Threadless tshirt+MS cupcakes = Threadcakes! p.2

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Remember this? … and this and this?

Right. about. now. You should be getting the sudden revelation as the light bulb flickers above your head.

Now you’re catching on… It’s all part of the master plan.

I decided to use >> THIS << threadless tshirt design. I’m pretty sure if you know me well enough you’ll understand why. Am I right? Does this tshirt scream CB or what?

I gotta tell ya that I am a little bummed that the only sizes left in this design are guy’s XS and S. Um. Not. Okay. There are 2 problems with that. #1 I’m not a guy (at least my husband hopes not!) and #2 I am nowhere near a S much less an XS. So I’m hoping Threadless will bring this one back on a reprint sometime in the future. (There’s no shame in begging right? Please please…)

In the meantime I guesssss I’ll just be happy to bring you my version in cupcake form.

I had grandiose plans to make all 58 bunnies but alas the powder sugar gods were against me and I ran out of frosting after 11 cupcakes. Not to mention that the black fondant turned my white countertop –> PINK!! Husband is not gonna be happy about this when he gets home. But I hope you still enjoy the ones I did make anyways…

Click image for another view

white fondant (See MMF recipe here)
black fondant (I used Satin brand)
various piping tips (to make small circles)
various cookie cutters (star, bunny, triangle, circle, flower)
fondant roller
ice cream scoop


Roll out fondant to about 1/8″ thickness. Use the bunny cookie cutter to cut out the “ears” and let dry on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet overnight to become firm.

(I used MMF but found that it didn’t get very firm so I added some Wilton fondant with the MMF to get it to the stiff consistency that I wanted. I’ll have to do some research on what I need to add to MMF to get it to harden. Any thoughts readers?)

Use a regular ice cream scoop to create dome shape of the “bunny’s head” for each cupcake. You can use an offset spatula to create a smooth surface but I think it’s easier to use your fingers.

Do you see my pink countertop? Holy pinkness batman!

Apply light pressure and push the “bunny ears” into the middle of each cupcake.

To create the eyes, use the smaller end of a Wilton 12 piping tip. To create the nose, use one side of a triangle cookie cutter.

To make each individual bunny cupcake, I used black fondant and various piping tips, cookie cutters and free hand knife skillz (us gangsta bakers use “z” instead of “s”) to create each face. It’s amazing what you can conceive with a few random decorating gadgets and your imagination, eh?

Which one’s your favorite?

I think it’s a tie for me between Harry Potter Bunny (lightning bolt one. Get it?) and Friday the 13th Jason Bunny.

Although Pulp Fiction John T Sideburns Bunny and Captain Jack Sparrow Bunny are pretty darn cute too.

Then again isn’t Flower Power Bunny groovy and Jem Rockstar Bunny make you wanna party everyday? (Who remembers Jem?? The pop star with the superpower star earrings.)

And the more I look at Devil Wears Frosting Bunny, Gangbanger Bunny (he got in a knife fight with a rival gang and lost an ear), Tiger Woods Bunny and Fred Ast-hare (har har har) Bunny, I just can’t choose a favorite!

Ok I give up. It’s mission impossible to pick favorites in cupcakes or kids. HA!

PS. If Andy Pitts (the tshirt designer) happens to read my blog I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE a hoodie please! I’m not a big tshirt person but hoodies are a TOTALLY different story! Preferable L so that the “girls” will be comfortable. Kthanxbye.

Check out my delicious entry into threadcakes: HERE



  1. OMG these are adorable and SO you! :)

  2. Cute, cute, cute! I like the tiger one the best (at least I think it’s a tiger?) Oh, or the little flower one!

  3. CUTE! Great job! That looks like a ton of work!

  4. Very cute. I’m going to have to go with gangbanger bunny.

  5. Haha, another fabulous set of cupcakes CB! And a very worthy entry into the Threadcakes comp! I love the Jem Rockstar Bunny the best!

  6. Just brilliant stuff this. You are creative beyond words! I ♥ this!!

  7. You are amazing! You got home from vacation and just rolled these out?! You mad, woman!

  8. How freakin cute! I love them! Good luck!

  9. hi there! I came across your blog about a month ago, and have to say you are one creative lady! I also made an entry ( but I had to tell you that of all the cupcake entries yours is one of the best! I love it.

    Keep up the fantastic work!


  10. How cute! I’ve been waiting for your threadless entry for forever!
    I can’t choose a favorite, they just keep getting cuter and cuter. :]

  11. I like the lightning bolt too! They are all precious, though! Love your ice cream scoop use for the frosting.

  12. OMG freakin amazing!!!!! Girl just guy the guys small and cut it up and make it into a little pillow cover to display on your coach :D Or ship it to me, tell me the pillow size and I’ll sewit up for ya :D

  13. buy the guys small… man I can type really…

  14. I love the JEM bunny!

  15. There is this wonderful cleaner that you can get at the dollar store called “Awesome Cleaner” that should take just about anything off yoru counter tops. My sweet husban spilled red punch on our and it to it right off! Sure hope you can find some. Its wonderful!

  16. All together now…”AWWWW!” I love it. And so fitting too! Would these photos be posted on your other blog for Bunny Monday?

  17. Too much crisco will make the MMF unstable. When you make the fondant by kneading it in a bowl, instead of on the counter, it will make it drier and easier to work with. And keep adding that powdered sugar, it’s a MMF life saver!

    Love the bunnies!

  18. You can add Tylose (powder) to MMF to make it really sturdy. It works great. I like it because normally I would have to make up a separate batch of gumpaste to combine with my fondant (for figures or decorations). This is so much quicker.

    Also, to make black MMF, you should first make it dark brown by adding some Hershey’s Special Dark cocoa when melting your MM’s (I just eyeball the amount).
    Getting to black from brown is much easier than starting from white…that way, you’ll need a ton of coloring which will mess with the consistency and taste.

    For the pink counter…spray any cleaner on it and walk away. When you wipe it later, it should come off.
    If not, there will definitely be less, so just spray & leave it again.

  19. You did a great job, they are all so cute! I have to say, though, my two favorites are Fred Astaire Bunny and Gangbanger Bunny.

  20. Soooo funny !

  21. I know right?! I knew it as soon as I saw that tshirt. I just wish it wasn’t out of print. I’d buy that hoodie so fast…

  22. Yup! Tiger indeed. I have to admit the flower power bunny is pretty cute too.

  23. Thanks Erin! Alot of work, but so much fun!

  24. Do you like “Gangbanger Bunny” or “FrankenBunny”? My hubs called it FrankenBunny and I can’t believe I didn’t think of it when I saw it! Derrr!

  25. Thanks Jessy! Obviously I wasn’t a hair band fan b/c my Hubs saw the star and called it Kiss Bunny!

  26. Thank you Deeba!

  27. Yeah I’m kinda nutso. But when I get an idea, I get the itch to start ASAP while the fire is hot. Don’t matter if I just traveled the world.

  28. Thanks Stef!

  29. I checked out your threadcakes entry. Wowie! That’s some crazy mad fondant and painting skills you got! Great job!

  30. Thank you! I have to admit that I can’t pick a favorite either. I change my mind every time I look at them. I guess I get maternal about my cupcakes. HA HA

  31. Isn’t the lightning bolt the cutest?! Re: ice cream scoop. Little trick I picked up that works really well to get that frosting dome shape. Works great!

  32. What?? You serious!?? I’m SO gonna take you up on that offer. You are TOO good to me girl! xoxo

  33. If you’re an 80s baby girl you gotta love Jem. ;)

  34. No kidding? Punch?? I’ll have to look for it next time I go to the $1 store. Thanks for the tip!

  35. What a good idea! I’m a little late (or early depending on how you look at it) but next Monday they are going up on the food blog!

  36. Ah maybe I was a little shortening crazy then. I’ll try it in the KA mixer next time and see if it makes a difference. Thanks for the tips!

  37. Ah yes! I was reading up on it and one site mentioned adding tylose. I’ve never heard of it. I wonder if my local cake store has it. If not then I’ll try the link you suggested. Love the idea for the black fondant by making it chocolate. Definitely wanna try that!

  38. Fred Ast-hare (get it?) is pretty cute! *da bum bum bing*

  39. Thanks Maybe!

  40. I love Jem, although I thought it was Paul Stanley! And the gangbanger bunny!

    These cupcakes are all sorts of awesome! Well done!

  41. Oh man. I just know I am gonna get so much slack but… Paul Stanley?

  42. From Kiss! The lead singer?

  43. Omg! Derrrr!! haha. Told you I wasn’t in the glam rock hair bands.

  44. Bunny Cakes are very Kawaii!!!!!

  45. They turned out so cute!! The flower one is definitely my favorite…or the pirate…or the top hat…OK I can’t choose!

    Mimi beat me to mentioning gum paste. In the few times I’ve had the chance to play with fondant, I found that adding some gum paste powder to the sugar initially helps the fondant dry and set up hard much faster! Wilton has a powder mix you can find at most supermarkets or hobby stores, but I’d keep far, far away from their pre-mixed fondant.

  46. seriously…might be your cutest cupcake creations YET!

  47. I like to mix (store bought) gum paste with my MMF to get it to harden but still be pliable. I like a 2 to 1 ration (more MMF than gumpaste.)

  48. OHMG, you are soo talented and those are wicked cute.

  49. That’s what my other friend said too! HA HA

  50. Thanks for the tip about gum paste! I’ll have to hunt that down the next time I get to Michaels.

  51. Thank you Suzy!

  52. Thanks for the gum paste tip! Appreciate you mentioning the ratio too :)

  53. Thank you Lorelei! Not to toot my own horn *toot toot* they are pretty wicked cute, no? ;)

  54. OMG! those are the cutest things EVER. im jealous! ):

  55. Thank you Betty!

  56. just joined the flickr group! so excited! i hope i can get the nerve up to enter something. ;)

  57. these are amazing!!!

    by any chance do you remember where you got the bunny cookie cutter or which company makes it?

    i am on the hunt for the perfect bunny cookie cutter and i love the way the ears come out with the one you used!

  58. Um… I wanna say my local grocery store or Michaels during their after Easter sale. I checked the cookie cutter but I don’t see the brand/company on it. :( Sorry I’m not much help. Good luck with your search.

  59. i am just now finding about your website and your blog. my question on the bunny cupcakes which are ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS – what did you use to create the bunny head?

  60. The bunny ears are made of MMF (marshmallow fondant). You can find the recipe, pictures and instructions (here) or you could use pre-made fondant from your local cake supply store or craft store (Michaels, Joanns etc). HTH!

  61. I am in love with the bunny with the top hat :D As I have always said= “He has a top hat, he’s fancy” :D

  62. I love the Fred Ast-hare and the Jem Bunny (I’m 18 and I loved Jem, you’re not alone)

    But the Harry Potter Bunny looks more like Ziggy Stardust ;D

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