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August 14, 2009 at 7:39 AM | Posted in cupcakes | 89 Comments

As I mentioned in my previous post, CUPCAKE HERO is back. With a vengeance.

Without further ado. Let me break it down for you.

> New ingredient or theme will be posted 1st of every month 22nd of the previous month. Ingredient must be used in the frosting and/or “cake” in some way shape or form.
> Deadline to enter will be the 15th of every month @ 11:59pm EST.
> All participants welcome but some international entries may limit prize shipping abilities.

To enter:
> Email me iheartcuppycakes{at}gmail{dot}com with your first name, blog entry link*, cupcake name. Subject line=Cupcake Hero [ingredient]
> Multiple entries welcome but please send me separate emails for each entry.
> If you haven’t already, join our flickr group.
> Add 1-2 pictures of your cupcake to the flickr pool with a small blurb about your cupcake. This blurb will be part of the round up I do each month on my blog so feel free to write your cupcake’s name, ingredients, baking experience and/or whatever you want. I will leave a comment on every entry so you know that I’ve received it.
> Please include a link back to this post and feel free to include any of the cupcake hero logos in your blog.

* You do not have to have a blog to enter but will need to email me the complete recipe.

How the winner is chosen:
> Voting will be from 18-21st of each month.
> The cupcake with the most votes *AND* baker’s choice (me!) will go into a cupcake throw down in my kitchen.
> Give me about a week. Myself and trusted taste testers will decide the winner based on ease of replicating recipe, taste, frosting+cake flavor combination etc etc.
> Winner will receive a cupcake-tastic prize. (Prizes may vary each month)

But wait there’s more!

At the end of the year, I’ll gather all the monthly winners, pow wow with my cupcake gang taste testers and choose a TOP CUPCAKE MASTER of the year. Not only will you be in the Cupcake Hero Hall of Fame but you’ll get a MEGA COOL prize deserving of a cupcake master. Heck yeah!

So what do you say? ARE YOU IN IT TO WIN IT!? *fist pump*

Get ready to start baking b/c I’m ready to start tasting! September ingredient coming to a blog near you.

Questions, comments, clarifications and/or suggestions? Speak your peace in comments.

PS- If you or someone you know would like to sponsor a prize for Cupcake Hero, please email me.

UPDATE: Cupcake Hero is on an unofficial hiatus and not accepting entries until further notice. Read more information (here).



  1. *Double Fist pump* It’s on!

  2. I’m excited to join this contest! Watch out, bakers!

  3. very excited!

  4. triple fist pump–i’m in and very excited to be joining all my fello cupcake peeps and joining in-thanks for bringing back the old skool cupcake fun, lol

  5. hilarious CB. you totally crack me up. so excited you are bringing CH back. may the frosting be with you. much love chica. MUAH

  6. Sounds like fun! I’ll probably give it a try in september, presumably I just need to wait until you announce the flavor, then email you with my entry?

  7. This sounds like a blast! I just bought a variety of huge Ateco piping tips and I can’t wait to put them to use piping lovely swirls atop cupcakes.

    One question: Do our entries need to be our own original recipes, or can they be found or altered recipes?

  8. So when does the fun start? September?

  9. I cant wait!!! its on!


  10. I’m excited to try this! By the way, I’m sure you know that next week (I believe) has National Cupcake Day…any plans for that??? : )

  11. Love your enthusiasm! *double fist pump five*

  12. Watch out bakers indeed!

  13. oh it’s ON like donkey kong girl!!! woot! xo

  14. Me too!

  15. Cupcake Hero is glad to be back!

  16. Thanks for letting me bring CH back. I hope I do you proud *muah*

  17. Exactly! I will be posting the September ingredient soon here. You bake, take picture(s), post on flickr and email me. Done and done.

  18. I heart my piping tips!

    Honestly the way I see it… is there really an “original” recipe anymore? I have no problems with anyone baking up something ingredient-for-ingredient but I hope that you will have some fun and try to bake outside your comfort zone too. Rule of thumb, give credit where credit is due. That’s kinda what I live by when I bake. Hope that helps! :)

  19. Yup! Stay tuned for the September ingredient. Coming soon…

  20. w00t!

  21. I have BIG plans. That’s all I’ll say about that. ;)

  22. Heck yeah it is! *multiple consecutive fist pumps*

  23. awesome! *sung in the highest falsetto* I can’t wait!!

  24. Can’t even wait! I love that you’re opening this up to people who don’t have their own blogs. I’m going to share with my blog readers and twitter followers and will trackback to you.

    Thanks for signing up to be the Cupcake Captain! Can’t imagine how much work is involved!

  25. Looking forward to having a former winner join in the fun *wink*

  26. Yeah I figured not everyone is into blogging so I thought entering via email and flickr would be good enough. The more the merrier! PS. I’m digging the new title – Cupcake Captain! HA HA!

  27. I cant wait until I can get baking, very excited about this…Already joined the flikr group and everything!!

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  29. Hi Clara! I’m really excited about this and am already plotting (mwahaha). One thing I haven’t been able to find the answer to yet is whether we’re allowed to submit multiple entries? Thanks!

  30. Fabulous! Can’t wait to see what you bake up!

  31. Hi there! Great question. I don’t have a problem with multiple entries but please email me separate emails so I can keep track! I’ll be sure to edit the 411 with your question. Thanks!

  32. I’m happy to say I submitted my photos to the flickr group this weekend. Can’t wait to see everyone’s cupcakes!
    Thanks for getting this group up and running!

  33. I am very excited about this. I have never entered any type of contest before but this one looks too fun to pass up.

  34. I got it!

  35. So glad you’re excited! I’m excited that you’re excited :)

  36. What a great idea. I stumbled over another blog to arrive here and this sounds like fun. I love making cupcakes….not so good at decorating them….time to improve my skills. I plan to give it a try.

  37. Hey practice makes perfect right?! Can’t wait to see what you come up with :)

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  43. i tried to read though the comments to see if someone else asked, ik voting starts on the 17th, where? :)

  44. I post a roundup and poll on my blog. Check back on the 17th to see it!

  45. Hi!

    Just found you (my hero!)…looking forward to taking part for November (if I can get my act together). Yay!

  46. wowow,am super excited now,just finished my first ever event & now am on a second which is actually a comp(oh wont focus on the winning,where will i be with all the experts out there)
    Im a total newbie in this world of blogging & yeah have my mind running with ideas & questions galore already…i want to join….say yes & make my day…oh i heart heart heart cuppy cakes too & love the cuppy cake song as my dialer tone too so i’m full on with a big hi5 for this one but but but cranberies are hard to find at our stores but will research & keep checking….i so want to be in this one
    So the pic i get is i have to post & email u my entry by 15th right?That gives me a few days to find cranberries & if i dont?????boo oooo……

  47. Ok Ok in my excitment i let the joys of spring overtake my sight…lol(laugh out loud not my mommys lots of love)its peanut butter yeah…oh lemme look for some recipes now…..i heart cuppys cakekkeys or yeah i do!!!

  48. Your excitement is awesome! Looking forward to seeing your entry :)

  49. I’m a cupcake lover, and lately I’ve gotten a lot more creative than the box and tub cupcake baker. I’d love to join the rest of you and participate in this event, but I guess I’m a little confused. Do most people use recipes and make slight modifications or is the point to come up with something completely original?

  50. Welcome to Cupcake Hero! We’d love to have you. I’d say for the most part, cupcake-ers are taking recipes and modifying it per their creativity. I wouldn’t say that it has to be completely original b/c a vanilla cupcake is going to be basically the same ratio of ingredients so it’s hard to be original about a base recipe. I encourage all cupcake-ers to be as creative as possible with the ingredient for each month. Hope this helps. Now go forth and bake!

  51. Wowowow,is it that i wont be able to participate finally…that too after baking forth 2 recipes….have been actually trying to upload the pics on flicker & my blog for the last 5 hours-boy whats with the net today exactly -that too after so many lonnnn ggg days in row & my eyes are closing(its already 10pm past out here)
    But i aint giving up till its 11.59pm est & hopefully i wont be having a pity party oven this one :-)))

  52. does everybody ahve the same prob with flicker as i do-ages to just upload 3 pics? And that too shows error & there i am back to sratch?

  53. WHEW ,i just amde it!!!!

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  58. wow this seems fun!! can’t wait to do it!!! :D

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  65. wud love to try for next month’s challenge! cant wait ;)

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  68. i * cuppycakes

  69. Hi I’m interested in competing!! Email me the info =)

  70. Hi, I would love to enter, pls send me info.
    Best regards iris and

  71. Sorry but Cupcake Hero is on an unofficial hiatus until further notice. Thanks for your interest.

  72. Sorry but Cupcake Hero is on an unoffical hiatus until further notice. Thanks for your interest.

  73. If you start up cupcake hero again, please let me know!!! Would love to take part!

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  79. How do I follow you??? I can’t figure this crap out

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  81. These pics are lovely. My husanbd and I had a very small, very informal wedding – instead of getting a cake we made our own cupcakes! It went over really well too. I mean, who doesn’t love cupcakes?Have a great weekend!

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  89. Nice post! Keep up the good work :D

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