Hippity Hoppity Easter 2010!

April 4, 2010 at 12:53 PM | Posted in cupcakes | 15 Comments
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I baked up some bunny cupcakes (my Hubs thinks they look like the Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland) and dirt+carrot cupcakes for our family’s Easter dinner. What are you baking?

I’ll share how I made my easter cupcakes if you share how you made yours…



  1. Super cute! The bunny missed our house:( I wish I could of enjoyed one of your cute cupcakes!

  2. Oh, CB – those are ADORABLE!!!!!

  3. Very cute!!

  4. Very cute – and I totally agree that they look like the White Rabbit from Alice – the little red hearts probably help this association along, I think… “Off With Their Heads!”

    And my Easter cupcakes are here: http://sugaryflower.blogspot.com/


  5. SO cute! I love the bunny cupcake!

    I did two Easter cakes this year…stop by and check them out! :o)


  6. Bunny cookie cupcakes!

  7. I made S’meeps Cupcakes. Like S’mores Cupcakes with Peeps instead of plain marshmallows.

  8. cute cute, I started reading your posts not too long ago, but love the way you write–fun :)

    If you’d like to check out my easter creations…


  9. These cupcakes are absolutely adorable! What talent you have! I wish these cupcakes were on my table this Easter.

  10. OMG those are so freakin adorable! You are so creative!

  11. I Love these cupcakes I’m going to try to make some for a group of preschoolers. They are to adorable! Can you tell me what you used for the ears and the whiskers oh and maybe the carrots? Thanks so much I LOVE your ideas.

  12. Awwww these are so sweet, I love your easter cupcakes!

  13. I’m planning on doing a blog post about the whole process (hopefully soon!) but just in case you need the answers to your questions now… ears=fondant, whiskers=uncooked thin spaghetti, carrots=orange starburst+green airheads. Hope that helps!

  14. OMG I want to snuggle these cupcakes…. which would lead to a terrible mess. I hereby declare these bunnies suitable of being components of my happy place. :D

  15. Oh, these are super cute CB! I’m such a sucker for cupcakes… Looking forward to seeing how you put these together!

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