AAB Interview Part 1 + **GIVEAWAY**

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Hello readers. It’s me… Margaret. Kidding kidding. It’s CB.

You got a minute? I wanna introduce you to someone. Erin … readers. Readers… Erin.

Now that we’re all acquainted let me give you the low down.

I joined a foodie event (Yes… another one!) called Adopt-A-Blogger (AAB) about 2 months ago. AAB is the brain child of Kristen of Dine and Dish and her desire to create a mentoring program for bloggers. Someone you can turn to for questions, someone you can brainstorm with on ideas, posts, pictures, someone you can email at 3 in the morning when inspiration strikes etc. (Just don’t expect a reply from me at 3am ok Erin?) Call me a geek but I love that stuff. The whole mentoring thing. And for some strange reason (ok I admit I bribed her) Kristen thought I’d be a good mentor. Boy did I fool her huh? But I am loving my newbie, Erin, so we’ll keep it our little secret mkay? HA! You can read more on my food blog.

To celebrate our AAB friendship and give you a little nudge to check out Erin’s blog (which is fabulous btw) we’re doing a little giveaway. A co-giveaway if you will.

Trust me. You’re gonna love this. She’s cookies and I’m cupcakes (Hello Captain Obvious!) so look what we came up with for you guys.

Wait for it…

“Martha Stewart’s Cookie book has tons of great recipes. I’ve barely scratched the surface so far, but I’m excited to share the book with someone else. The Pampered Chef Medium Cookie Scoop will ensure perfectly uniform cookies, and it’s very sturdy. Also, this Mini-Spatula is perfect for transferring cookies; I haven’t broken a cookie since I got it! And it’s great for bar cookies as well.”

~Erin, Erin’s Food Files

“I am a BIG fan of Martha Stewart. Love her or hate her, the girl knows how to bake so I jumped at the chance to buy her new cupcake book. I’ve made her 1-bowl chocolate cupcake and now it’s my go-to chocolate cupcake recipe. One bowl people! The woman is a genius. I can’t wait to try some of her other recipes. I have her snickerdoodle cupcakes on the brain next! Of course I couldn’t just offer a cupcake book without some party nut cup liners (non-waxed) and my favorite Wilton 1M star tip too.”

~Clara, iheartcuppycakes!

What did I tell ya? Are you loving it?

♪I’m lovin’ it!♪♫ <— Great! Now I have that McDonalds commercial stuck in my head!

Now bare with me for 30 secs to read the fine print.

(1) Only those who live within the US and Canada eligible to win prizes. (Sorry my international peeps!)
(2) Please make sure you have a valid email address so we can contact you if you win.
(3) One entry per person.

To enter leave a comment on Erin’s blog: (All comments left on this post are invalid)
Given a choice, would you choose a cupcake or cookie?

Deadline: Saturday, June 27th @ 11:59pm EST

Winners will be chosen by Mr. Random Generator.

Interview Part I with Erin of Erin’s Food Files after the cut.
Check out my interview answers on Erin’s blog.

CB: Name 10 things in your frig RIGHT NOW.
Erin: greek yogurt, organic milk, greens from my CSA, peanut butter, Diet Pepsi Jazz Caramel Cream, lots.of.condiments, string cheese, apples, greens from my CSA, Crystal Lite

CB: Why did you start a food blog?
Erin: Really it began as a way to keep up with and remember all the recipes I’d been making. I had begun to do a lot of experimenting with new recipes, and really had been inspired by a lot of food blogs I’d been reading.

CB: What is your comfort food?
Erin: I could eat peanut butter every day, but I guess my ULTIMATE comfort food is my Mammy’s Chicken & Dumplings. They are unlike any other I’ve had at any restaurant or potluck. I only want them the way Mammy makes them.

CB: What would your last meal be?
Erin: Mmmm… Not sure. But I KNOW it would end with ice cream, cookies, cake, and brownies.

CB: What is your favorite can’t-live-without-it kitchen gadget?
Erin: Yikes, that’s so hard to choose. I have lots of little gadgety things, but I guess the thing I REALLY can’t live without is a good knife.

CB: What is your favorite blog(s) to find inspiration?
Erin: Foodie Bride was probably the first food blog I ever visited more than once. I think I had googled pink lemonade cupcakes or margarita cupcakes. I landed on her blog, and began to visit regularly. I love the photographs and recipes. Sometimes I think I want to BE Joy the Baker, she seems to have a happy fun filled life in California. I love her blog design, and her cute, witty commentary, not to mention she has some gorgeous pictures and Simply Recipes I thought was a professional company website. To discover it was actually a food blog written mainly by one person, I was amazed! I’ve often found myself browsing the great recipes she has.

CB: What are 3 adjectives that describe you?
Erin:stubborn, passionate, adaptable (I adapt well to changes, and I think most of the time I have a “go-with-the-flow” attitude)

CB: How would you describe your blog to someone?
Erin: It’s just a peek inside my kitchen. You can see the kinds of things I like to eat & make. You’ll see that I love desserts, but I also love a good healthy meal. I prefer to cook & bake from scratch, using ingredients free of preservatives or artificial ingredients, but that doesn’t mean I’m ALWAYS above making something from a box or mix. It’s just if I do, it has to be something more. :)

CB: What are your short term goals for your blog? Long term?
Erin: I guess my short term goals are to continue to try and post at least once a week. I like to post 2-3x a week, but that doesn’t always happen. My long term goals would be to have my blog redesigned into what I have in my head! I just don’t know enough about HTML to pull it off. Plus, I haven’t really got the time to learn!

CB: What do you do when blogger’s block strikes?
Erin: I just don’t blog! Haha… I haven’t really been hit with this problem. My problem more is getting around to importing the pics, editing them, uploading them, and writing the post. I don’t think I’m that great of a writer, so I do a LOT of editing to my posts. Plus I prefer to “sleep on it” when it comes to blogging. I’ll write up a blog, edit it and think I have it the way I like it, then I like to just save it. The next morning I’ll usually re-read it and edit it some more. I need to see it with “fresh eyes”. I do this a lot in my real job too. Step away from something, and then come back to it.

Stay tuned for Part II next week when we announce the winners.



  1. I’d take you as a mentor CB you rock! Can’t wait to check out your blog Erin!

  2. Fun giveaway! Love Erin’s blog too!

  3. Feel free to email me anytime Steph! But you honestly don’t need a mentor b/c you already rock!

  4. Thanks M! Definitely check out Erin’s blog to enter giveaway. It’s a good one (if I do say so myself).

  5. You like pho? Most people I talk to have no idea what it is. And they’re missing out because pho is awesome! :D

  6. Of course! I’m Vietnamese! I think it’s a rule or something that I love pho, right? :)

  7. The mentor thing sounds cool! Wish I had that when I first started…I was SOOO lost! (Wait…um…I still am!)

  8. Sign up for the next round! I think Round 4 will be end of July/August on Kristen’s blog. :)

  9. The mentor idea is a great idea.

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