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November 4, 2009 at 9:39 AM | Posted in Cupcake Hero, cupcakes | 16 Comments

Please forgive me fellow cupcake-ers.

I know I’m a bit ♪tardy for the party♪♫ with this post. <– Omg *smacks forehead* too much Real Housewives of Atlanta reruns! Talk about train wreck with big hair. I just can’t look away…

Wow. So where do I begin? This month’s Cupcake Hero was interesting nonetheless. I’ve been debating for the last 4 days about how to announce the winner. I hit a little snag. Let’s just say it’s a little more than tricky. But I’ll get to that in a minute.

Since I hadn’t announced a winner yet can you imagine my surprise when Occasional Sugar and Cupcakes Take The Cake (posts have since been edited) announced the winner for me? It seems I wasn’t the only one anxious for a winner, eh? Thankfully Jamieanne was a gracious “winner” and immediately contacted both parties to set them straight about the throw down with Samantha. And Occasional Sugar sent me an apologetic email and distraught tweet explaining what happened. No harm done! Am I upset? Of course not. Why would I be? This is the way I look at it. I know that Occasional Sugar and Cupcakes Take The Cake’s misquote wasn’t malicious and any press is good press. (Lindsey Lohan might not agree with me right now though.) In my blogging world, as long as you don’t steal my content without credit, anything is amendable. That’s my blog-osophy. But thanks to all concerned parties for the emails. It’s actually quite cute. You all are such drama queens. HA!

So about that Cupcake Hero snag.

What are the odds of a tie?

Because that’s what happened.

This is what I figured out. Both pumpkin “cake” recipes were the same Martha Stewart recipe so the cake scores balanced out for every taste tester. The only difference was the filling/frosting and apparently half my peeps liked the vanilla cream filling (which was AH-MAZING by the way!) and the other half liked the dulce de leche (which was FAN-FRIGGIN-TASTIC in my opinion!)

Now the question is. Who is the winner?

My husband suggested a red velvet cupcake off. But I think he has ulterior motives. *wink*

I will take all suggestions into consideration via email or comments.

Deadline November 6th @ 11:59pm EST.

Bring it.



  1. I am a drama queen!! Imagine my surprise when, last night, I explained my cupcake blogging drama to my fiancé and friends and they were like “Seriously, there are starving children in Africa.” or something to that effect. Anyway, still want to say sorry to you and to Samantha and I don’t have any good suggestions for the tie breaker, but I DO know that I am going to try Samantha’s recipe this weekend and post about how delicious it is as well!!

  2. I am totally confused about the entire scenario, but this post has cleared up something for me! I am planning on doing November’s cupcake hero, but I wondered if the entire recipe had to be made by me (as in, could I use a cake recipe and add my own touches or did I have to make my entire recipe up!!) and apparently you can. So thanks!

    I take it a tie is unacceptable… Uh, eene meene minee mo?

  3. I think a tie is just fine. Split the goodies down the middle and award them both the honor.

  4. I LOVED the Dulce De Leche cupcakes! They should win!

  5. mmmm dulce de leche cupcakes should win – they are gorgeous and so creative

  6. its alright, Not a big deal! I saw it before it was corrected & I wasn’t sure if I missed something or what and I kind of just sat here laughing. :P

    Also, if you do plan to try my version, I do have to tell you that my blog at the moment is being “re-vamped” and 1. looks really lame. 2. while we imported all my posts to the new domain, 2 of them went missing. (being my most important entries, the cupcake hero post & my iron cupcake post)

    I’m pretty busy right now so I haven’t gotten the chance to put them back up & my new layout isn’t done yet so it will continue to look bad for a bit.

  7. A TIE? really? oh man I’m so giddy right now & the suspense is KILLING ME.

    however you decide to break this tie is cool with me. red velvet is my favorite flavor so your husbands idea isnt so bad in my opinion. and jamieanne, thanks for clarifying all that business. I saw it and I didn’t really know how to approach it or what to say so I let it go.. lol. Also, I tried the dulce de leche in the pumpkin for a halloween party & it was great, if you are deemed winner, awesome! just gives me more incentive to make my future cupcakes way awesome. :P

  8. Also, sorry for my blog being all messed up. I’ve tried to repost some entries that went missing while the theme is being re done and they wont…PUBLISH. So i’m working on it…

  9. I was wondering what happened to the recipe. That’s so frustrating for you to have to deal with all that. Let me know when the recipe is up!!

  10. Yes, a Red Velvet Cupcake throw down seems to be the only answer…

  11. I get so many great ideas off this site! I have to say, I loved the cupcakes with the vanilla crm and pie crust a bit more. Actually, I loved them both. It was close for me. Maybe they should split the winnings! Red Velvet sounds good to me!

  12. thanks mary! i bet if you put the piecrust on top of the dulce de leche it would have been Sooo good too. I was pretty proud of the pie crust, lol.

    I’m trying to think of a way i could make red velvet stand out, and I really just love classic red velvet cake so i’m not coming up with anything good, lol. maybe pick something with more options? lol i have no idea. id be okay with splitting the winnings but some of the prizes dont give two things. i guess i could give up something :P :)

  13. Okay, how about this… I will be moving back to Australia at the end of the month. It’d be easier for me to travel with as less stuff as possible, even as much as I love all the Etsy stuff! So how about Samantha is declared the winner and receives ALL the prizes! That would be totally fine with me! :)

  14. lol i was going to say the same thing! minus the whole “i’m moving part!!!” you are such a sweetie jamieanne!

    i just emailed you both :) lol

  15. its back up! YAY

  16. I think you should get people to vote for the cupcake that looked the most “halloweeny” since that was another part of October’s Cupcake Hero.

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