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September 21, 2009 at 8:57 PM | Posted in contest, cupcakes | 49 Comments

Yup, I’m finally doing it. Finally getting off my butt and getting serious.

Right now I’m small scale. I bake for me. I bake for my blog. I bake for Hubs’ coworkers. I bake for friends, family, friends of friends on the side for extra money here and there but I’m ready to take it to the next level. I’m in the process of creating a business model to get this party started! Life’s too short to work a 9-5 and hate your job. I want to wake up every morning and enjoy what I do every day. Is that too much to ask?

I know what you’re all thinking. “In this economy, you’re lucky to have a job, CB. But am I? Am I really? Ok maybe I am lucky, yes. But happy? No. That is the more important question IMO.

But I need some help. Will you help me?

I need a hook.

I need an eyecatcher.

Something that pulls people in and keeps them coming back.

I need a tagline… for my cupcake business.

Hey come back! Where you going?

Ok ok. I’ll even make it worth your while.

Leave a comment with your tagline and don’t forget an email. Enter as many times as you want. If I pick yours, I’ll send you a little-something-something courtesy of Natalie Dee to say THANKS! (International welcome!) It comes in medium or large. And trust me when I tell you that you will get some looks, giggles and “Where did you get that awesome tshirt?” whenever you wear it.

But you know I can’t make it “that” easy right? Hey! The one that has the prizes makes up the rules. HA! I need the tagline to be 3-5 words max. Short and sweet. Like me.

I’ll even get you started.

“Cupcakes are cool.” <~ That's my husband's contribution.

See why I need help?

UPDATED: Thank you everyone for your tagline suggestions! I’m told that a business name/tagline is like finding a wedding dress. You’ll just know. Keep ’em coming!



  1. “Spreading world peace, one sprinkle at a time”

    “Because a cupcake can always make it *all* better”

  2. 1. Cupcakes – a girl’s best friend

    2. Why live without cupcakes?

    3. Cupcakes – heaven to my nose

    4. Cupcakes to die for

    5. Why not my cupcakes?

    6. Live to eat cupcakes

    7. You know you love cupcakes

  3. 8. Beauty’s in a cupcake

    9. Because everyone needs something soft and sweet

    10. Genius is cupcake

  4. Because I’m SO wildly creative…what about “Short and Sweet” (like you said above)? Cupcakes ARE short and sweet, and it’s a pretty easy, catchy phrase.

    Good luck!

  5. I totally understand how you feel ! I have the same project… but I live in France so it’s much more complicated. You live in the US so you’re right to create you dream job, good luck and here are some ideas, names and catch up phrases :
    – everyone need cupcakes
    – eat me, you deserve it !
    – the icing on the cup-cake
    – sprinkle your life with a cupcake
    – free your mind : eat a cupcake
    You need help ? So do I ! :o)

  6. Hey Maybe, maybe we should put our heads together and open the same place in our respective cities – the first chain cupcake in France! I’ve been meaning to do a biz plan for ages and just never find the time!

    Clara, you go for it! Here’s a few ideas. Was thinking of how these would sound immediately after the words “IHeartCuppycakes…..”
    -Spread the Love
    -You’ll Heart Them Too
    -The Cupcake Made with Love
    -Have a Heart
    -Taste the Love
    -The Cupcake with Heart

    Hope you will keep us posted of your progress. One of these days I will be right behind you!


  7. Good luck with your new project!
    Here is my suggestion:
    -Eat two, they’re small.

  8. I don’t really have a tag line, but I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!! on taking the first step! I can’t wait to see how things go.

    I just started my own dessert table business last month, and it is scary…but so worth it!!!

    Viva la Cupcake!!

  9. Best of luck, CB! You should do what you love if you can! Here’s my take on your tag line, dorky though it may be…

    Cupcakes…Cake, only better.

  10. 11. Say it with a cupcake
    12. Make a date with a cupcake
    13. I dream of cupcakes
    14. I eat cupcakes, therefore I am
    15. Cupcakes – better than muffins
    16. Cake in a cup

  11. “Cupcakes: it’s what’s for dinner.”

    “Open mouth, insert cupcake.”

    “Cupcakes for all, big or small!”

    “Cupcakes: the most awesome food group!”

    “Portable YUM on the go!”

  12. oh I forgot: “Portable happiness.”

    When is the deadline, CB? I’m sure I can come up with more :D

  13. Hi! Just wnat to say I love your site! I too am selling my baked goodies but in Singapore, to friends mostly. So here is my contribution:

    Cupcakes take the cake

    Delightfully Culpable Cupcakes

    Sin/Delight/Pleasure/(choose one) in a cup of cake

    A Cup of cakey delight

    Love at first bite

    Baked in a cup, love in a cake

    hope this helps! YOu’re really talented by the way and I wish you all the best babe!

  14. “Spicy, Salty, or Sweet…Cupcakes are a Treat!”
    “Everything can be cured with frosting”
    “Say it with sugar”
    “Feed your inner child, have a cupcake”
    “Cupcakes: Have you had your fix today?”

  15. How about
    I work out to eat cupcakes
    Cupcakes make the world better
    Showing you some cupcake love
    Cupcakes make life easier
    Cupcakes the other desert
    Cupcakes the other love in my life
    Live breathe and eat cupcakes
    I could go on and on.. :)


  16. Hey CB,
    Congratulations!! So glad to hear ur gonna have ur dream job..Im totally with you in that “Life’s too short to work a 9-5 and hate your job”..Anyway..here’s my contribution:

    I *heart* cuppycakes… and Cuppycakes *heart* you!

  17. Have you had your “yum” today?

  18. I also want to take the next step, please keep us updated

    cupcakes= Love,<3
    love a cupcake today
    love = cupcakes
    cupcake lovin
    lovin me a cupcake
    love & cupcakes make the world go round
    all u need is love & cupcakes

    good luck

  19. “Life’s too short not to eat cupcakes!”

    Then again, I might use that for my own cupcake business if I ever get it started…

  20. A Cupcake a Day, Keeps the doctor away!
    Frosting and Sprinkles
    Cupcakes make me smile :)

  21. Frosted Goodness
    Joy in a Wrapper
    Crazy about Cuppycakes
    Crazy about cupcakes
    Incredible edible cupcake

  22. Oh my gosh, I am SO bad at coming up with names and taglines. Which is why I make my husband do it for me.

    But, I think this is an AWESOME idea. You will rock at this!!! Good for you in going for what you really want to do!!!!


  23. Congrats on taking the next step! I started working on my business 6 months ago and it’s completely eaten my life lol and my shop hasn’t even launched yet! Can’t wait to see how you progress! Here are my submissions:

    -Not your mama’s cupcake
    -Little cakes, Big attitude
    -Small bites of bliss
    -Deliciously decadent, dainty desserts (yay for alliteration!)
    -Frosted joy

  24. Congrats girl! some of these are total slogan rip offs LOL but fun!

    I want my cupcake (remember those I want my MTV ads? so much fun)
    life’s good – life’s better with a cupcake
    please don’t squeeze the cupcake
    cupcakes: the other white meat
    Raining sprinkles
    cupcake bling
    cupcake graffiti

  25. Congrats on taking that first step.

    Cupcakes….just ’cause
    Cupcakes?? Yes…cupcakes.

  26. CB-

    Tag lines is what I do for my 9-5. In order to have a really good tag line, I need to know:
    1. Are you going with I *heart* cuppycakes as your shop name?
    2. What is your product positioning? (i.e. what is setting you apart from the competition?)
    3. What do you want your brand exiperence to be for your customer? In other words, what’s your ultimate goal for your customer?

  27. 1. Simply Delicious
    2. Simply Scrumptious
    3. Small Size, Amazing Taste
    4. Bites of Bliss
    5. Peace, Love & Cupcakes
    6. Peace + Love + Cupcakes = Heaven

  28. 1. Cake in a cup, what luck.
    2. The cupcake way of life.

  29. All the best to you! (That’s not a tagline, I’m just saying it to you.) hehe

  30. Cupcake or NO cake!

  31. Congratulations on taking this first big step! Life is short, you must do what makes you happy!

    Life Is Short, Eat Cupcakes
    Deliciously Addictive
    Cupcakes Bring Joy/Laughter/Smiles (whatever you like best)
    If Life Throws You Lemons, Make Cupcakes
    It’s Like A Party In A Cup
    A Party In A Cup
    Love, One Cupcake At A Time
    Expect the Unexpected (this seems fitting for your interesting collection of cupcakes! I love this one)

    Alcohol+Cake = I*Heart*Cuppycakes (this is my favorite, but it only works, of course, if that is your business name…and if you don’t mind people thinking you’re a lush) ;)

  32. I am not great at tag lines either, but here are a few that came to mind:

    A cupcake a day keeps the boring away
    Let them eat cupcakes!
    Cupcakes, the worlds perfect food
    The great cupcake experience
    Go ahead, you know you want a cupcake
    Cupcakes – a bite of pure bliss
    Hello, cupcake!
    You deserve a treat today
    An adventure in cupcakes

    Wishing you every success with your new business.

  33. 17. Cupcakes – universally delicious
    18. Moreish cupcakes
    19. Heart & Soul Cupcakes
    20. You’d be crazy not to!
    21. Cupcake love guaranteed
    22. Cupcakes – the stuff of dreams
    23. Food of the future
    24. Be a sheep, embrace the cupcake trend
    25. Cupcakes never killed anyone
    26. The reason to finish dinner
    27. Worth every kilogram/pound
    28. What you remember in the end

  34. Put some yummy in your tummy! Haha, cheezy.

  35. Congratulations…

    “I(heart)cuppycakes, u´ll love them too”

  36. Congrats!

    Hmm… taglines…

    I Heart Cuppycakes
    Sweet & Sublime

    I’m sure I’ll think of some others :)

  37. I just wanted to let you know I finally got your cute cupcake “cupcake her”o logo to link back to you from my page. People who don’t know (gasp, right) cupcake hero are probably like WTH is that cupcake doing smiling at me?
    Now they’ll know.

  38. Cupcakes are the new black

  39. 29. Cupcakes go with everything
    30. New flavours every single time
    31. Heaven must be missing a cupcake
    32. Cupcakes get you friends
    33. There’s something about cupcakes

  40. 1. I want cupcakes!
    2. Cupcakes make me happy!
    3. Cupcakes = Instant Friends
    4. Smile! There’s cupcakes!
    5. Cupcakes! A party in your mouth/tummy!
    6. Cupcakes…just what you need(ed).
    7. All I/you need are cupcakes.
    8. Got cupcakes?
    9. Sensationally cute and sweet.
    10. It’s time for cupcakes!

  41. I haven’t read all the responses…

    But I think you already found your tag line – “Short and Sweet”

    When you know, you just know ;)


  42. Alright, here’s my attempt…

    Do I smell cupcakes?

    I was told there would be cupcakes.

    Don’t eat the wrapper.

    Even Chuck Norris can’t say no.

  43. 34. Buy cupcakes, it’s easier
    35. Get high on cupcakes
    36. Because little things are better
    37. Where’s mine?

  44. “Cupcakes! Do you really need a reason?”

  45. Cupcakes; your therapist’s therapist.

  46. Nice to hear you’re making your business(:. I hope all goes well.

    Umm, how about:

    1) A piece of (cup?)cake.
    2) Cake it easy.
    3) Where one cupcake’s never enough.
    4) A slice of life.
    5) I cake you.

    Okay, they’re not very good, ah well(:

  47. This is a bit late, I’m catching up on my google reader! Anyway, just wanted to say CONGRATS on taking this step, I know you will do great with your new business!!
    Just a couple ideas for ya;) Good luck with it!
    -sweetness comes in small packages
    -everyone deserves some yum
    -little cakes for the sweet life

  48. Ok, I kind of skimmed the posts, so I apologize if any of these were already used.

    How about:

    Clara Cakes
    Clara’s Cakes
    Clara’s Cupcakes
    you get the idea…

    This one is pure corniness:

    Cupcakes: the final frontier

  49. Well, I am super late on this, and I dont know if you chose one yet, but I like taglines with periods… Like:

    “Live. Love. Bake.”

    Or maybe something cute like:

    “Yum in the tum.”

    “For the love of cuppies”

    Good luck, and congrats!

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