Funfetti Cupcake Flowerpot

June 7, 2009 at 9:45 AM | Posted in cupcakes | 67 Comments

This is my godson. This is on my godson eating a cupcake. Isn’t he the cutest thing EVER?

Yesterday I spent some time with my favorite family. We’ll call them Mr. and Mrs. UCLA. They have 2 little bruin bears (see the 18 month pictured left) that I adore like my own kids. (Don’t get too excited, Nikki. Doesn’t mean I want my own mini me running around.) So when Mrs. UCLA called to ask if I would help her with a cupcake gift idea for her generous neighbor, how could I say no? esp when Mr. UCLA promised me a steak dinner. I AM SO THERE!

Mr. and Mrs. UCLA recently moved into their first home and to welcome them into the neighborhood, one neighbor has been bringing them flowers and plants. How sweet is that? I hope someday when me and Hubs buy our first place that our neighborhood will be just as welcoming. There’s something to be said about good neighbors. Makes a HUGE difference in your day to day life IMO. I can tell you that from experience since I HATE DESPISE LOATHE my upstairs neighbor right now. I mean really? Who plays Dance Dance Revolution at 3am? SERIOUSLY? *smacks head*

Sorry off topic. But my neighbor does suck. I’m only being real.

Since Mrs. UCLA’s neighbor has been bringing them plants she asked me for flower cupcake ideas and I knew we had to make a cupcake flowerpot.

PS- Sorry anti-cake mixers out there. We went the boxed route but hopefully you’ll forgive me when you see it was Funfetti. There’s just something about Funfetti.

PPS- Pictures aren’t the best quality but it was about 9pm when we finished so all natural light was long gone.


favorite cake mix (I used funfetti)
2 cans premade frosting
lollipop sticks or skewers (I used 6″ lollipop sticks)
styrofoam ball
terracotta flower pot
tissue paper, any color
sprinkles, any color


Bake cupcakes as instructed on box. Let cool completely.

Insert the styrofoam ball inside the flower pot. If the ball doesn’t fit inside perfectly you can always take a serrated knife and cut it down. Make sure it fits snugly.

Place the cupcakes one by one on the ball secured by the lollipop stick. (I went through the top of the cupcake into the styrofoam ball.)

Take small pieces of tissue paper and fill in the gaps between cupcakes to hide the styrofoam ball. Using a Magic Tip 7ST (or your favorite large star tip), pipe on the frosting; Starting from the middle and using a circular motion to resemble a rosette. Garnish with colored sprinkles.


Husband rating: A+
Mr. UCLA and Hubs kept saying “You girls are so creative.”

Wifey rating: A+
These were so much fun to put together. Love how whimsical the funfetti, multi-color tissue paper and different color sprinkles looked for this project. Next time I might color the frosting pink, yellow or red for roses and use green tissue paper for grass for a different effect. I think these are such a great thank you gift or Mother’s Day gift!

Other rating: A+
Mrs. UCLA was so excited to give it to her neighbor she went out that night to ring their doorbell instead of waiting until morning. She said they couldn’t believe it was cupcakes!



  1. Wow, that’s pretty cool. And we won’t hate you for the cake mix. =)

  2. HAHA! Thanks D. I’m glad you don’t hate me ;)

  3. Clara I can never hate you, even for cake mix..haha. Plus, it’s funfetti! I bought a box of it, which I’m going to sift out and then use the cake for my wilton class. I can’t waste good ingredients for shortening buttercream! Or I guess i could’ve bought the sprinkles, but I needed cake mix anyway so it’s win win. I wish I was as creative as you, those flowers look amazing!

  4. I’m surprised!! These are so easy!! When I’d seen them around, I thought that as usual, there was some super-complicated way to make them! Thanks so much, I’m soo happy that I too can make these now :D

  5. I’ve always wanted to try the flowerpot thing. I’ll have to give it a go some time. It looks so cute!

  6. These are so cute. I’ll have to give it a try for house warming parties I’m invited to in college.
    As for DDR at 3am, blame it on college students at awkward times in the night. We only have energy and time at 3am. =]

  7. Wow, that’s amazing! I love the idea. I feel for you with the upstairs neighbor too. When my hubs and I lived in an apartment, their little boy used to cause such a ruckus at all hours. I was never so happy to move out of a place!

  8. Very creative. They look so great in the pot. I was thinking you’d have them on sticks and upraised, but this looks much better.

  9. ADORABLE!!!

    absolutely freaking adorable!

  10. WAY cute and fun and creative! Love it. Great idea. I’m sure I’ll “steal” it sometime! ;)

  11. Super cute. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to make a cupcake bouquet for someone!!

  12. This looks wonderful! I have been talking to a friend of mine about how to make this forever!
    Quick question: Did your styrofoam fill all the way to the bottom? I tried making this once, but when the lollipop stick hit the bottom of the pot I used (the styrofoam didn’t go all the way to the bottom) it poked through the top of the cupcake. Maybe it just has to be the exact size?


  13. What are you talking about? You are oodles of creative! Have fun at your Wilton class! :)

  14. I was surprised too! It looks complicated but it’s not. I love when I find projects like that.

  15. Same here. It’s been on my must-try list for a long time. Definitely give it a whirl. I think you’ll have lots of fun!

  16. I just know I’ll use this idea – it’s a keeper!


  17. Great idea for housewarming gift too! I understand being college student BUT I hope I wasn’t that inconsiderate when I was in college though. Living among mixed age groups, families, professionals isn’t the same as living in the dorm IMO. Hmmm I just realized how old I sounded. HA!

  18. Ugh. I understand that too. I guess I can’t blame the kids b/c kids need room to run and play but… maybe a park or playground would be a better option? *shrugs*

  19. Thanks WC!

  20. Thanks C! I have to admit I love the way it turned out. I wish I could have gotten better pictures but I guess that just means I have to make another one right? ;)

  21. Steal away! haha

  22. I say make it for yourself :)

  23. Styrofoam didn’t fill to the bottom. Just stayed inside the lip of the pot very snugly. I should have measured the height of the pot for blog post (Doh!?) but basically when I poked the stick through the cupcake it went through the styrofoam and through the cupcake without hitting the bottom of the pot. Maybe next time you can cut the stick to make it shorter. Hope that helps!

  24. Thanks M!

  25. I just realized that you had your cupcakes fitting snuggly to the top of the styrofoam. So, if it were too long it would have gone through, duh. The times I had tried before I had it about an inch over the top, by fitting it right to the top of the foam, this wouldn’t happen

    I’ll put my thinking cap on before asking crazy questions! Tee hee!

  26. These look great! I am definitely going to have to try and make these one day. Also, how does not love funfetti?

  27. these are great! can’t wait to make one and give it away to a friend! :)

  28. that is absolutely adorable. i love it!

  29. he is cute :)

    but sorry, the cupcake flowerpot is way cuter. lol.

    urgh, annoying neighbors. have you tried banging on the ceiling??

  30. How ingenious! That is such a cool clever idea! I love the tissue paper in between, it just completes the look.
    We have told you many a time, cake mixes are fiiiine!
    Your godson sure is cute!

  31. love love love this! I have been wanting to try one for a while, so glad it turned out so cute!

  32. Ahhh he’s enjoying his cupcake! Sweetie!

    Love what you have baked/made! So cute! I want to do this to. Looks like a lot of fun!


  33. That’s only like, the cutest thing ever! I love it!

  34. That is the cutest flower pot I have seen and the tastiest! What a great gift idea!

  35. Totally okay with the cake mix!

    That was awesome! You guys did a great job. Thanks for sharing!

  36. TOTALLY adorable :) Seriously creative girl, love it!

  37. That is absolutely adorable! *bows down* :)

  38. Well, some people just don’t understand. Now, I just need a substitute for styrofoam since Berkeley is all green.

  39. damn cute. and that mini-Bruin? too cute.

  40. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t love funfetti. :)

  41. Come back with pictures if you get a chance to make it, k?

  42. Thank you S!

  43. Oh yeah. I bang on the ceiling ALOT but they don’t care. Extremely rude.

  44. HAHA. I know I know! But I have alot of cake mix haters on my blog too so I feel like I have to give my apologies whenever I use it.

  45. Definitely give it a try! It’s not as hard as I thought and I love how it looks. I’m already thinking of other reasons to make another one.

  46. Isn’t he the cutest? I didn’t even get a chance to frost his yet but he’s loving the “cake” part.

  47. Thanks E!

  48. I have to admit it was darn tasty! You could do so many different variations for gifts!

  49. Whew. Glad you’re ok with the cake mix. I get nervous that my readers will shun me. HA!

  50. Ah stop. I just steal ideas off google. Nothing creative about that. :P

  51. Ah shucks. {blush}

  52. Oh he’s definitely a mini-bruin in training. He’s got the UCLA baby crocs to prove it ;)

  53. No hating – you? Come on. You are too nice and cool for that, and this is a super cool project, love it.

  54. Me? Cool? I’ll take it! HA!

  55. Love your blog … made this cupcake flower pot today and I can’t make myself give it to the person I made it for … I love it too much! Thanks for the cool ideas … cupcakes rule!

  56. Here’s my blog with pics of the flower pot … :)

  57. Ooohhh… {off to check out your blog}

  58. this is absolutely amazing! soooo creative and oh mi gosh! i just want to make it can bring one to all the neighbors!!!

  59. So, I really want to do this with mini-cupcakes and a littler teracotta pot because I like love mini-cupcakes! They’re too cute. Plus, I’m diggin’ your red frosting roses and green tissue paper idea. If I ever get around to doing this, you’ll be the FIRST to know. Pictures included! I’m so impressed with you right now CB.

  60. You’re soooo creative! This would make a great hostess gift. Or centerpiece. :)

  61. … and so easy too! Isn’t that the best part? :)

  62. Omg a little terracotta pot+mini cupcakes would be so freaking adorable! I might have to steal that gem of an idea too :)

  63. Definitely! When I get a house someday to fit a nice big dining table to host many dinner parties you can bet I’ll have some cupcake flower pot centerpieces!

  64. mother’s day idea

  65. what size terracotta flower pot did you use?

  66. Um… since this post was about 2 years ago I don’t remember! But if I had to guess, maybe 8 inch diameter? So sorry I couldn’t be more exact!

  67. im throwing my daughter a birthday party she is turning six, im planning a garden themed bday party for her, this is a great idea goes great with the theme. gald i came across it.

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