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Even though I haven’t chosen September’s winner yet, there are A LOT of you that are pitching a fit for October’s ingredient. I LOVE all the enthusiasm! I’ve gotten emails, comments and tweets begging me to announce the next ingredient. Patience is a virtue… that I don’t have so… here we go.

But before we announce the ingredient *ducking stale cupcake stumps being thrown at me* it seems like the consensus on our flickr group discussion regarding the new monthly ingredient was to build up the suspense with hints so that’s what I was trying to do! Apparently some Cupcake Hero-ers weren’t feeling the haiku, eh? FYI hints are SUPPOSE to be vague. Just saying.

Are you readyyyyyyy?


I said…


I’m a Fall girl. When October arrives I get all giddy for the trifecta of holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Halloween is my husband’s favorite holiday (Thanksgiving is a close second b/c of the food gorging and no gift buying thing) so I let him pick the ingredient this month. Of course he chose pumpkin. He’s a pumpkin freak. Cookies, cheesecake, cupcakes, pie, Starbucks etc etc. I think pumpkin is like his bacon. You pumpkin it. He will love it.

But wait. I’m not done yet.

Now I don’t know if my readers remember, but last year I co-hosted a Halloween cupcake contest with Cassie of How To Eat A Cupcake but unfortunately due to time constraits Cassie is unable to host with me this year. *sad face* (Congrats to her for starting her new biz though!) So I said “What the heck? I’ll combine Cupcake Hero and Booo-tiful Cupcake Contest for double the trouble fun!”

Not only do you need to include pumpkin in the cake, filling and/or frosting, you need to make your cupcake Halloween-y. (UPDATED: Due to an unforeseen (or maybe I’m the only one that didn’t know?) pumpkin shortage I’m changing so that you can substitute squash if you can’t find pumpkin.) Bake your cupcake with pumpkin (or squash) in the cake, filling and/or frosting and decorate your cupcake Halloween-y. “Halloween-y” is open to interpretation. You can use fondant, candy, frosting. Anything goes. Your cupcake creation. Your call. Just bare in mind that I’ll be recreating them so I’m more likely to invoke baker’s choice with something that’s not gonna take me days to put together but still makes me scream in terror! Check out last year’s entries for inspiration.

Deadline: October 15th @ 11:59pm EST

Cupcake Hero FAQ ~> HERE. If you still can’t find answer to your question, email me.

Please, please, please don’t forget to email me your entry! Name, blog link (if applicable) and cupcake name.

Bake, drink and be scary. *Muhahaha*



  1. Yay I might be able to do this one! Have you heard about the great pumpkin shortage? Apparently last year the crop got ruined and this year it is reflected in the canned pumpkin! Weird eh?

  2. I already know what Im going to do recipe wise. Im not one for decoration though. I have no time for that. Love pumpkin!

  3. mmmmmmmmmmmm pumpkin oh how i love you

  4. I LOVE pumpkin! Can’t wait to get started! :)

  5. woohoo, i’m w/ the hubby on pumpkin!!! can’t wait to see the entries!!!


  6. Spooktacular idea!!!

  7. So. Excited. I’m starting this weekend!

  8. Pumpkin shortage. It’s true. This one’s gonna be tough, CB!

  9. I am going to make time for this. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and, busy or not, this cupcake will be prioritized.

  10. I’m so sad! I just hit three stores looking for pumpkin pie filling! Nada here in Kansas City. Spoke with my ma about it thinking she may have cans to steal and she said she saw a bunch at the dollar store. I’m going to check there tomorrow after work to see if they have it.

  11. Oooh how exciting!
    Are Australian’s welcome?

  12. Everyone is welcome! I just let all cup-testants know that some prizes may not be available for shipping international.

  13. There really is a canned pumpkin shortage! I didn’t believe it, but 3 stores and counting… This challenge just got a lot harder!

  14. Update:
    I found some big (29 oz.) cans at a smaller grocery store in town. They were completely wiped out of the 15 oz. cans though. So…skip Wal-Mart, Albertsons, Piggly Wiggly, etc. and head for the mom & pops! It’ll cost a bit more, but they *just* might have some!

    Oh and check your warehouse clubs too, if you have a membership to one. I saw 3-packs of 29 oz. cans at my local Sam’s Club (similar to Costco), but I already hoarded 2 of the big cans earlier that day!

  15. yay! I found some pumpkin and stocked up. It’s ON!!!!

  16. Just saw the update. Can you please clarify the “Bake you cupcake with CUPCAKE in the cake” part?

  17. HA HA! Oops. Guess I should have proofread that sentence. I edited and hopefully makes more sense now.

  18. I dont know how short the shortage is, but I bought 4 cans at walmart last week. And there were many many other cans there. *shrug

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