There’s a new designer cupcake in town!

July 10, 2009 at 8:13 AM | Posted in cupcakes | 21 Comments

Ok maybe it’s not new new. But it’s new to me!

Recently I received an email from Fiona on behalf of Threadcakes. (See the logo+info on side menubar.) It’s an online cake competition hosted by and Chris Cardinal that combines the creativity of tshirt design into edible art! How cool is that? This is only their second year but I have a feeling this competition will be around for a LONG time.

Obviously I LOVE the idea and just HAVE TO enter. Prizes aside (and there are some awesome prizes) you all know how much of a blog event freak I am right? I decided to check out the Threadcakes Gallery for some inspiration. And I was pleasantly surprised to see some cupcake entries so I just had to share with my readers.

(Please click the link under each picture to see the original tshirt the cupcake was based on. The cupcake is more amazing when you see the inspiration. Trust me.)

Revenge of the Sushi


Dandy Lions

Be Cool

Yes or No?

Introduction to Molecular Bonding


Alphabet Zoo

Mmmm… Delicious
(I know this isn’t a cupcake but I’m a sucker for cute!)

Now that I know my cupcake competition, I am off to figure out my cupcake entry. Wish me luck! (I have to admit after seeing all the great entries, I’m “this” close to wussing out!)


Stay tuned.



  1. So many fun ones! Good luck, I know you will come up with something amazing!

  2. Good luck!

  3. That catburger is the cutest! I cant wait to see what you come up with.

  4. Wow, those are some creative cupcakes. The revenge of the sushi is my fave. Good luck!

  5. Good luck!

  6. I love threadless, have way too many fun shirts from there haha. I was all about this and then realized… oh wait I kinda suck at decorating hahaah I can’t wait to see what you make! Here are my two favorite shirts I have from them:

  7. I was going to attempt to do the Threadcakes competition but I don’t know…………

  8. I LOVE the dandy lions!

  9. The cat burger is TOO cute! And I love the piece of bread cake. Good luck. Bet you’ll do great!

  10. Haha! The catburguer is the best! Great pics!

  11. Those all look good, but I can’t wait to see your entry!! You’re so creative, I know you’ll come up with something amazing.

  12. Just wanted to say good luck (although you don’t even need me saying that, you’ll be fabulous!) Whatever you decide on, I know it will be nothing short of amazing!

  13. that’s such a great idea. you should totally enter! the dandy lions are my favorite. can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  14. It’s not cupcakes but I just know you would rock at Bento.

  15. Good luck with your entry! I love threadcakes, the kitty burger is my favorite yet!!

  16. These are absolutely adorable… where you been I have not heard from you in a while… me neither for that matter… how is the summer treating you?

  17. Timing is such a funny thing. *looks down at the DandyLions shirt she’s wearing* :) I am constantly amazed by the entries that are posted. I wish I had those skills! lol

  18. How cool! Maybe I’ll have to give this a try if inspiration strikes. :) Good luck, can’t wait to see your design!

  19. The catburger just had me in stitches! Good luck, you’ll have to post some pictures of the ones you make.

  20. omg clara, i’m so gonna join this competition too!
    looks like fun. anywayyyyy. is up! (:

  21. These are FABULOUS!!!

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