Who’s a winner? You’re a winner!

January 18, 2011 at 11:20 AM | Posted in giveaway | 6 Comments

Well… if you’re #102 that is.

CONGRATULATIONS Ange! Please email me your shipping address and I’ll forward it to our friends at Spice Islands. If there is no response in 7 days, I’ll choose another winner. Goes to show you, just because you’re one of the last comments doesn’t mean you can’t win, eh? That’s how randomness works!

Quick etiquette question for my readers.

Background story first.

I was sick. I’m still sick. I blame my BIL. He was sick with the stomach flu. I came over to take care of my nieces since he was sick. And then I got sick. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Since I was laid up on the couch all weekend, I trolled around the internet and read (of course now I can’t remember which blog b/c I was half delirious so forgive me) that it’s against blogger etiquette to apologize all the time? Uh oh. I’m a procrastinator. So procrastinating and apologizing go hand in hand. I’m sorry! *smacks hand* Eesh. Old habits die hard.

Now my question. Does it bother readers to see “sorry” on blogs? B/c I don’t get that “rule”. Gimme a few days. I bet I could come up with some rules of my own.

If anything that I wrote above doesn’t make sense, I blame the revolt in my tummy that won’t go away peacefully.

Too bad chicken noodle soup doesn’t come in cupcake form.

Hey… now there’s an idea!



  1. Sorry to hear about the stomach flu! I have just got over that myself and its rough.

  2. I do find it annoying when someone who is notorious for not blogging on a regular basis apologizes for not keeping up with their blog. I’ve followed blogs, more accurately I stopped following blogs, because reading someone’s apology was as consistent as was their inconsistency in maintaining their blog.

  3. I have TOTALLY become that blogger. I didn’t want to be that blogger, but shamefully…I admit I am a slogger- blogging slacker. :( It is part of my New Year goals to be better. Fingers crosses!

    So sorry you had the tummy bug from hell. I had it on CHRISTMAS MORNING! It was hard to explain to my Clara why Mommy wasn’t more fun. :(

  4. Ah I see. That makes sense.

  5. Well I for one am looking forward to more Janna blog posts! Are you on FB? PS- Have I told you lately that I love your daughter’s name? ;)

  6. I appreciate the get well wishes. Stomach flu sucks!

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