I Wanna Be A Billionaire So Fricking Bad…

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Guess what?

What time is it?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

It’s time to unpack all the ornaments, trim the tree, hang the door wreath, untangle the strands of tiny multicolored light bulbs and listen to 24/7 Christmas carols on KOST 103.5 FM. My MIL flips the radio station to KOST almost the minute… no… second that Thanksgiving is over. It’s totally grown on me over the years and I find myself humming the tunes all month long.

Now I don’t know about you but I love buying gifts as much (if not more) than receiving them. Especially if I find THE gift that makes the receiver squeal with delight and exclaim “HOW DID YOU KNOW??” So here’s my Christmas List 2010 for anyone that needs help finding THE gift for that special someone. Well someone kinda like me. *hint hint*

Most are cupcake related but I threw in a few that come in non-cake batter form so you can see that I’m not one dimensional. But you already knew that right?

On second thought. Don’t answer that. Let’s just get this party started already! HA

$10 or less

1. Recipe cards
For some reason I am all about the gray color combinations right now. Gray+pink, gray+turquoise, gray+mustard yellow… so I love these recipe cards. Pretty and functional!
2. Soda Can Cupcake Jewelry
How funky is this necklace? I love that it upcycles soda can material. Can I get a Dr. Pepper please!
3. Party Nut Cup(cake) Liners Pictured are my Milk & Cookie Cupcakes from last year
I buy mine at Smart&Final. Click (here) to find a location near you.

Under $25

1. Beater Blade
I never mix without my Beater Blade. And since I’m matchy matchy. The red one makes me smile.
2. Monogram cupcake plate as seen in MS Weddings
I’m a sucker for monograms and desserts. Who knew me and Martha (Stewart) had so much in common? Except the jail part. Maybe? *looking innocent until proven guilty*
3. Today I Feel Like Baking Print
I love the whimsical colors (matches my kitchen!) and the subliminal message. Wouldn’t it be cute in any kitchen? Click the link for more available colors.

Under $50

1. Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan
A fun gift for the cupcake-er in your life that likes to… ahem… overindulge. You can see my Giant Red Velvet Cupcake with Chocolate Liner (here)
2. Griswold Cast Iron Cupcake Pan
Even though I know the ebay link above is going for $65, I found mine at a flea market for $15! Score! That’s my Hubsy modeling it in the picture. So I figured $50 was a good average price range +- a few bucks depending on where you find/buy it. I still need to clean and season mine. I’ll have a step-by-step post about how to do that on my blog soon.
3. Cupcake Tower (small)
This comes in various sizes but unless you are catering weddings every weekend, I think the small size is adequate for the hobbyist cupcake-er since it holds 32 cupcakes. I love the diversity of switching out the ribbon color, how modern the structure looks and how easy it is to store since it’s collapsible. Win-win-win!

Under $100

1. KitchenAid Glass Bowl
I have my precious KitchenAid mixer *waving at Ginger Spice* and adding the glass bowl was cherry. I love being able to melt butter in the microwave and go straight to the mixer. Less dirty dishes makes this baker a happy lady.
2. KitchenAid Ice Cream Attachment
This is a dangerous attachment. You can make ice cream at a moment’s notice. Whatever flavor your tummy desires. If you buy the ice cream attachment, I recommend getting (this) book too. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.
3. Wusthof Chef’s Knife (8″)
I don’t have this knife. But I want this knife. Actually I want the whole knife set but fellow aficionados tell me that I should at least have the Chef’s Knife. I’m told to go for the 8″ and not the 6″ or 10″ b/c size does matter and I have small hands. Is my husband the only one trying to suppress saying “That’s what she said”? It’s ok. Spit it out. There. Feel better?

$100 and more

1. Cricut Cake
Now I know there are purists out there that say that using a machine takes away from the art of cake decorating but I’m all about cutting (no pun intended) corners sometimes. And I’m not afraid to admit it. Yeah! You heard me cake mix haters!
2. Epiphanie DSLR purse
My BFF, Nikki, introduced me to these GORGEOUS camera bags and I’ve been drooling ever since. Click the link so you can see all the different styles. I’m partial to the Lola myself. Dear Santa, The red one. Please? Sincerely, Good Little CB
3. iPhone 4
I already have the iPhone 3GS but iPhone 4 friends tell me that I NEED to upgrade. I tend to agree.

BONUS: Favorite cupcake books

1. Cupcake Pops by Bakerella
I tried not to give into the hype but I succumbed to the teeny cupcake temptress. And it was delicious.
2. What’s New Cupcake by Alan Richardson & Karen Tack
I assume you have the first book already. If not, you better just save yourself the trouble and buy both of them.
3. Cupcakes by Martha Stewart
What else is there to say? The woman knows insider trading and cupcakes.

And a partridge in a pear tree…

Happy Holidays cupcake freaks. You all be good now ya hear. Santa is watching.

PS. Those that follow me on Facebook/Twitter got my 30 Days of Thankfulness for November. Stay tuned tomorrow for 31 days of Bah Humbugs for December. <– Isn't it more fun to be snarky?

Legalese: This is my personal list of things I like, love, need, want and/or have without coercion or compensation for promoting any of these products.



  1. Yeah, I pretty much want everything you listed! Great round up :)

  2. I sent this to my husband because it’s such a great list! :) Although, did you know that there is a Cricut Cake Mini? They had it at JoAnn’s last week on sale for $99. That’s the one my list just because I don’t ever make really big cakes, just want something to make fun little decorations for cupcakes or small cakes.

  3. There’s a mini?? For $99?!! Oh man. Im salivating. But I was just at my Joann’s last weekend and I don’t remember seeing a mini at all! I feel so gypped. I wonder if it varies by location :(

  4. I just finished my holiday guide so it was fun to see what you ended up putting on yours. Love the KitchenAid glass bowl idea (never thought about how it would make things easier for microwaving) and the cast iron idea. My husband has a huge cast iron collection, but we somehow don’t have that one!

  5. That camera bag would make a cute purse, lol

  6. Just saw your cupcake gift guide. Great stuff! GMTA re: Silohuette. I just bought mine on Cyber Monday (I couldn’t resist the deal) and I’m excited to try it out.

  7. The mini was def $99 this weekend. I don’t know how I forgot to tell you, maybe it was to get into T’s good graces so he sends you to me for Christmas. I need CB time you know. I think that puts me $99 closer to a plane ticket. haha If you add to that the obligatory cartridges that’s pretty much enough for a plane ticket.

    Morocco … it’s a camera bag that’s supposed to have a dual role as a purse. I usually bring my camera with me (I have the black lola because I’m sleek and stylish like that), but even when my camera stays home it functions as my purse

    And last but not least, I thing this post is pretty much and ode to NB. I mean I’m given a shout out and my super awesome not completely even border is featured. Hells ya I’m awesome.

    PS the snow falling on the page totally freaked me out at first. I thought I was hallucinating.

  8. Well, I think it might have been part of their Black Friday sales for $99. But the regular, non-sale price was $149, which is still a good deal cheaper than the regular one. http://www.cricut.com/cake/Mini.aspx

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