my favorite candies! I thought about yellow frosting for cheese but I really wanted that “slice” and you can’t get that with frosting as easily as fondant. Totally doing swiss cheese next time!

  42. Oh yes. I definitely need to get on the marshmallow fondant train. I promise I’ll do that soon…

  43. Exactly! I made them for our BBQ and everyone thought they were so adorable. I’m kind of a sucker for themes like that.

  44. HAHA! Sorry! That song is contagious…

  45. I love my lurkers! Come out and play more often :)

  46. Thank you N!

  47. Thank you A! I really think the cheese slice brings it home for me ;)

  48. HA HA! My apologies! If it helps, it’s been stuck in my head for days… Just wanted to pass along the love.

  49. I bet it’s even more fun when your 2 boys sing it over and over and over huh? ;) … and thank you for the inspiration!

  50. I LOVE Wallace and Gromit! I have the Wererabbit on DVD and never get tired of watching those claymations.

  51. Thanks E!

  52. It’s all in the little details, right? The sesame seeds and cheese slice are probably my favorite parts of the burger cupcake.

  53. I hope they do! You must send me link if you blog about it, k? :)

  54. Yes you should! They aren’t too hard to assemble but the cute factor is deceiving. ;)

  55. Thanks Nic!

  56. Thank you I!

  57. Thank you Steph! I can’t take all the credit. Google is my friend :)

  58. Exactly! You can’t limit your inspiration. If it comes from a really annoying commercial, so be it. HA HA!

  59. Totally! All my friends and family loved them at our BBQ. Who wouldn’t right?

  60. Thanks K!

  61. Omg don’t get me thinking about free credit report.com!! I’ll have that stuck in my head ALL DAY long. ARRGGGHHH! haha

  62. I think I’m gonna go ahead and be thankful that I don’t have kids that can repeat commercials like me. My husband says that I do it well enough with without kids. HA!

  63. Come to the dark side. We have cupcakes! I just got it in my head that I wanted to make burger cupcakes for our BBQ and started google searching for images and getting inspiration that way. Easy peasy!

  64. Better question. Are YOU jealous?? You know you wish you had mini sirloin burgers near you.

  65. Sweet! I love being favorite.

  66. Thanks for all your twitter and blog comment love. My ego doesn’t mind hearing compliments more than once ;)

  67. Same here. I love me a good burger but cupcake burgers? You really can’t go wrong!

  68. Definitely have marshmallow fondant on my to-make list one of these days… I’ve heard nothing but good reviews.

  69. My job is done! HA HA!

  70. I did get DM! Thanks for link. I sent my husband an anon email that “Clara would probably love getting these cupcake flowers…” lol

  71. I bet this would be SO MUCH fun as a giant cupcake burger! If you make it you HAVE TO send me a picture, k?

  72. Thank you C! Aren’t they a trip to look at. That’s what my husband kept saying “… wow they really look like burgers.”

  73. Trust me. It’s the best “vegetarian” burger out there ;)

  74. Those are just tooo darling, love them.

  75. Thank you!

  76. tried this last weekend. the kids really can’t get enough of it. i just i had to keep them in storage to preserve their freshness.

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