Happy Birthday Dear Hubsy

February 28, 2010 at 9:03 AM | Posted in cupcakes, wilton | 14 Comments

♪♫Happy Birthday to You
You live in a zoo
You look like a monkey
And you smell like one too♪♫

I’m so glad you are legal now so we can stop hiding our love. xoxo Wifey.

Kidding kidding!!

But you shoulda saw the looks I got at the restaurant when I said that out loud as our waiter brought my Hubs “birthday” dessert last night. Priceless.

I’ll post the recipe and assembly instructions for Giant Red Velvet Birthday Cupcake in a Chocolate Liner tomorrow. (If anyone is interested?)

But for now me and Hubs are off to a wonderful day of birthday pampering.

Ciao Bellas (and Guidos)!



  1. Happy Birthday to the hubs! Love the cake-have fun celebrating!

  2. Yes please! Ever red velvet I’ve tried has been kinda meh, and I’m really not getting the attraction, but every recipe of yours I’ve tried has been delicious, so I’m hoping it will turn me around on the red velvet!

  3. Happy Birthday to him! Certainly looks good what you made! Yumm.

  4. Happy Birthday, Mr. I Heart Cuppycakes! Hope he has a good one. Oh and “if we’re interested”!?!?! Heck yeah, we wanna see that recipe! Giant red velvet in a chocolate shell? You CAN NOT hold out on us :)

  5. Ohhh…Happy Birthday, Mr. Cuppycakes! Post the recipe? Um…yes, please!

  6. HOW adoarbly cute….hubsy n mr.i heart cuppy cakes and a cake…..all so adorably cute….
    and a HAPY HAPPPYYYY birthday…..

  7. Please post the recipe :) And maybe step by step instructions for the chocolate liner?? I’d love to make the liner for my hubs. I’ve just been doing chocolate cakes in the giant cupcake pan so I wouldn’t have to worry about the bottom!

  8. Happy Birthday to your hubby! Did you use the melts coating method?

  9. Happy birthday to your husband! That is one handsome cake :).

  10. Dang! Sounds like what I did. Here I thought I was some kind of Giant Cupcake Genius. Phooey.

  11. Oh my gosh! that is freaking AWESOME! forget the recipe, will you just make me one for my birthday?? =)

  12. Definitely interested. I want to know about this chocolate cup.

  13. I forgot the men in our lives share the same birthday!! Happy birthday to them both :) Looks like your dessert went far better than mine for him… I totally had a recipe fail LOL

  14. You have one lucky husband! That cake looks just incredible

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