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I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date.

(SIDE NOTE: I am SO excited for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland coming to a theater near you.)

Sorry fellow Cupcake Hero-ers. I’m a day late getting the roundup on the ol blog. I had all intentions of getting it done yesterday. I even tweeted about it. See! I’m not a slacker… ok maybe a little. But that’s not why I didn’t finish on time. Do you have a time for a little story? Gather round readers.

Once upon a time. A happy little CB, with no care in the world, settled into her Ikea Solsta Olarp computer chair for a little blogging time for Cupcake Hero. Her fingers swiftly moved along the keyboard adding word after word, punctuation after punctuation to the blank computer screen in front of her. Suddenly without warning the screen went black. CB screamed. Two hours later when the power came back on, she rushed back to the computer only to find that the post she spent hours working on had only 1/2 saved. Disgusted she cursed at the power company and decided it would be best to walk away and finish another day.
The End.

Now I know that any bloggers out there that have experienced the same blog post loss will feel my pain. I almost felt like wearing black the whole rest of the day to mourn. But California’s weather is in the 90s right now so I just settled for my black swim suit and went to the beach instead. Tehee.

Thank you to all our cup-testants who participated in Cupcake Hero::October! Sorry for the confusion this month with the pumpkin shortage. Since I changed my mind multiple times during the month I decided to accept all entries regardless if you didn’t get the memo about decorating them Halloween-y.

Without further ado. LET’S ROCK THE VOTE! — > Poll on the side menu bar. Voting ends October 21st @ 11:59pm EST. But you won’t win on votes alone. That will be decided in my kitchen. May the best cupcakes throw down!

Hint for next month’s ingredient: What do Reeses pieces, Jif and Skippy all have in common?

PS- Please, Please, Please don’t forget to email me your entry *AND* add 1-2 pics to our flickr group. I had a couple pictures in the flickr group that I didn’t get an email so I had no idea who you were, recipe, name of cupcake etc. Unfortunately I decided to leave them out of the roundup since I had no information.

Creepy Pumpkin Bug and Mummy-Cakes by Xiaolu of 6 Bittersweets
Soft, incredibly moist pumpkin cake speckled with chopped up M&Ms – crowned with a good amount of classic cream cheese frosting and booootiful M&M critters!

Pumpkin Whoopie Cupcake by Ritsumei of Baby Steps
It’s a pumpkin whoopie cupcake with dark ganache filling and cream cheese frosting.

Goolicious Cupcakes by Brittney of Brittalicious Delights (first entry)
Pumpkin pecan cupcakes filled with white chocolate mousse and topped with vanilla chocolate liquor butter cream icing. I gooled it out with a chocolate covered wafer with crushed pecans for dirt, molded nougat for zombie hand and tomb stone and chocolate rocks

Goolicious Cupcakes by Brittney of Brittalicious Delights (second entry)
Midnight mocha chocolate cake topped with pumpkin spiced butter cream icing and orange candy balls!

Dias de los Muertos Cupcakes by Courtney of C&C Cakery (first entry)
Cayenne and Pumpkin cake with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Butter Cream.

Pumpkin Smores Cupcakes by Courtney of C&C Cakery (second entry)
Graham Cracker and Chocolate Cake with Pumpkin Marshmallow on top

Cake O’Lantern by Christy of Christy633
Triple the pumpkin with this cupcake! A moist pumpkin spice cake topped with a pumpkin cream cheese filling…in a pumpkin! Okay…its an orange, but still cute :)

Pumpkin Ch-Eye Cupcakes by Andrea of Cupcake in Love
MMMmmmmm…. Pumpkin “Ch-Eye” Cupcakes with Condensed Milk Icing

Creepy Crawly Cupcakes by Stephanie of Cupcakes and Sundry
I made vanilla cupcakes and tinted half of the batter orange and the other half black. To make them scary I made legs out of Pocky, got some black icing and bought hundreds of eyes to make creepy crawly spiders.

Pumpkin Poundcake with Butter Pecan Glaze by Suzy of Cup-tin Creations
Even though Husband thought the cake was a little dry, coworker #1 and #2 shoved theirs in mouth and gave it a thumbs up! Best gal pal said the butter pecan double dunked glaze was perfection.

Ginger Cupcakes with Pumpkin Buttercream Frosting by Jenna of Daisy Cakez
These are ginger cupcakes with pumpkin buttercream frosting, chocolate spider webs for decoration. The pumpkin and ginger are very delicate together but are really balanced. I thought it would be more interesting to put the pumpkin in the frosting rather than the cupcake, and I’m glad I did.

Pumpkin Turtle Cupcakes by Amanda of Fake Ginger
Spicy pumpkin cake with whipped cream cheese frosting, caramel sauce, and candied pecans.

Peeptastic Pumpkin-Bottom Cupcakes by Dorothy of FuzzyKoala’s Caketastic Adventures
A twist on the perennial favorite, the black-bottom cupcake. Here, a gently spiced pumpkin cupcake takes the place of the traditional chocolate. The cheesecakey filling is kept light (both in texture and color) by using egg whites instead of whole eggs. The cupcake is topped with a cinnamon chip glaze, a Halloween Marshmallow PEEP and a puffy candy corn :)

Ghost Cupcake by Kate of Grin And Bake It
Pumpkin Spice Latte Ice Cream Cupcake…Scary good!

Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes by Janet of Go Walk The Dogs
Bingo! This one is a winner…pumpkin pie taste, creamy topping and a candy corn gummy to boot!

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Cakes by Amanda of Is This Thing On?
Pumpkin & Vanilla Swirled Cake topped with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Buttercream

Pumpkin “Mummy” Cupcakes by Lindsay of Love And Olive Oil
Pumpkin chocolate chip cupcake cupcakes, topped with a buttery and delicious brown sugar meringue buttercream. Complete with candy eyeballs. Boo!

Halloween Cupcakes by Marianne of Marianne’s Sweet Delights
These sweet and spicy pumpkin cupcakes are topped with white and milk chocolate spider webs. They are definitely a treat rather than a trick!

Hocus Pocus Cupcakes by Mimi of Mimi’s Kitchen
Velvety pumpkin cupcake with a light caramel buttercream.

Simple Pumpkin Cupcakes by Sandi of Oh, Just Put A Cupcake In It
I like my pumpkin cupcakes plain and simple…pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice and cream cheese frosting….yummy. Of course, normally I don’t have an eyeball staring at me when I eat a cupcake….but this is of course for Cupcake Hero!

Chocolate Pumpkin Bat Cupcakes by Michelle of One Ordinary Day
A delicious chocolate pumpkin cupcake with vanilla cream cheese frosting… all dressed up like a bat for Halloween.

Pumpkin Graveyard Cupcakes by Alicia of The Red Deer
Moist pumpkin spice cupcakes topped with sweet cinnamon butter cream, then finely crushed Oreo biscuits and spooky fondant skulls, bones and fingers.

Pumpkin Pistachio Monster Cupcakes by Sally of Sally’s Smorsels
Layers of pumpkin and pistachio dough covered in a cream cheese frosting combine to make a rich cupcake. This little guy is sure to be a hit at any party or event!

Chocolate Pumpkin Ale Cupcakes by Heather of Stepford Life
This chocolate cupcake is flavored with imperial pumpkin ale, and topped with a pumpkin pie spiced cream cheese frosting, sprinkled with tiny tombstones of course. Think a chocolate stout cupcake but BETTER.

Double Pumpkin Cupcake with White Chocolate Pumpkinseed frosting by Jessica of Summer Jean
I used fresh pumpkin and created a pumpkinseed butter from the seeds to replace butter and for the frosting. This makes them uber pumpkiny and very delicious. I just wanted to have as much pumpkin as I could put in a cupcake.

Pumpkin & Vanilla Cream Cupcakes by Samantha of Sweet Remedy Bake Shop (first entry)
These are Pumpkin & Vanilla Cream cupcakes with Pie Crust topped with Vanilla Cream Cheese Icing & fondant toppers all made by me.

Pumpkin & Vanilla Cream Cupcakes by Samantha of Sweet Remedy Bake Shop (second entry)
These are Pumpkin & Vanilla Cream cupcakes topped with Vanilla Cream Cheese Icing & cookie/fondant toppers all made by me. Cookie Bats, fondant bats & witch hats

Zombie Halloween Cupcakes by Jamieanne of The Sweetest Kitchen (first entry)
The cupcake is a chocolate pumpkin cake, filled with pumpkin buttercream and frosted with chocolate buttercream. Crushed Oreos provide the dirt-look, while an Oreo Fudgee makes a great-looking tombstone. The zombie hand cupcake toppers are from Bake It Pretty. And don’t you just love the Martha Stewart Halloween cupcake liners!

Dulce De Leche Pumpkin Cupcakes by Jamieanne of The Sweetest Kitchen (second entry)
These are some delicious Halloween cupcakes! The pumpkin cupcakes are filled with dulce de leche and frosted with dulche de leche buttercream. A chocolate spiderweb and a creepy spider (from Bake It Pretty) adorn the top of each cupcake. And don’t you just love the Martha Stewart Halloween cupcake liners!

Spooky Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes by Jodi of Tales of a Dark Haired Princess
Spooky Pumpkin Spice with vanilla frosting Spider web cupcakes.

Pumpkin Nutella Cupcakes by Emma of Tasty Snack Treats
These are my Pumpkin Nutella Cupcakes with a Nutella center and a Cream Cheese Nutella frosting. I tried to make witches hats with my frosting for the Halloween decoration part.

Chai Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes by Margaret of Tea and Scones (first entry)
I used Martha’s basic Pumpkin Patch Cup Cake and added Chai spice. These. Were. GOOD!!!

I Got My Eye On You Cupcakes by Margaret of Tea and Scones (second entry)
I’VE GOT MY EYE ON YOU!!! Bwahhahahah!!!

Bloodsucker Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes by Lindsey of TuTu Cupcakes
Cupcakes only The Slayer could destroy! Bloodsuckers Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes. Light flakey pie crust filled with the best Pumpkin Pie…It’s BLOODY good!

Ultimate Pumpkin Cupcakes by Anna of Very Small Anna
Sweet, soft spiced pumpkin cake with double chocolate ganache and a very special filling.



  1. They all sound delish! :)

  2. That eye on you eyeball one is decorated friggen awesome, although I dont know if I could muster eating a bloody eye! haha

  3. Hard choice here, hard choice. Can I vote for all of them. BWAHHAHAHA

  4. IM THINKING next month is going to be PEANUT BUTTER!!!!! cb, can you read my mind, its like as soon as I think Hey im going to make this kind of cupcake, you choose it for cupcake hero.

  5. I love all these cupcakes ! You guys really have a lot of imagination :o) I’m definitely in love with the Hocus Pocus cupcakes !

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  7. Wow! What great entries! Thanks CB for organising such great challenges. There’s a slight typo with my name (& we’ll blame it on that blackout u had…I would have also been so peeved if that happened to me!!) My blog is called Marianne’s Sweet Delights, not Marianne’s Sweet Life (even though I do have quite a sweet life!! Hehe) look forward to the next challenge, even though I totally don’t understand the clue…hope I can get my hands on the ingredient!

  8. Wow! Those are some fun cupcakes! I’m so impressed with all the Halloweeny decorations!

  9. Awesome entries!

  10. Yum, yum, and yum! I’m hungry for cupcakes after reading this. They all look fabulous and I love all of the Halloween-y ones!

  11. Luv the Buffy cupcake by Tutu Cupcakes! It looks freshly staked!

  12. Pumpkin Graveyard Cupcakes by Alicia of The Red Deer = genius!

  13. Oops! So sorry Marianne! I fixed the typo. We’ll just pretend that never happened, mkay? :)

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  15. Whoa…it’s amazing here! I just found your blog via a link to your candy corn cupcakes. They’re FABULOUS! I would love to link to them if you didn’t mind. I’m so glad I found your blog, I love cupcakes!

  16. I love your blog too! Please feel free to link to my candy corn cupcakes and/or all the awesome Halloween Cupcake Hero creations. I am sure all my cup-testants wouldn’t mind some One Pretty Thing blog love at all!

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  18. I had one of Courtney’s ‘Dias de los Muertos’ cupcakes – and it was delicious. I was nervous about the cayenne pepper, but it was very subtle. She’s a quirky risk taker and has a great imagination – who else would make a cupcake based on an obscure Mexican holiday celebrating the dead? She’s the Roseanne Connor of Hallowe’en cupcakes!

  19. I love(LOVOEEEEEEEEE) the ghosty one. it’s so cute.(haha yes, I find halloween cute not scary)
    Bet it tastes nice!
    But they all look mouthwatering.

  20. Wow! Those are all so fantastic!!! Everyone did such an amazing job, and the photos are freakin sweet too! Very nice! :D

  21. yummmmmm! ya’ll outdid yourselves AGAIN! i’m out this month… i had my cupcake all planned out but time slipped away… i blame it on birthday chaos! but i’m so in next round… although i’m gonna have to get VERY creative to make pb taste good to ME (not my fav…but hey thats the fun part that makes it a challenge!) xo

  22. This is very awesome so glad Christy told me about it <3 Cheers

  23. Man, these are amazing. I can’t believe people MAKE these! My vote goes to the Pumpkin “Mummy” Cupcakes Love And Olive Oil.

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  26. they look ralely delicious and I can even taste them through the screen. Now I need to become a marathon runner so I can eat some cupcakes too!

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