10 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Cupcake Lover in Your Life

December 4, 2009 at 2:14 PM | Posted in cupcakes | 14 Comments

Dear Santa,
I can explain. I was young. I didn’t know any better.
I hope that my past indiscretions won’t interfere with my “good girl” status.
*slipping Santa an extra cookie*

1. Kitchenaid Glass Bowl $69.99
I don’t need the Kitchenaid Mixer. I already have my beautiful Artisan red that I fondly named Ginger Spice. I just want the glass bowl. Think about it. You can microwave it. Can you imagine the possibilities if you could microwave and go straight to beating/whipping in your mixer? It also has measuring lines and a spout to pour. I’m sold.

2. Bake It Pretty Cupcake Supplies (prices vary)
How fun is this website? I’ve ordered a couple things from Amanda and her products are fabulous, shipping is fast and she’s a sweetheart. She’s also available on twitter@bakeitpretty to answer questions. Love the personal touch.

3. Wilton 1M Star Tip $1.69
This is probably my favorite tip. I reach for this tip more than any other tip. I have 2 of them myself but you really can’t go wrong with having more than 1 of this tip. I’m thinking stocking stuffer.

4. Digital Measuring Cup and Scale $34.95
How many times have you read in your baking books that measuring ingredients by weight is much better for baking? I am almost ashamed to admit that I still do the old school scoop-and-level technique. But now this little gadget combines a measuring cup and a digital scale. It’s the best of both worlds. If Santa doesn’t bring me one, I might have to buy it myself.

5. Beater Blade $29.95
I don’t use my KitchenAid without my Beater Blade. Every KitchenAid mixer baker should have one. Period. Love that it scrapes down the side of the bowl for me and incorporates the batter with every turn. Anything that can contribute to my lazy baker attitude is necessary in my book. Now if it just did dishes…

6. Hello Cupcake by Alan Richardson and Karen Tack $9.32
Cupcakes by Martha Stewart $14.61
If you buy any cupcake books, you NEED to have these two in your library. I find myself reaching for these 2 books the most when I need some creative ideas or a tried-and-true recipe. You can read my complete review>> HERE.

7. Cupcake Nameplate Necklace $20.00
I can’t tell you how long I’ve had this in my Etsy favorites. I love the mod flavor of it and you can get it in a few different colors. How cute would this be hanging in your car’s rear view mirror? Esp if you drive THIS car from Neiman Marcus. Move over fuzzy dice! You know what? I think I’m done giving my husband hints. I’m just gonna buy it for myself and say it’s from Santa.

8. Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake Print $22.00
I think the cupcake cuteness factor needs no explanation for this one. It comes in a variety of colors but of course the red is my favorite. I think this would look pretty darn cute next to Ginger Spice in my kitchen.

9. Fuzzy Cupcake Beanie $17.50
Mom, now don’t get excited. I’m not pregnant. I want this hat for myself! This listing is for a baby but she can make it in any size or color combination. You think I’m joking. Just wait. I’ll be back with a picture of me and my custom adult size cupcake beanie.

10. Martha Stewart Cake Stand (Whiteware Collection) $64.97
I have an obsession with cake stands so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I love the square and round tier cake stands from Macys by Martha Stewart. If you just want 12″, 10″ or 8″ cake stand you can buy each size separately but I have both the round and square sets and I adore them. Simple and classic so that the cupcakes (or cake) is the highlight of the party.

BONUS: Tiffany Cupcake Charm Necklace $200
What is it about the little blue box that women love? I have no idea but count me in among the brainwashed. Add in that it’s a cupcake and there’s no saving me. Can you say Tiffany Blue Box Anonymous? Hello my name is Clara and I’m a Tiffany Blue Box addict. *crowd chants sympathetically* Hello Clara…

I stole borrowed this fabulous list idea from my cupcake friend, Marilla of Cupcake Rehab after reading about her favorite cupcake things via her blog. I added a few things from her list to my Dear Santa letter along with other gadgets I’ve been lusting after for a while. Hope my list (and hers) gives you some ideas for the cupcake lovers in your life. Hopefully one of them is me! *wink*



  1. I was getting really excited and hoping you would be giving away all of these fabulous items! Haha, I guess I shouldn’t be so greedy — although, I don’t know what I’d do with the Beater Blade and Glass KA bowl – I don’t have a KA Mixer! I’ve wanted one since I entered my first baking contest at the ripe old age of 9 (I’m at the ripe old age of 22 now). My mom swore she would buy me one when I get married — not that THAT’S happening anytime soon!

  2. I am so happy that I will finally be able to get just the glass bowl. I do not need to buy another stand mixer but I have wanted that glass bowl in the worst way – irrational I know! Thank you for the info! Love Bake it pretty too – she takes a large chunk of my salary each month!

  3. Oooo… didn’t know you could just get the glass bowl. *add to wishlist*. Love it! My mixer is a lime green one, don’t know how I ever lived without it, but it’d be even better with a glass bowl!

  4. I want it all!

  5. We have pretty similar wish-lists :o)

  6. Love all of the recommendations… especially the beater blade! I have seen them a few places and definitely need to give it a try!

  7. Um. Yeah. So I *might* have just been compelled to buy one of those “Keep Calm” posters for my kitchen. Saving up is overrated anyway, right?

  8. Ah wow these are some such good ideas for presents, I love loads of them!! Your blog is excellent :)

  9. I keep leaving this page up on my laptop in hopes that hubby will wander by and take note! Thanks CB!

  10. May I have one of each, pleez :)

    Happy blogoversary :)

  11. Thanks, i just forwarded this to my husband for some gift ideas. :D

  12. Love the digital cup measure! Lovely ideas:)

  13. I just got my 90th Anniversary Edition KitchenAid mixer for Christmas and it is a work of ART. Instant love! I can’t wait to start creating with it!

  14. Thanks for publishing these details within your

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