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I can tell by the entries (or lack thereof) that I threw everyone for a loop this month, eh? My husband was peeking over my shoulder (I hate when ppl do that!) while I was putting together the roundup and said “No love for the Olive Oil huh, hon? Don’t be sad.” On the contrary, I’m not sad! I appreciate every entry no matter if there’s 1 or 100. So THANK YOU to all the brave olive oil embracing souls that baked for Cupcake Hero this month.

I know Olive Oil isn’t necessarily what you think of when you think of baking but there’s a new healthy baking revolution out there (I can tell by all the new olive oil cookbooks popping up on Amazon) and I’m starting to embrace it in my own life too. I’m always down for something that can bring MORE cupcakes to the masses! Whether we like it or not, obesity is on the rise but taking a step towards olive oil baking can (maybe?) give future generations a chance to have their cupcake and eat it too!

Did that come off too preachy?

Oh well… I tried.

//getting off soapbox

Without further ado. LET’S ROCK THE VOTE! — > Poll on the side menu bar. Voting ends February 21st @ 11:59pm EST. But you won’t win on votes alone. That will be decided in my kitchen. May the best cupcakes throw down!

Good luck to all cup-testants!

In no particular order.

Ok I lied.

Actually it’s alphabetical b/c my OCD would just not allow me to have no order.

Olive Oil & Citrus Cupcakes w Lemon Glaze
by Carly of Baa Baa Cupcake. Is it just me or do these cupcakes make you giddy for spring?

Cherry Cordial Cupcakes
by Blue Koolaid Martini. Cherry whipped cream. Say no more. Just pass me the whisk.

Hazelnut De-Light
by Catie of Catie’s Cakes and Cookies. I know Nature is a woman b/c she gave us hazelnuts to combine w chocolate and produce Nutella. Amen.

Basil Infused Olive Oil Cupcakes with White Wine
by Steph of Cupcake Project. Does this chick know me or what? White wine makes everything better. Cupcakes. Crying babies. Oh wait. Forget I mentioned that last one.

Blood Orange & Olive Oil Cupcakes
by Stephanie of Cupcakes and Sundry. Am I an open book? Another chick that knows me. Cointreau. I don’t know how to pronounce it but I know I like it.

Chocolate Olive Oil Cupcakes w Raspberry Cream Cheese Frosting
by Suzy of Cup-Tin Creations. Raspberry. Yes. Cream Cheese frosting. Definitely yes. Together. H-E-double-hockey-sticks YES.

Almond Olive Oil Cake w Cream Cheese Frosting and Olive Oil Granola
by Erin of Erin’s Food Files. I’m having an out of body experience b/c I’m actually thinking of making the granola without the cupcake. *gasp* Omg someone check me for a fever!

Chocolate Olive Oil and Blood Orange Cupcakes
by Lindsay of Love and Olive Oil. It’s really not fair that her swirls are so perfect.

Pot of Love Cupcakes
by Pam of Pam’s Cake Designs. How cute is this name? I just wanna reach out and pinch the little red heart and babble baby talk at it.

Lemon Infused Olive Oil Cupcakes
by Louise of Sparkles Cupcake Supplies. Forget the grapefruit. And the lime. Lemon is where it’s at.

Sunny Olive Oil Cupcakes
by Anna of Very Small Anna. The drizzle of olive oil on top is really just the icing on the cake. (Aren’t you glad I saved the corny line for the end?)

Postscript. I profusely apologize if I forgot anyone. Please email me if I forgot your entry, spelled your name wrong, forgot the link to your blog, spelled your blog name wrong etc etc. I will do my best to fix any errors. Thank you.



  1. no worries little olive oil you still rock it!

  2. I wanted to enter this month, I really did! But I waited till the last minute…and life got in the way and I was unexpectedly out of town for the 4 days around the entry deadline :(

  3. I, for one, am glad you chose olive oil. But, I’m such a sucker for unusual ingredients. I’m glad to have some fantastic looking olive oil recipes to try out!

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  5. This was my first time entering! I totally forgot to self-promote! Now the voting is over :( Gah! It’s on! I’m totally entering again!!!! So much fun! I love cucpake hero!!!

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