National Cupcake Day Giveaway **WINNER**

August 22, 2009 at 8:12 AM | Posted in cupcakes | 4 Comments

What’s your favorite food holiday, CB?

Hey! Thanks for asking!

I’m a very methodical person. Call it OCD, idiosyncrasy, pocket protector nerdy… whatever. But when you ask me to pick a favorite anything, I take it seriously. So this is what I did. I narrowed down the list by looking for all the important dates relevant to my life: my birthday, husband’s birthday, wedding anniversary, dating anniversary (Yes, I still celebrate that!), brothers’ birthdays, mom’s birthday, dad’s birthday, parents-in-laws’ birthdays, brother-in-law’s birthday, sister-in-law’s birthday, godsons’ birthdays, best friend’s birthday.

And I gotta tell ya. My peeps are getting stiffed! Some of them have terrible food holidays on their birthdays.

National Artichoke and Hearts Day.
National Bagels and Lox Day. (That’s yours, Nikki. I like bagels… but lox? No thanks.)
National Day of the Mushroom.

But besides National Cupcake Day (duh?) I’ll have to go with my wedding anniversary and National Creme Brulee Day. That’s just all kinds of fabulous. I heart torched sugar.

Ok. Ok. Ready for the winner?

Congratulations Barb! You lucky girl you! I have to agree with all your favorite food holidays. I’m kind of a caramel junkie. And to the International No Diet Day I say… A-FREAKING-MEN! HA! Please email me your shipping address and I’ll pass it along to Susan. Thanks again Susan for sponsoring this giveaway. You rock my socks!

Don’t fret my readers. If you didn’t win blame Mr. Random Generator. Not me! But the giveaway fun’s not over yet. My equally (if not more) fabulous cupcake friend, Jen of Beantown Baker, is celebrating her Blogiversary by having a cupcake giveaway too! Head on over to her blog to enter and wish her Happy Blogiversary!

PS – Thanks for ALL the Cupcake Hero enthusiasm! The emails, comments, feedback etc have been amazing! The September ingredient will be announced sooner than you think! *squeal*



  1. Congratulations Barb! :)

  2. Congrats Barb! And thanks for the shoutout!

    I can’t wait for cupcake here. Is that a new logo I see over there. SO cute!

  3. Thank you :)

  4. Ewww lox. WTF I totally got screwed

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