Baby Shower 2 That Wasn’t (Again)

February 4, 2010 at 1:43 PM | Posted in cupcakes | 15 Comments

Since SIL was still in the hospital at the time of her second baby shower I wasn’t sure if I’d even need the baby block cupcake toppers I’d been working on for a few days. But SIL’s mom decided that “… the show must go on!” So we ended up having the shower even though the mother-to-be wasn’t there. We even played games. No further comment on that.

As probably expected, I made the cake+cupcake tier. I’m “this” close to saying DUH? but I won’t b/c that wouldn’t be very nice. And I’m a nice chick.

Since I decided you can’t have a girl baby shower without some pretty pretty princess pink, I made strawberry cupcakes and a red velvet 6 inch round cake. I’m sure you can imagine that the red velvet flavor was at the suggestion of my Hubs. Although he claims it had nothing to do with it being his absolute FAVORITE flavor. Right… husband. Right.

You can find the recipe for strawberry cupcakes (here) or (here). If you wanna get that pink factor like mine, take Debbie of Smitten Kitchen‘s advice and add a couple drops of pink food gel to the batter. Makes about 36 cupcakes.

Oops W was suppose to be green but I made a boo boo. Shhh… don’t tell.

Up close and personal

I pink puffy heart layered cake innard pictures. Don’t you?

Obviously I need a little more practice covering cakes with fondant (see the bumps, rolls and sag? I think I’ll just stick with my day job.) not to mention bringing a better camera instead of iPhone pictures but overall I was happy. And Hubs was happy ECSTATIC that no guests wanted to cut the cake so he got to eat 4 layers of red velvet himself.

What a sweet gig, eh?



  1. I absolutely love the block toppers on the cupcakes – so cute!! I’ll be stealing this idea should I ever need to host a baby shower :)

  2. Gorgeous cake and cupcakes. The fondant looks like how I do mine. I too need work :P

  3. SO SO CUTE! I love your blog- you have such a great voice! Very entertaining and fun. Can’t wait for your next post!

  4. When filling your layers, and frosting the outside of your cake, try frosting very thinly (meaning you will see crumbs through your frosting). The fondant won’t slide and sag when the buttercream is warmed up to room temp. And maybe try rolling your fondant a tiny bit thicker, so there aren’t bumps. Mine aren’t nearly perfect, but that’s what someone told me, and so far, it’s gotten a little better.

    BTW Is it silly to admit publically that my hubby thinks I’m insane while I read your blog? Considering I giggle, maybe even laugh out loud, every time I come across a new post? His reply tonight while I was enjoying your husbands response to left over cake, hubby: are you reading that cuppy cake blog again? me: how do you know me so well :)

  5. Looks like baking is in your heart too. I can tell by your attitude that its in your blood.Eventually your irises are replaced with little tiny cupcakes.It just makes the world a little sweeter. (:

  6. Very cute! I’ve just started getting the fondant right most of the time after a full year of practicing most weekends, and its hard!

    The easiest thing is to do a class, but I’ve also found that if I make sure to squash the cake down to make sure there are no bubbles, then cover with buttercream (it doesnt have to be super thin, but needs to be really neat). Preferably refrigerate overnight, or at least a few hours, then when you cover with fondant it will be more stable.

    Another important thing is to really smooth down the top of the fondant first, then slowly go down the sides of the cake.

    One more tip is I’ve never had any luck with making my own, I always buy it (except for chocolate fondant), NOT WILTON!!!

  7. What are the baby block toppers? Are they molded (white) chocolate?

  8. 1. The cake is beautiful!!!
    2. I’m still in awe that the party went on!!!! With games?????? Oh, man. That is classic.

    – mary

  9. The cupcakes are so cute !! And I love the red-velvet flavour :o)

  10. So very cute! I’m glad everything went well with your SIL!

  11. Very, very cute cupcakes! Love the layered cake too. I am still working on bumpiness too but find a layer of ganache helps (leave to set first). Although this presents its own problems – chocolate marks on icing, aargh.

  12. very cute!

  13. Thank you! The toppers are made from pink (or green) and white fondant. Just use 2 different size square cookie cutters and alphabet cutters. Adhere pieces with vanilla extract. Hope that helps!

  14. Fondant is so pretty but frosting is so delicious… I just haven’t gotten into it yet. Your post is making me reconsider, though. Everything looks beautiful and I love your husbands happiness over the leftover cake. Mine sometimes whines for less time in the kitchen and more with him but he sure loves the food! I’m glad yours enjoys the benefits and hope that the new momma at least got to eat some of the cake if she had to miss the shower!

  15. cuteness!!

    woh your cake looks great on the inside… nice layering…

    supercute set up too! :)

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