Product Recall? Wilton Party Nut Cups

June 4, 2009 at 1:10 AM | Posted in cupcakes, wilton | 60 Comments

You know those white party nut cups (aka souffle cups) that I bake my cupcakes in?

Well… that has to be the #1 question I get asked by all my readers.

I love them b/c they are simple and classy. I’m just a simple and classy girl like that. I buy mine at Smart&Final. They come in the 3.25oz (regular cupcakes) or 2oz (mini cupcakes) size in quantity of 250 for $5.00. Sweet deal right? You bet it is! I bake so many cupcakes that I’d be eaten (no pun intended) out of house and home if I bought those cutesy cupcake liners all the time. Although I admit I have my fair share of cutesy cupcake liners in my pantry. (Shhhh! Don’t tell my husband! It will be our little secret.)

Now I realize that not everyone has a Smart&Final near them so another recommendation but in smaller quantities is from Michael’s craft store in the Wilton baking aisle. Unfortunately it has come to my attention (Thanks for letting me know, Nina!) that Wilton party nut cups are NOT oven safe. *smacks head* I didn’t realize that their new party nut cup design is coated in wax to be leak resistant. Uh… What kind of nuts are they eating? Nut leakage? Scary thought. Next thing you’re gonna tell me is that potato chips give you anal leakage. That just aint right.

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For more info, please read –>

Anyone else have a party nut cup source? Apparently my Wilton one went and got waxed.



  1. Oh dear. That sucks. I have some too…

    You might want to drive up and go to Surfas in Culver City (I’ll meet you there!) They have regular cupcake papers cheap. (1,000 white ones for about $10 if I remember correctly). They also have lots of the pretty ones too. But you’d have to drag out that muffin tin and I know you like just popping these on a silpat…

  2. Lovely Greetings from Germany, here in Germany you would get similar ones from Pap*Star. But their products aren’t available in the USA:


    They are really great. I never had any problems with this baking cups.

    But if you can’t find any other, I’m sure there’s a way to send you a package of them. ^^

    Azrael =^.^=

  3. I’ve ordered them from The Baker’s Kitchen. Not nearly as good of a deal as you are able to get, but they do the job. Maybe I should have you grab some for me next time you’re out…

  4. Doesn’t it? I got the email and I think I was frowning the whole time. Not sure if you can tell by looking at it if there’s wax coating (maybe by touch?) but I know the older version didn’t have wax so maybe if yours is old enough you’re ok? I totally have to go to Surfas soon. I hear good things about it. Will def hit you up when I make my way down there. Cupcake liners and meeting my favorite librarian would be the perfect day! :)

  5. Always makes me so in awe of the age we live in when I “meet” international readers. I love my international readers! Thanks for both links. Appreciate getting some international links too!

  6. Ah good one! Baker’s Kitchen! I like that website too. Let me know if you want me to grab you some on my next Smart&Final trip though I have to warn you if there’s only one package left I aint sharing!

  7. How about these beaut’s from Solo?

  8. ^You can get a case of 5,000. You won’t need any for a loooong time.

  9. I’m so sorry that you can’t use your favorite cups anymore, but I’m sitting here laughing out loud at “Apparently mine went and got waxed.” Thanks for the morning chuckle!

    Hope you’re doing well, haven’t heard from you in ages!

  10. Holy Party Nut Cups batman! That’s alot of cups! Dang if Smart&Final ever discontinues I know where to buy them. Anyone wanna go halfsies? HA HA!

  11. Glad I could make you laugh! I’m doing good. Just really busy with work and life. I think that’s why I am addicted to Twitter. I can post short snippets during my 30 sec here and 30 sec there breaks and still KIT with my peeps. I must get you on Twitter asap. How are you and C?

  12. They have them at party city in small amounts. I’m guessing they are safe to bake seeing as they are in the cake baking section right next to the regular liners. I hope that helps!

  13. I don’t have a resource to share with you, but I just have to giggle at “nut leakage.” Heehee. I so have the mind of a 12 year old!

  14. I was going to suggest a solo brand type also. Any restaurant supply store or place that sells bulk foods for catering should have them. We have GFS around here, but I’m not sure what the equivalent might be in your area.

  15. I get mine for Tickled Pink from the Baker’s Kitchen, too – I just placed an order this week and they informed me that they’ll be getting much cheaper next month, as they’ll be selling them in the sleeves from the wholesaler instead of putting them in little bags. Score!

  16. Nuts have oils that people probably didn’t like leaking on their wedding reception tablecloths. ;)
    Hope you get the non-waxed ones soon, so we can see more yummy cupcakes!

  17. See that’s what I thought about the Wilton ones. I swear that the tag says “baking cups” on it too. False advertising!! haha

  18. Me too! Nothing wrong with being young-at-mind right? That’s why we get along.

  19. Sweet. Thanks D!

  20. Oh good deal. Thanks for the insider scoop!

  21. Brides don’t? Well that’s weird. hehe.

  22. I have to say..that is so funny that you mentioned potato chips..didn’t those fat free ones that came out years ago do just that? scary.

    I was all excited to see the price on the cups..I like the look but rarely use them because at Michaels they are much more expensive than the “cutesy” ones. So I thought I’d run out and buy them. Are you certain the ones at S and F are Wilton? Perhaps yours are safe?

    Carrie over at Fields of Cake gets them online, but they are pretty pricey. Don’t know if they are wax lined or not. Hope not :)

  23. Oops! Sorry to confuse. The ones from Smart&Final aren’t Wilton brand. I was just saying that Smart&Final *and* Wilton cups were my 2 sources but now that Wilton is “not intended for baking” I wanted to have more sources available to offer readers.

  24. That sucks – I just bought a few packages of these nut cups from Wilton’s test sale! Blah…

  25. Try Surfas in Culver City.

  26. Hi!

    I think this warning might be one of those “don’t light your kitchen on fire and then sue us” kind of things. The wax has to be food safe, because it is on a food container, right? My mom, and her mom, lined their banana bread pans with regular waxed paper for a combined 80 years or so, and nobody died or anything. I still do it sometimes, for nostalgia’s sake.

    The could be a potential problem with the appearance of the cups after baking, but I think it is worth a test batch if you shelled out for these and still have them around.

  27. It’s not just you! I guess Wilton decided to market their Party Nut Cups for nuts instead of for baking. What’s up with that? HA HA!

  28. Thanks for this posI thought it was just me! I just brought the Wilton’s nutty cups last week and it was waxed unlike my other nutty cups. I thought the original nutty cups were pretty thick, don’t know why they have to do that.

  29. Sorry… click send by accident.

    Thanks for this entry! I was confused! I thought it was just me! I just brought the Wilton’s nutty cups last week and it was waxed unlike my other nutty cups. I thought the original nutty cups were pretty thick, don’t know why they have to do that.

    Thanks for letting me know!

  30. Soooo the older ones aren’t waxed? Cuz my parents used to use them, and they gave me a huge box full of them. They’re from like at least 5 years ago! Lol You think they’re safe?

    ROTFL @ the anal leakage thing. My cousin and I joke about that all the time cuz I eat fat free Pringles like there’s no tomorrow. Thank goodness I haven’t noticed any “leakage!”

  31. Oh my goodness! I’m so glad you said something, because it probably would have taken me 5 million more years to have figured it out on my own. Grrrrrr, let us know if you find a new source!

  32. I buy sufle cups in large packages at Cash & Carry in Oregon. It’s a restaraunt supply store that sells to anyone. Maybe you all could look for a local restaraunt supply store… just a thought. I get several hundred in a package for less than $10.

  33. Bummer! Maybe yours don’t have the wax coating. If it’s the older stock it shouldn’t. Double check to make sure.

  34. Yeah I definitely have that place on my must-go-before-I-diet list ;)

  35. Yeah I am sure it’s for a “we’re-not-responsible” warning too but I wouldn’t want melted wax on my cupcakes though. I think that would kinda gross me out, food safe or not. JMO

  36. No problem! I am quick on the submit trigger too sometimes. ;)

  37. Yeah the older stock wasn’t waxed. I know that b/c I remember buying a pack before and I didn’t have any wax on mine. Try out what your parents gave you. You can feel the wax and see the shiny coating. I honestly don’t think the wax would kill you to bake in it BUT I prefer my cupcakes sans melted wax ya know? ;)

  38. HAHA! Glad I could help :)

  39. Thanks for tip! I’ll have to see if I have a Cash&Carry near me. :)

  40. Thanks so much for the post! I was going to get the wilton cups from michael’s but ran over to smart&final instead to check out their stock. I got the 2oz souffle cups but couldn’t find any of the 3.25oz ones until I went to the disposable cups section. They’re labeled as drinking cups.. just wondering if yours are labeled as drinking cups as well? I’ll test them out this weekend :)

  41. Great! Went and bought some today! Yeah! I couldn’t find those anywhere for a reasonable price..thanks for the tip!

  42. I don’t have a party nut cup source, but I can tell you that the regular plain white cupcake papers are sold in packs of 500 at Gordon’s Food Service (GFS) for something ridiculously cheap (like $3). That’s a total bummer about the party nut cups being waxed….

  43. Really? I guess they are stocked differently depending on the Smart&Final. *shrugs* I usually find mine in the “take out supplies” aisle. Mine are called “souffle cups” not “party nut cups” though.

  44. Thanks for GFS tip! I don’t think I have one of those near me. I wonder if they have a website…? {google search is my friend}

  45. I won’t name all the foods that have wax in or on them then :) Seriously, unless there is globs of it, you wouldn’t be able to see, feel, or taste it at all. Though sometimes all it takes to get grossed out is to *know* it’s there, so I understand. :)

  46. I bought an enormous package at Smart and Final myself, but my family whined about the top ring making it hard to unwrap them? Is that just my crazies or do other people feel the same way?

    So I went back to Smart and Final and bought 500 cupcake liners for 5 bucks. That’s a sweet deal, too, but not quite as cute!

  47. I too noticed that the new Wilton cups have a wax layer.. =(, and therefore have stopped buying them…. Now I used regular cupcake liners for my cupcakes…

    Try this site… I think I got some from here before :

  48. I think I bake with these cups so much that my family and friends are use to unwrapping the liner. Actually my husband is very proud to show newbies how to de-pleat! He’s so cute. Sometimes I will cut through the top of the liner with some scissors to make it easier to grab. I didn’t realize that Smart&Final had regular cupcake liners too. Might have to pick some up next time I get out there! Thanks for tip!

  49. Thanks for posting the link! Lots of different sizes to choose from :)

  50. Mine are the Solo ones too. I got them at a restaurant supply store for about the same kind of deal you were getting on yours – a little more. I specifically asked if they were oven safe for baking and was told they are.

  51. Glad to hear that Solo are oven/baking safe. I’m thinking I need to find my local restaurant supply store too ;)

  52. Long before I stumbled upon the wonderful world of cupcake blogs to see all you amazing bakers using these cups for cupcakes I had everyone I knew on a mad search for these little paper cups for making jello shots in. I was overjoyed to find the wilton wax lined ones because it really makes for easy jello removal right into ones mouth. I can see the upsettingness of a wax covered cupcake but now you’ve got a way to use up all those wax lined ones and after about 5 or 6 you probably won’t be very sad! :P I’ve just found some at a dollar store though that I think aren’t wax lined (the package doesn’t say, but the paper feels more like parchment paper than wax paper) and i’m going to try to bake some rum cand coke cupcakes this weekend (baby steps to non alcoholic things in small paper cups)! Thanks for all your amazing cupcake ideas!

  53. Jello shots you say? Tempting… very very tempting! HA! Let me know how the rum+coke cupcakes turn out :)

  54. Well crud, I just bought some of these today specifically to make cupcakes in. Grr!

  55. hi ,

    i’m from Qatar in the arabian gulf , i ordered these nut cups from amazon and when i wanted to use them i noticed the wax right away
    then i googled the nut cups and i found your post ,,

    i wish i’d google before ordering them :((

    ok ,, i have one question :

    can i use them for chilled dessert ?

    i mean like putting cake crumbs chocolate sauce top it with whipped cream

    no baking needed

    thank you

  56. To be honest you probably could bake with them if you really wanted to. The wax is probably food safe since the containers are made to hold “nuts” but I wouldn’t recommend baking in them if you can find an alternative. You can definitely use them without baking to contain any food. Hope that helps!

  57. Hi. I am just starting the cupcake obsession…I was wondering, becasue I LOVE how these look in the nut cups. do you bake with just one around it then slip into a second one once baked?

  58. I bake my cupcakes in 1 PNC. I never double up. I think it’s personal preference if you want to slip them into a second cup to serve though but I don’t. I almost feel like it would be a waste.

  59. I have been looking high and low for nut cups. I need the waxed ones for you guessed it…Jello Shots! Thanks all for the info.

  60. Well, dang. I JUST bought the waxed ones less than an hour ago. Waaaaaa.

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