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Can you all believe it’s almost November?

November is one of my favorite months. You’ve got Fall, Thanksgiving, turkey, pumpkin pie, family, friends, paid non-work days and no gift buying responsibilities. What more could you ask for in a month right? There are so many fun food ideas in November that it was hard to choose just 1 ingredient for Cupcake Hero. So how did I choose?

I wussed out and let my husband choose. HA!

But I knew it was a mistake as soon as I saw him going over the November food holidays list. It didn’t take him long before he said excitedly, “I didn’t know that November was National Peanut Butter Lover’s month?” I proceeded to smack my head. “What about cranberries or something more Thanksgiving related, hun?” But after my husband saw peanut butter on the list, there was no going back.

“To me, peanut butter is the breakfast of champions!” ~Greg Louganis

The thing about peanut butter. I like it. But I wouldn’t say I’m a “lover”. My husband? He’s a lover. But I’ll make it a little easier on all the peanut butter like-ers out there. You aren’t limited to just peanut butter. You can use sunflower butter, cashew butter, almond butter. Any nut butter. As long as I can find it in the store, you can use it. (EDIT TO ADD: Nutella is excluded.)

And now I’ll leave you with a little song to get you in the peanut butter groove.

Deadline: November 15th @ 11:59pm EST

Cupcake Hero FAQ ~> HERE. If you still can’t find answer to your question, email me.

PS- You’ve got until 11:59pm EST tonight to get those last minute votes in. I don’t care what you have to do! Beg, bribe and/or barter for votes if you have to. T-minus 16 hours and counting…



  1. Oh, good grief…. my son LOVES that goofy song! I LOVE the ingredient. I’m definitely in the pb lover category.

  2. i knew ittttt. I think you should have done like, sweet potato or something, im DYING to make sweet potato cupcakes! lol. but peanut butter is always good.

  3. Yay, my husband will be super excited!

  4. I thought he would have chosen something with cream cheese, but peanut butter is just as tasty.

  5. My boyfriend is PB addict and randomly bursts into that song too… I assume Nutella’s going into a different category, right? Correct me if I’m wrong 8).

  6. mmmm PB mmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes I like this indeed!

  7. I love peanut butter! The very same night that you hinted at next month’s ingredient I came up with my entry – I can’t wait to make it! :)

  8. Yeah I’m gonna have to exclude nutella b/c it’s also mixed with cocoa. It’s not a pure “nut butter”. But don’t worry! If my husband has anything to do with future ingredients he will pick Nutella. ;)

  9. I love pb but my hubs is allergic. So sad!

  10. man i didnt even click on the video and that is still going to be stuck in my head like PB on the roof of my mouth.

  11. This will be challenging for me because I’m one of only like three people on earth who doesn’t usually like peanut butter in desserts (ESPECIALLY with chocolate, I think that combination is absolutely disgusting). However I loooove things like Fluffernutters and peanut butter and honey sandwiches so I’m sure I can work around it ;)

  12. Ok love this.. already got a recipe in mind.

    peanut butter is sooo win

  13. I love the choice you made for this month !!

  14. I know exactly what I’m going to do! I was actually brainstorming my next cupcake project earlier today and I can totally tweak it to feature a nut butter. :D

  15. ohhhh yum.

  16. I’m SO excited about this challenge! I LOVE peanut butter/almond butter and the like and can’t wait to whip some things up!

  17. yahoo! peanut butter anything please and im happy!!!

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  19. So bummed I didn’t do anything for the October pumpkin challenge so what else could I possibly do but somehow try and combine the two months! It’s so crazy is just might work!

  20. […] Cupcake Hero Time! November’s flavor is peanut butter, and I’ve never had a peanut butter cupcake, or peanut butter cake at all for that matter. I’ve had nuts in it, nuts on it, peanut butter frostings, fillings, etc but never the actual cake.So here we go. I decided to make this entry kid friendly. Brinn loves peanut butter, so I wanted to make this something she’d enjoy. […]

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