Cupcake Hero [Banana] Throwdown

September 22, 2009 at 9:35 PM | Posted in Cupcake Hero, cupcakes | 20 Comments

Wow. Just wow.

I am in shock at how many votes you all got in our first Cupcake Hero challenge. Almost 1400! That’s what I’m talking about!

Now be honest. Raise your hand if you sat in front of your computer and voted for yourself 100x? Don’t look innocent. There’s no shame in voting for yourself over and over again. Heck if the rules say I can “vote as many times as you want” you better believe I’ll be hitting “vote” every 5 secs. I might throw in a mercy vote for a few of my cup-testants here and there but it’s really all about me, Baby! Call it egotistical (I call it competitive spirit) but if you don’t think you’re the best how can you convince others right? However after getting some concerned emails from fellow Cupcake Hero-ers, I decided in the name of fairness, I’ll be changing the rules to 1 vote/person from now on.

Any complaints call Jenny at 867-5309.

Ok. Enough administrative business. Let’s talk cupcakes. If you check out the side menu bar, there was a tight 4 way race for voter’s choice but eventually Christy’s Peanut Butter Banana Sandwich Cupcake came out the favorite with 319 votes! Whoa mama! Congratulations Christy! Are you ready to see who you’ll be facing?

Baker’s choice (hey that’s me!) was a hard one. There were so many cupcakes that I wanted to bake and probably will later. I hope you all realize how momentous this occasion is. Me? Of all people. Wants to bake banana cupcakes. Key word. WANT.

But eventually I kept coming back to one cupcake. It had me at burnt frosting.

Pssst… Want another hint for October’s Cupcake Hero ingredient? Brought to you by haiku.

Hey Cupcake Heroes
Halloween is coming soon
Bake and be scary.

Let the throwdown begin!

Stay tuned.



  1. I cant tell you how much fun this was.. I cant wait for the spooky cupcake throwdown to begin!

    Bring it on!!!! :P

  2. omg that caramelized banana cuppy looks phenom!!!

    and ps. my votes were legit, i only voted for myself 1ce and spread around the love to other contestants as well! but def. agree that you should make it only 1 vote per person!

    enjoy the throwdown! yum!


  3. I’m so excited! Thanks for the chance to participate – it was so much fun!

    I hope that fellow-cupcakers don’t think that I voted that many times for myself! I had posted the link on my Facebook account and got many votes through that as well as all my friends and family. I was so excited to finally be able to participate in a cake challenge – I can promise you I certainly would not abuse that privilege. All of your cupcakes looked delicious!

  4. darn should have voted 100 times before you changed the rules ;) yum!! can’t wait to see who wins!!

  5. Awesome choice! Have fun and I can’t wait for October!

  6. You crack me up. You know, you’re really dating yourself with your choice of song lyrics. LOL

    This was an absolute blast. Can’t wait to see who wins and I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for next month’s challenge!


  7. Oh yum two great contenders!
    That was so much fun and the creativity that comes spilling out of everyone is just amazing!

  8. I’m so glad you brought Cupcake Hero back! I hope I can participcate in the next one! The 867 prefix is the one used in the town I live in. When we first moved here, my husband said to make sure the phone company did not give us that number! I called it once and a girl answers the phone saying, “This is Jenny!” lol!

  9. This was fun.
    Btw, think one vote per person is a great idea and please vote for someone other than oneself? What would it be like if everyone voted for themselves? :)

    Sorry, but have to ask. Is October Halloween based cupcakes?

  10. Great job, everyone! I’m so flattered that you picked one of mine, CB! Though most of the credit goes to How to Eat a Cupcake and Beantown Baker. I hope my tips are useful for you to avoid the problems I had, especially separating the egg. I can’t wait to see how the throwdown goes! =D

  11. I didn’t even vote for myself at all! I didn’t realize we could! But thanks to the 2 people who did vote for me! :)
    Dude, game ON for halloween. I’ve already started plotting and planning…


  13. HAW. Love the phone number.

  14. those cupcakes look wicked!
    hard to choose.
    cant wait for the halloween ones!
    its gonna be so fun to see all the creations

  15. Been a silent observer for a while now, but October is looking like it will bring me into the competition! Question, though… and hopefully i’m not just “special”… I wanted to vote for the September cupcakes, but could not figure out how to tell what the cupcakes entered were! Not the big poll bar on the side that said VOTE HERE, but what the actual entries were…. Any help for a slow cupcake lover??

  16. Hey CB, not to call you out on your own rules….but (and there is always one) I thought the ingrediant for the next month would be posted on the 21st??? Stop keeping us in suspense and get to it! LOL

  17. Bummer you missed out on the voting! I put together a roundup post after the 15th. Even though it’s too late now, click HERE to see the September Roundup. I’ll try to make it more clear next month.

  18. Fiesty, eh? ;)

  19. Regarding multiple votes from the “same” person– Last year I entered a cupcake contest and asked my co-workers to vote for me, and they did. It’s a decent-sized company, so I got quite a few votes. Well…since my company runs on networked computers the votes appeared to be coming from the same IP address and I was accused of cheating :( It was an unintentional and unforeseen thing, but still made me very sad.

  20. […] I didn’t win the cupcake hero Banana challenge for September (note to self, beg people reading here to vote for me! DUH!) but October will […]

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