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August 23, 2009 at 1:01 AM | Posted in cupcakes | 36 Comments

Today’s the day. It’s what you’ve all been waiting so patiently to hear.

Cupcake Hero’s first ingredient!

I know I said new ingredient would be posted 1st of every month but I’m posting a little early to hype it up! Sok?

*drum roll*

Bet you NEVER thought I’d choose that!

Ok so I’m not a banana fan but September 21 is National Banana Day so I decided to make the first Cupcake Hero hard b/c trust me. It’s gonna take ALOT of creativity for me to like a banana anything. HA HA! But just so I’m not biased in my banana hate, my banana-loving husband and taste testers will help me.

What you waiting for? Push your kids out the door to school, fire up the Kitchen Aid mixer, get that butter to room temperature, screw in those piping tips and start baking!

Deadline: September 15th @ 11:59pm EST

BONUS: First cup-testant to email me their entry *AND* add picture to flickr group will win a participation prize! How you like them cupcakes!? HA!
Congrats Jackie! You are the first cup-testant!

Any Cupcake Hero newbies need a refresher course in the rules >> Click here.

Please feel free to link Cupcake Hero in your blog with any of these logos. Cute, eh?



  1. Cool bananas!

  2. EEEP! I just entered! Am I the first? That’d be awesome!

  3. Dang girl! You’re fast. Love the enthusiasm!

  4. OOOh another challenge? Let me see if I can fit this in. Sounds like great fun!

  5. so, dumb question, but does this have to be an original recipe? Or am I allowed to steal, um, I mean borrow, someone else’s recipe? I promise to actually bake and take my own pictures! :)

  6. Honestly the way I see it… is there really an “original” recipe anymore? I have no problems with anyone baking up something ingredient-for-ingredient but I hope that you will have some fun, substitute ingredients and try to bake outside your comfort zone too. Rule of thumb, give credit where credit is due. That’s kinda what I live by when I bake. Hope that helps! :)

  7. Thinking, thinking. Bananas hummmm!!!

  8. Hello from The Bahamas!
    I’m in!!! First time I’m doing anything like this, but I admire all who enter these types of challenges. It’s about time I participate too. Good luck to everyone!

  9. Bananas you say? Not a fan? Hmmm…I’ve got a challenge ahead of me…I’m ready!

  10. OMG. I so can’t believe you picked bananas for this. I had to make sure I was looking at the right blog at first. HA HA :)

  11. Wait a second! Let me wipe my eyes again as I must be seeing things. Bananas??? I scrolled down to the bottom of the page to make sure there was no April Fools statement. What a fun challenge!

  12. banana!!! you hate them!! this will be hard to get you to like it! :D

  13. Bananas! Awesome, I wonder if I can come up with an inventive enough idea worthy of participating! Hope so!

  14. Bananas? Don’t get me wrong, I love bananas…on their own, not in anything. This is going to be rough.

  15. Bananas?!?!?! Yes!!! I was an out-of-town houseguest this past weekend, and my host sent me home with a bunch of speckled bananas to bake with. Lucky day :)

  16. I know right!? I think I went insane for a little bit. Yup, that must be it. HA!

  17. LOL @ April Fools statement. Is it too late to add that footnote? :P

  18. I know so!

  19. Hopefully I can Change your attitude towards bananas!!When do I have until?? I better dust off the ol recipe cards containing banana( does anyone else sing that Gwen Stafani song when they spell bananas??) :)

  20. “…B-A-N-A-N-A-S!” Hopefully CB will be singing that song when she starts getting our entries in! We need to work hard to change her opinion about bananas!

  21. Haha perfect way to distract me from studying. I’m not responsible for any gaps in medical knowledge caused by this competition!!!

  22. well i *HEART* me some bananas, so now i just need to come up w/ something good enough to win you over with hmmmmm….. off to drum up some ideas! :) good luck everyone! oxox

  23. OMGosh i missed this.. i am so ready to bake some bananna cupcakes i already know what i am gonna make :D

    Thank you

  24. i’m so excited, i came up w/ a recipe and gonna hit the store in the a.m. and whip some of these bad boys up! great entries so far chicks! :D xo

  25. I am ready for my first cupcake contest ever…I’m so excited! I’ve already got an idea for a recipe and will be going to get the necessary items in the morning…Cupcake Hero: Bananas…here I come!

  26. I’m all ready to go…as soon as I come up with a name for my cupcake! :D

  27. Oy. I want to join this. I do, I do. I’m scared.

    Me + Bananas? Eeech.

    Ok, I’m IN! I’m a newbie, be gentle.

  28. I’m so flattered that you chose Cupcake Hero as your first! Glad CH popped your contest cherry :P

  29. Don’t be scurred. Deep breath. Just bake it! (I should market that to Nike, no? HA!)

  30. check out this website and the lovely beads she has (set B).
    saw this and thought of your blog (ie you)

  31. Those cupcakes (set B) are adorable! Thanks for sharing the link with me :)

  32. Here’s my entry! I loved this banana cupcake recipe .. YUMMY :)

  33. Just saw it on the flickr pool! You really can’t go wrong with Elvis inspired ;)

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