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Eek! Sorry fellow cupcake-ers. I’m a little delayed in posting the ingredient this month. I have many excuses ranging from “my dog ate my Cupcake Hero ingredient cheat sheet” to “my 1.5 month old twin nieces are so adorable that I’ve been spending alot of my time with them instead of in front of my computer”. Pick the reason that makes you forgive my tardiness.

But I’m guessing you’ll forgive me if I post a couple pics of my nieces.

Was I right? Go ahead. Break out into an Aaawww… I’ll wait.

April is a great foodie month. It’s up there with November (Thanksgiving) and December (Christmas) for me. There’s PB&J day, Caramel Day, Coffee Cake Day, Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day, Licorice Day, National Pecan Day, National Amaretto Day, National Jelly Bean Day… But there’s only one reason that makes me throw my hands in the air (like I just don’t care) when April rolls around.

Three words.

Cadbury Creme Eggs.

Feel me?

I could eat those bad boys all day. They bring me back to simpler days when my cupcake skills were still … ahem… evolving and I made a Cadbury Creme Egg inspired cupcake (here) for Cupcake Hero. I never thought 2 years later I’d be inspired by it for Cupcake Hero again. This time as the task master rather than the cupcake-er. ♪♫ Movin on up to the East side! ♪♫

No, I’m not gonna make you bake with Cadbury Creme Eggs. I decided that this month I want all cupcake-ers to be inspired to think outside the cupcake. See something as something else. And who better to get inspiration for that than Karen Tack and Alan Richardson.

Coincidentally their new book, What’s New Cupcake, comes out in April too. APRIL FOOLS. They fooled us. (Why do I feel like it’s payback for my past April Fools jokes?) It’s actually out already! You can order it (here) from Amazon. Amazon is also featuring some how-to vidoes with Karen and Alan. The Chinese takeout box cupcakes are SO cute! Also their blog (here) has some more great cupcake projects too.

So here’s what I want you to do.

Buy the book, rent it from the library, borrow it from a friend, find it online and have some fun by yourself, with friends, family, kids or all of the above to create any of the cupcake ideas in Hello Cupcake or What’s New Cupcake. You can create it exactly as the book or use it as inspiration for your own creation.

I have to admit picking this theme is kinda selfish. I need some courage. I’ve been wanting to do the Starry Night Cupcake Cake for a LONG time but I’m a wuss. Maybe if I see other cupcake-ers do it, I’ll get that little extra PUSH too. My godson’s birthday is coming up in May and he wants a Starry Night cupcake birthday cake gosh darn it! “Come on Auntie CB! Make it for me!” <– Not only does he love art, he's a poet in training. HA!

Deadline: April 25th @11:59pm EST
(Since I’m not technically baking for this challenge I extended the deadline)

Winner will be chosen by Mr. Random Generator in the order received in the Cupcake Hero flickr group.

If you have any questions, check out my Cupcake Hero FAQs or email me if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for.

PS- Big HUGE thank you to everyone that left an interview question comment for Karen and Alan. 175 questions! They are in the process of reading+answering and I will post the interview along with the **GIVEAWAY** winner at their convenience.

PPS- Cupcake Hero::[Caramel] throw down will be posted tomorrow!



  1. That starry night cup cake is fantastic. Way beyond my simple cuppy capabilities. Hope you make it so we can see it in REAL LIFE.

  2. Fun theme Clara, and now you’ve just given me a good excuse to buy their new book. It’s homework this month, right? Love it!

  3. Every time I want to make cupcakes, I break out Hello, Cupcake! and pretend like I’m actually going to make something from that book. Alas, I have yet to make one of those lovely creations. Maybe if I sign up, I’ll be forced to make something. Hmm… something to noodle on.

  4. I LOVE cadbury eggs…my all time, want to eat it everyday, favorite candy! As a matter of fact, I have one for lunch today!! :) Love the theme and have been eyeing the book. May just have to run out and get it!

  5. CUTE babies! :)

  6. Love me some Cadbury eggs! I am ashamed to say that I have never read the cupcake books. I definitely have to now.

  7. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! You too love Cadbury Creme Eggs?! Those are my absolute fondest Easter memory from my childhood! I crave them every Easter now, but simply can’t find them anymore in Portugal (where I come from) or in Belgium (where I live now).

    Your nieces are just too adorable!

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