Cupcakes are the Spice of Life **GIVEAWAY**

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Even though I’ve been sitting here for a while trying to figure out how to begin this blog post, the only thing I can think of is…

And there’s no one that could say it better than perfect strangers, Cousin Larry and Balki Bartokomous. Who’s feeling me? These past few weeks have been crazy. Ya know. Thanksgiving, Christmas, California got 10 inches of rain in 14 days so my downstairs bedroom flooded (ugh!) but I think things are finally back to normal being flood-less.

Ok now that that’s off my chest, let’s talk midget cakes.

Cupcake friends, if you didn’t wanna be my best friend before, you will now. It involves emails and vanilla extract.

I love getting emails. Especially the ones that begin with “We love your blog” and end with “We wanna give you free stuff.” So I won’t lie when I got an email from Spice Islands about giving away (THIS) Spice Gift Pack which includes a variety of their most popular spices including pure vanilla extract, ground Saigon cinnamon (omg so good!), dill, rosemary and bay leaves to one lucky IHC reader, I squealed and maybe threw in a *fist pump* or two. I always feel like I pulled one over on my sponsors b/c they can’t possibly think I’m THAT cool right? Lil ol me? *evil laugh*

Now I know that vanilla extracts are a dime a dozen at the grocery store but this one is used by my idol, my hero, my mentor, the person that I wanna be when I grow up…

MARTHA! MARTHA! MARTHA! (You know you wanna say it like Jan Brady. Or is that just me?)

We’ll just overlook her past discrepancies with the insider trading thing. Or if you are delusional like me, you can justify it in your head by saying she was framed. Whatever floats your boat.

Also check out one of my favorite food-tographers/bloggers, Matt Armendariz featured on the Spice Island blog (HERE).

Here’s how to win.


(1) Only those who live within the US and Canada eligible to win prizes. (Sorry my international peeps!)
(2) Please make sure you leave a valid email address so I can contact you if you win.

To enter answer this question via comments:
What was your favorite tv show from your childhood?
– Obviously Perfect Strangers is on the short list. But I think I will always have a special place in my heart for the Winslow family and Steve Urkel. I met Mr. Urkel on UCLA campus once. He’s taller than he looks on the show. But his bodyguards wouldn’t let me get too close. I guess I look like a crazy deranged fan. Go figure. *shrugs*

Want an extra entry?*
– Check out IHC’s NEW Facebook page! It’s still in the initial stages (ie I have no idea what I’m doing yet) but click the button and leave me a separate comment with your FB name so I can matchy matchy with the “People Like This” list. (+1 entry)
– Twitter (@ihcuppycakes) about my giveaway and leave me a separate comment with the link. Click “x time ago” under your tweet for the direct link. (+1 entry)
– Bake any IHC recipe and leave me a separate comment with your blog post link. Past recipes work too! Your post must mention my blog somewhere to be valid. (+1 entry)

* If I don’t see a separate entry, I will not count it. B/c I said so.

Deadline: January 16th @ 11:59pm EST

Winners will be chosen by Mr. Random Generator on January 17th.

Citrus3 Cupcakes recipe coming up next!



  1. 1
    I LOVE Perfect Strangers! I just introduced my 10 year old to the show on YouTube.

  2. 2
    My favorite was Out of this World. It was about a teenage girl who had alien powers and Steve Burton was on it. He is on General Hospital now :) (just thought I would throw that in…) Love your blog!!

  3. 3
    facebook name Emily Dula

  4. 4
    I loved Fraggle Rock as a kid!

  5. 5
    Your Perfect Strangers picture cracked me up. My sister and I used to watch that show every Friday night.

  6. 6
    I loved Hey, Dude! :P It was a Nick show I think.

    And as far as Martha is concerned, I think it’s okay to love her again. She may have done something bad but she did her time. Second chances are awesome :)

  7. 7
    Full House. Seriously, every Friday night. I am still in love with Jesse, but really, who isn’t?

  8. 8
    I am a FB fan. I’m Niki Theodoropoulos :)

  9. 9
    Definitely Saved By The Bell! :)

  10. 10
    My favorite show as a kid was black and white Batman reruns…they had these on one channel or another after school for a few years, and I always loved at the end when they said “same bat time same bat channel”! :)

  11. 11
    Who’s The Boss? :)

  12. 12
    my favorite? is it ok to have lots of favorites? i’m a tv junkie.
    growing pains
    facts of life
    different strokes
    silver spoons
    who’s the boss
    etc etc etc :-P

  13. 14
    I “like” you on FB :-)
    Susan Johnson

  14. Omg I loved that show too! I remember telling my mom I wanted a dad talking cube. Poor thing had no clue what the heck I was talking about! haha

  15. 15
    The Care Bears!

  16. 16
    “liked” you on facebook: Jessica June Green

  17. 17
    My favorite would have to be the Cosby Show…or maybe Full House, its a toss up!

  18. 18
    I like you on FB-I am Linzy Fitzsimons. Also I would love for you to check out my blog, you have such wonderful things on your blog and I love your blog design! Happy New Year!

  19. 19
    Fraggle Rock for sure!

  20. 20
    Boy Meets World!

  21. 21
    I “liked” you on Facebook!
    Melissa Jackson

  22. Thanks for all the blog compliments. Ironically I was just thinking the other day I needed to redecorate around here since I’m still using free wordpress. haha. *off to check out your blog*

  23. 22
    My favorite was The Mickey Mouse Club.

  24. 23
    I “liked” you on FB
    Judy Trcka Robinson

  25. 24
    I made your Holiday Nog Crunkcakes last weekend – everyone loved them. Thanks for a great recipe!
    I don’t have a blog though. But, I told all my baker friends about your blog

  26. 25
    Boy Meets World or Full House!

  27. 26
    Does a TV special count? I think it was on CBS every year: Cinderella starring Leslie Ann Warren. Loved LOVED LOVED IT! Had to fight with my brother so I could watch me.

  28. 27
    I liked you on FB.

    Shelly Ipox

  29. 28
    Full House for sure. My kids love all the reruns now too!

  30. 29
    I “like” your facebook page!

  31. 30
    Fraggle Rock!! And Dinosaurs!!! Not the Momma!! LOL.. I “like” you on FB- Shannon Genosky!!

  32. 31
    That’s a tough one! I liked so many. I really loved morning kid show called The Great Space Coaster, but I liked the Cosby Show, Facts of Life, and Good Times too.

  33. 32
    I loved all the TGIF shows (Family Matters, Step by Step, etc), but my absolute favorite was the short lived Teen Angel series. It was about a teenager who dies from eating an old cheeseburger on a dare and becomes his best friend’s guardian angel.

  34. Thank you so much for stopping by!

  35. 33
    Facts of Life was my favorite!


  36. 34
    I like you on FB~Deb S


  37. 35
    I liked a lot of tv shows as a kid, that’s probably part of the reason I decided to work in television! I can’t really choose a favorite, but I know I LOOOOVED Muppet Babies.

  38. 36
    Full House all the way!!!

  39. 37
    I liked you on facebook. H L Eure

  40. 39
    and I tweeted:!/hleure/status/23512369170743296

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  41. 40
    Probably either Out of this World, or Full House

  42. 41
    I tweeted….. @dvanatta

  43. 42
    UMMMMM!!! We only had three channels, so cartoons, cowboys, or news…Ed Sullivan..yep that is it. I saw the Beatles the very first time, and so many more gr8 entertainers..Loved the old dude.
    Blessings, redraven…

  44. 43
    Liked on Facebook… Dyanna McElwee Vanatta

  45. 44
    My favorite TV show when I was a child was the Mickey Mouse Club
    My email address is

  46. 45
    I liked you on facebook!

  47. 46
    Clarissa Explains It All on Nickelodeon

  48. 47
    Littlest Hobo – I think it was just a Canadian show, actually. Picture a dog going from town to town, doing human-things. Like, going grocery shopping or mediating a spat between two lovers. You know, everyday dog stuff. It was was like Lassie on crack. I was pretty disappointed when my first golden retriever didn’t act like Hobo :(

  49. 48
    My favorite was Danger Bay, a Canadian show that was on the Disney channel. I claim that as my favorite because once when I was spending the night at a friend’s house, we woke up at like 2 in the morning so we could watch it.

  50. 49
    The New Mickey Mouse Club! I was in love with JC from *NSYNC even before he was JC from *NSYNC :)

  51. 50
    I’ve definitely seen every episode of the Cosby Show at least 5 times. My boyfriend now can’t believe how every time I flip to it now I can give him a synopsis of the episode within seconds.

  52. 51
    One of my first entries on my blog was a recipe of yours!

  53. 52
    I “like” you on facebook. Alison Johnston Ficklin

  54. 53
    I’m a dork I suppose but I was always a fan of Little House on the Prairie and The Waltons.

  55. 54
    Glad to see you are on Facebook now too! Lucy Nash

  56. 55
    I retweeted too :)

  57. 56
    Despite growing up in the UK – my my childhood wouldn’t have been complete without ‘Saved by the Bell’! I used to wish I went to American high school as everyone was so much cooler.

    I still find it strange seeing Mario Lopez on the TV – I have aged 20 years since that started – he doesnt seem to have :S

  58. 57
    Mine was David the Gnome!

  59. 58
    I looked forward to TFIG all week, but especially Full House!

  60. 59
    I liked you on facebook: Laura Duane

  61. 60
    I’m just sitting here going “duh, what did I use to watch as a kid?” lol I was more of a reader than a watcher. But I do remember watching ALF. “Where’d that cat go?” oh what a HOOT!

  62. 61
    I liked you on FB 3.5 years ago, but liked IHC yesterday. I think you know where to find me still. -Dawn A

  63. 62
    We watched Full House a LOT and still say “how rude” Stephanie style. Family Matters was on a lot, Growing Pains, & My Two Dads. I liked Blossom when I was older, too (but that was due to my Joey Lawrence crush).

  64. 63
    The Facts of Life and Charlie’s Angels were two of my favorite tv shows when I was a kid.

  65. 64
    Well if I go back too far in my childhood there was no TV to speak of. My early days were Howdy Doodie, Kookla/Fran and Ollie. But I suppose the original Hawaii 5-0 was a favorite. I liked Welcome Back Kotter as a comedy.

  66. 65
    My favourite was Jem and the Holograms. She was truly, truly, truly outrageous!

  67. 66
    I used to enjoy watching Family Matters, Different Strokes and Full House.

  68. 67
    I tweeted this giveaway:

  69. 68
    Dinosaurs!! and Step by Step

  70. 69
    LOVED TGIF growing up :) Favorite show would have to be Full House. I have many more but this one was one of the top favorites.

  71. 70
    Of course I will like you on FB :)

  72. 71

  73. 72
    favourite show by far as a kid – Saved by the bell!!!

  74. 73
    I loved the wonder years!!! :D

  75. 74
    i liked you on fb! my fb name is jessica nguyen… lol :)

  76. 75
    I loved all the TGIF shows. But some of my favorites were Full house, Saved by the bell and punky brewster.

  77. 76
    My favorite show when I was young was I Dream of Jeanie reruns. I remember loving it when I was four or five. When I grew up the Facts of Life and Gimme a Break were pretty high on my list. And of course when Mtv actually played videos.

  78. 77
    I tweeted your giveaway

  79. 78
    I “liked” you on “the book”

  80. 79
    It was the Brady Bunch! Love it, Love it, Love it with a big L!!

  81. 80
    I would have to say Full House! :) I also watched the Cosby Show a lot. Thanks!

  82. 81
    I “liked” your facebook page! My name is the same on there as here. :)

  83. 82
    I did not have cable as a kid, so my favorite show was whatever happened to be on the four channels I could get!

  84. 83
    My first blog entry used your recipe for Strawberry Swiss Meringue Buttercream (although I used raspberries). It was absolutely perfect for my matcha cupcakes! I did link to your blog.

  85. 84
    I LOVED the Cosby Show!! Oh, and Bewitched. :-)

  86. 85
    I also ‘liked’ your FB page!

  87. 86
    I think my favorite show was Saved by the Bell. I’m guilty of watching the reruns every now and then :)

  88. 87
    I liked you on FB!! mrs.hawkins

  89. The email address on that comment is wrong!! This is the right one!!

  90. 88
    A tweet!!!/mrs_hawkins/status/24913306284204032

  91. 89
    My favourite TV show from when I was a child was probably Sailor Moon. I am still young (turning 19 soon!) and 14 years ago I genuinely THOUGHT I was Sailor Moon.
    I tried watching it a couple months ago and didn’t understand how I used to love it.

  92. 90
    I am old – The Andy Griffith Show & The Beverly Hillbillies were my favorite shows.

  93. 91
    Like you on FB (SusanBenegas)

  94. 92
    It’s hard to pick just 1 favorite TV show of mine from when I was a kid…some of my favorites were The Beverly Hillbillies, The Adams Family, and Gilligan’s Island.

    Thanks for a chance to win this fabulous giveaway!

    …and your blog is awesome!

  95. 93
    Full House. Dj, Stephanie, and Michelle Tanner whats not to love?

  96. 94
    Growing up I loved watching Bewitched.

  97. 95
    I grew up watching Roseanne and Full House and that is I learned English too. Back then my favorite one was Full House… Now, it would be Roseanne.

    Love the blog btw, my hubby is getting fatter by the minute lol

  98. 96
    I’ve always been a tv-head…but I think Wings is probably my all time favorite!

  99. 97
    I ‘like’ you on FB–in fact..I’m #50. I think that is reason to celebrate. *does happy dance, breaks hip, falls to ground, needs cupcakes to heal properly*

  100. 98
    I follow you on Twitter as well! @ssgreer826

  101. 99
    Saved by the Bell and Boy Meets World were both great shows. :)

  102. 100
    But I have so many! Saved by the Bell, Full House, the Cosby Show, more of those types of shows, and weirdly enough, Homicide: Life on the Street.

  103. 101
    Are you afraid of the Dark? was probably my favorite show. You can still find them online… not so scary anymore but they terrified me as a kid!

  104. 102
    I loved Saved by the Bell, Who’s the Boss?, and Family Matters.

  105. 103
    I loved the Mickey Mouse Club too. But, I really loved watching Full House with my lovely daughter Denise when she was growing up.
    Blessings all. :)

  106. […] Entered this giveaway for Spice Island Spices   Leave a Comment LikeBe the first to like this […]

  107. This giveaway is now closed. Try again at the next one!

  108. Do cartoons count…? The Gummy Bears. Or David the Gnome. Hehe. I’m only 23, mind you.

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