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November 17, 2009 at 7:30 AM | Posted in Cupcake Hero, cupcakes | 3 Comments

Argh! I know this is way belated. We’re already mid way into November’s Cupcake Hero and I haven’t announced the October winners yet. So sorry to keep all you cupcake-ers out there fussing and fretting. Especially the 2 cupcake-ers actually in the throwdown! But my excuse is a good one. I promise! Ready?? *deep breath* I’m in the middle of moving into my first home! EEK! It’s beyond stressful and if I have to sign my name on another piece of paper I might barf! Just gimme the keys already?!? Ok now that that’s off my chest…

Let’s rewind a little bit. Remember I mentioned before that Cupcake Hero’s October throwdown resulted in a tie. Can you imagine?? What are the odds? I thought about what to do for a couple days and then decided to ask my readers for some suggestions. Thank you all for your emails and comments. My favorite one was from Donna.

“Declare both of them the winners and 1 person gets the prizes and the other one can choose the ingredient for December.”

Um. Love that idea.

So I ran it passed Samantha of Sweet Remedy and Jamieanne of The Sweetest Kitchen and they both jumped on board too. (Crazy! I just realized they both have “sweet” in their name.) Since Jamieanne graciously suggested that Samantha can have all the prizes initially, she will be hosting Cupcake Hero for December.

You are the Cupcake Hero::October winner(s)!

Done and done!

I will be sure to post again as the ingredient date gets closer to remind everyone to visit Jamieanne’s blog for all the Cupcake Hero deets.

PS- I’m working on the Cupcake Hero::November roundup up! Come back later to see what peanut butter-licious entries I received this month. A couple of them even have bacon. And we all know that everything’s better with bacon! HA HA



  1. CONGRATULATIONS on your new home!!! That is such a good feeling!

  2. great way to solve the tie dilemma!

  3. Wow!! That’s so great that you are a homeowner!! I hope to be in that club someday too :) Also, congratulations to both winners of October and I am very much looking forward to November!

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