Cupcake Hero [Caramel] **WINNER**

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Ugh. Is it really almost May? Sorry Readers. (There I go again with my case of the Sorrys.)

And here are a couple more I’M-SO-SORRYs for Paige of Starting Over Again and Sophie of The Lazy Cook for waiting patiently for the bakeoff results. Again I repeat. Is it really almost May?? I’m losing my mind must less track of the days. Please tell me I’m not the only one.

Since I’ve made you wait long enough… I’ll skip right to the chase.

Congratulations Paige!
You are the Cupcake Hero::March winner! *golf clap*

Please email me with your address and I’ll be shipping out your well deserved prizes as soon as possible.

I love me some caramel and since my favorite cookies are Girl Scout Samoas, this was a no brainer. The “cake” is a little dense but it was so reminiscent of a shortbread cookie that it was fabulous with the caramel and coconut topping. Of course you can’t forget the drizzle of chocolate on top too. All of my taste tester had nothing but good things to say.

That’s no slight on the challenger’s caramel and strawberry combination though. I love strawberry. I LOVE caramel. Why have I never thought to put it together?? Thanks Sophie for introducing me to deliciousness that is strawberry+caramel. I have a feeling I’ll be making this flavor combination again REAL soon!


Now that that business is out of the way. Please head on over to the Cupcake Hero flickr group to discuss the future of Cupcake Hero. I’ve listed a few options and would love to hear your opinions.

Oh one more thing. THANKS to all that submitted their cupcakes for Cupcake Hero::[April]. I know I had a great time seeing all the creations. Hope you had fun too. Will be posting roundup + Mr. Random generator winner tomorrow…. which probably means it’s more likely on Friday knowing my track record lately. *snort*

Thanks for your time, Cupcake Geeks.


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