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Whew! Are you all rested? January is/was a much needed refocusing month for me. I’m not trying to make excuses (ok maybe a little) but buying a house, moving and starting your own business is a major time sucker! (There I said it!) But Cupcake Hero is back for February.

Now I bet you’re all thinking I’m gonna bust out something pink or chocolate or lovey dovey to celebrate Valentines’ Day right? I admit that’s what I was leaning towards. I’m a big fan of “Love Day”. (A little Simpsons reference for all the fans!) But you know those people that ask why we have to have one day to celebrate the ones we love? Why don’t we show people that we love them everyday? Trust me. I get it. Valentines’ is a little ALOT over commercialized. But holidays are what you make of it IMO. And I for one am happy that I have one day set aside to remind me. Because let’s be honest. Life is busy. It’s nice to have one day that makes me slow down, stop and remember to tell the Husband “I Love You”. I don’t think the words mean any less if you set aside time to say them either.

Then again if you’re single. Happy Single Awareness Day!

Even though I love the tradition of Valentines’ Day, I’m not necessarily traditional about what symbolizes Valentines’ giftwise. Most women want diamonds, roses and/or chocolate. But this year I want the AeroGarden. Nothing says “love” like counter top grown fresh herbs, no? Ok maybe it’s just me. I guess I’m kind of on a food health kick of sorts. And that’s why I am tickled that we have a special guest sponsor this month.

Everyone say hello to Temecula Olive Oil Company.
Hello… Temecula Olive Oil Company.

Amy from TOOC has graciously offered a bottle of either Citrus or Lemon Olive Oil to this month’s Cupcake Hero winner on top of all the other prizes from our monthly sponsors. *golf clap*

So as you probably already figured out. This month’s ingredient is… Olive Oil!

(via Google Images)

Feel free to use flavored olive oil, virgin olive oil, extra virgin olive oil or pure olive oil. (And no, olive oil PAM does not count. Nice try.)

Check out these sources for baking with olive oil.
Amazing Olive Oil
Serious Eats
The New York Times
Cupcake Project <– one of my fav cupcake blogs
I Heart Cuppycakes! <– a little self promotion never hurt anyone *wink*

Deadline: February 15th @ 11:59pm EST

If you have any questions, check out my Cupcake Hero FAQs or email me if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for.

FUN FACT- Did you know that EVOO (extra-virgin olive oil) is in the dictionary now? Oh that Rachael Ray. Is there any words she can’t combine? Personally I’m a fan of acronyms but “stoup”? Sorry. No. I can’t get behind stoup.



  1. Ooooh! A challenge! What fun :) I’m a big fan of Valentine’s Day, even though I have been single for many of them. Forget Singles Awareness Day, I’m celebrating Valentine’s Day!

  2. Oooooh olive oil! This could be fun! I might even participate! And I don’t want diamonds or chocolates. I like just a card and some smooching.

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by cupcakeproject, Erin Cottrell, Clara aka CB, Lindsay Landis, Dani and others. Dani said: Yes! RT @loveandoliveoil: I should probably enter this one, huh? RT @IHCuppycakes: {New Post} Cupcake Hero::February! […]

  4. Oh, what a great choice! I love it! This will definitely be fun!

  5. So, I may be an east coaster, but I’ve actually had the distinct pleasure of trying out Temecula Olive Oil. OMG YUM!! I’m a cheap ass and was already bring too much glass (read wine) home from vacay that I didn’t buy any, but damn let me tell you, they have some tasty olive oil. Their Citrus EVOO is to die for like seriously to die for. It combines my two favorite things olive oil and BLOOD ORANGES. I may just have to find a little time in my moving schedule to win this round and get a free bottle. Watch out folks, I’m a woman on a mission.

    Holy hell that post really sounds like a walking billboard for Temecula Olive Oil

  6. I can’t wait to try the winning recipe, lol!!! I may not get the prizes, but at least I will get to taste the winning cupcake =) So, I support you all!!! Bake! Bake! Bake! =)

    After Nicole’s post, I want to get my hands on some of that olive oil…… =)

  7. Oooh! Tricky! This will take quite some thought!

  8. I would love to start participating in this but I’m trying to figure out the flickr thing…and my camera is on the fritz…but hopefully next month!!! sounds like super fun!!!

  9. Holy crap your blog is making my sides hurt. You are the only person I’ve ever heard say out loud what a ludicrous word stoup is. (it was like you were reading my mind) Thanks for an entertaining and cupcake filled blog!

  10. Is there a way i can follow you? I looked for a follow button but couldnt see one ??
    <3 the lady bugs!
    I'm fondant obsessed at the moment in the lead up to my lil girls 1st birthday and came across your blog while researching on MMF !
    Your creations are beautiful !

  11. Yessss…I’m so in on this one. Finally an excuse to splurge on some gorgeous citrus!!

  12. I really should make my “follow” link a little more easy to find huh? It’s at the bottom under Feeds >> Entries RSS. Thanks for follow!

  13. Question: Is there a minimum amount of olive oil we need to use in order for it to qualify? 3 Tbl? 1/4 cup? 2 Tbl?

  14. There’s no minimum amount. Just needs to be 1 ingredient in your cupcake. When I made olive oil the ingredient I was more looking at it as a substitute for the “butter” or “oil” in the cupcake recipe so something like PAM olive oil to grease your cupcake pan doesn’t count ;)

  15. I think you did an awesome job! I keep telling myself I will work with fondant so I am not so scared of it… but I have not done it yet! This might have been the motivation I needed :)

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  18. I’ve never participated in something like this, so I actually don’t really get how to participate :(
    I just made some olive oil cupcakes today with some lemon and rosemary… maybe next month then :)

  19. It’s easy! Send me an email of your blog entry or if you don’t have a blog just email me the recipe. Add 1-2 pics in our flickr group and you’re entered for that month. Looking forward to seeing your olive oil cupcakes!

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