Happy 40th Anniversary Mom and Dad (in law).

December 2, 2010 at 1:18 PM | Posted in cupcakes | 6 Comments

I’m a visual person.

I like pictures.

Pictures are a must have in many of my cookbooks. They inspire me to bake.

Just thought I’d share a few pictures from Hubsy’s parents’ 40th Wedding Anniversary Party last weekend hosted by yours truly. Since 40th anniversary gemstone is ruby according to (this) website, our theme was red and white. You can imagine Hubsy’s excitement over red velvet desserts. He totally squealed. <– Oops I wasn't suppose to post that part.

See anything I should write a post about? Maybe the pound (cup)cake trifles, fondant mini roses or red velvet cupcake bites?

Hopefully my pictures inspire you to bake too.

Happy Thursday readers. It’s almost Friday!



  1. Clara, What a great spread! 40th anniversaries rock! Congrats to the in-laws. – mary

  2. Definitely the trifle but it all looks awesome!!!!

  3. ooh, awesome idea with the cupcake trifles! I’m definitely going to use that, thanks!

  4. All of them. I’m dying to know how you made all of them! Beautiful job. And I’m so happy to read your blog posts again! YOU are inspiring!

  5. No doubt, it was really hard on you to have to use all that beautiful red as well! Did you use your KA as the color to match? :-)

  6. Oh you better believe that Ginger was a contributing factor. LOL

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