It’s a dog eat dog world. Part II

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So what did I do with those vanilla cupcakes…?

You didn’t think I forgot didja??

Let me apologize. I know teasers are mean. I promise I’m not really a mean-spirited person. Maybe a smidgen jokester though. I even admit I’m not one for surprises unless I know what the surprise is beforehand. I guess that kinda defeats the purpose, eh?

But I hope it was worth the wait.

Last weekend I was invited to the Riverside Humane Society’s fundraiser. About 4 months ago Hubs and I adopted a Great Pyrenees dog that my husband fondly named Andorra. If anyone gets why he picked that name, major props to you! (Hint: Remember. He’s a history, geography, map nerd.) You can read more about Andorra (here) on her blog.

Her foster mom, Patty, from The Great Pyrenees Association emailed me asking if we’d be interested in coming down with Andorra to help raise funds for the humane society. She explained that Andorra’s rescue works closely with the Humane Society and helping each other is crucial to finding good homes for all the needy animals. I won’t lie. It tugged at my heart strings. And as soon as I heard “bake sale” I knew I’d have to go. You say I get to bake and raise money for needy dogs. Yes please!

Of course you all know I had to bake cupcakes. And It didn’t take me long to figure out what kind of cupcakes to bake.

Great Pyrenees Cupcakes
Recipe adapted from Hello, Cupcake by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson


12 vanilla cupcake recipe (here), cooled to room temperature
1 can vanilla frosting (I used Betty Crocker Vanilla)
1 can chocolate frosting* (I used Betty Crocker Chocolate)
6 junior mint candies
24 chocolate M&Ms
36 mini marshmallows
6 watermelon Starburst
white fondant (I used Satin brand)

* You won’t use the whole can.


First make the ears. Roll out white fondant to about 1/4″ thick. Use a 1″ circle cookie cutter to cut out shape. It kind of reminds me of an aspirin. Use a rolling pin to gently roll circle out to a 1/8″ thick 2-1/2″ long oval.

Frost a cupcake with an offset spatula and place 3 mini marshmallows in a triangle shape in the middle of the cupcake. Add a thin layer of frosting around the marshmallows.

Cut a junior mint in half to make the nose (cut side down) at the top of the triangle snout. Tuck 1/2 of a watermelon Starburst shaped into a crescent for the mouth right under the marshmallow “snout”.

Add chocolate M&Ms at a 45 degree angle above the “snout” and using a piping bag+Wilton 2 round tip, pipe some frosting to make highlight on each eye.

Pipe more white frosting under the mouth to create a jaw. Gently fold the fondant ovals onto the cupcake to create the ears.

In another piping bag+Wilton 2 round tip, pipe chocolate frosting to form the whiskers right under the nose. Finally stand back and admire how cute your doggy cupcake turned out!


Husband rating: A+
My Hubs was tickled how much it looked like our dog, Andorra. I love when I can surprise my husband.

Wifey rating: A+
These were so much fun to make. Karen and Alan use slightly different candies but if their book has taught me anything, with a little imagination and creative ingredients, you can make anything!

Other rating: A+
Everyone at the fundraiser raved about them. I should have made more b/c we sold out so fast!



  1. You couldn’t possibly have chosen a more appropriate cupcake for the bake sale. These are SO ridiculously cute!! I’m not at all surprised they sold out so fast :)

  2. so cute!!!!!!!!!! love it!

  3. Super cute cupcakes, and how adorable is Andorra!

  4. Your cupcake making skills are fierce! I’m so impressed!

  5. OK, those are the most adorable cupcakes ever. I had to shield the eyes of my three dogs, or they’d be whining for me to make cupcakes that look like them. My excuse? their colors are a lot trickier. Yep, I’m sticking to that one.

    Good job raising money for needy doggies!!

  6. What a cute puppy! Great job.

  7. My daughter sent this link to me, she loves to bake, I love Great Pyrenees, we had a Pyr when the kids were little and have been recently been considering adopting another one now that they are all grown! These cupcakes are absolutely adorable, and how appropriate for this fundraiser! I wish I had been this creative when my kids were little and I had to make cupcakes to send into school for various birthdays/bake sales! We were the only ones in our hometown who had a Pyr, Benny, and he was quite the celebrity! May Andorra bring you joy (and inspiration) for many years to come! Can’t wait to read her blog! Best wishes to you and Hubs!

  8. I was searching for a “Humane Society in Andorra” on Google when I came to your post. It is so funny! I totally get why you called your beautiful Great Pyrenees doggy Andorra.. we actually live in this tiny country nestled in the Pyrenees! We moved here with my husband and daughters from the US a couple of years ago. I find it extremely charming that you named her like that, and I find your cupcakes extremely extraordinary! I gotta show this to my husband, he loooves to bake. Our girls would get a kick out of your cupcakes.
    Anyway, turns out there is no Humane Society in Andorra yet, so I gotta figure out how to make one happen. Super big kudos for your post, I really enjoyed it!

  9. Hello Susana! Wow what an amazing comment. So you totally understand why my husband named our Pyrenees Andorra! Good luck with establishing a Humane Society. Keep me updated!

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