Happy Year of the Rabbit

February 3, 2011 at 9:41 AM | Posted in cupcakes | 9 Comments

Chúc mừng Năm mới –> Translation: Happy New Year!

Now don’t get me wrong. I love January 1st New Year with champagne, dropping crystal ball, Times Square, Dick Clark, Tournament of Roses parade etc… but I adore eating my mommy’s yummy home cooked Vietnamese food and the little red envelopes filled with lucky money just a teeny tiny bit more.

Ah memories… One year I ate so many eggrolls that I didn’t eat for 2 days! But it was so worth it. My mom’s eggrolls are so friggin’ tasty!

I would have come baring rabbit inspired cupcakes for ya’ll but my sore throat still isn’t up for… ahem… quality control. But here are some of my favorite rabbit cupcakes from blog’s past. Which one is your favorite?

If you’d like to see how I made these radical rabbits, click (here). Hmmm… do people still say “radical” these days? Does it make me sound old to even have to ask that question? On second thought. Don’t answer that. I’m afraid of the answer.

Happy Vietnamese New Year cupcake monsters.

Hope your 2011 is filled with carrot tops, wealth, health and happiness.



  1. I bet you love the years of rabbits just a little extra, right!? I hope you get feeling better soon CB.

  2. These are totally RADICAL! Love them!

  3. Unfortunately I’m not a fan of Vietnamese food but I’m down for an envelope with some money any day!!! And I don’t even care what color the envelope is…..lol!!

    Hope you start feeling better soon…..if not for yourself than for our waistlines!! :-)

  4. My 17 yr. old says radical all of the time, so you’re not old. lol Those bunnies are seriously radical, and yummy looking, too.

  5. The one with the flower head and the elvis hair are hilarious! Happy Year of the Rabbit!

  6. Stumbled across your page an hour ago and love your work. However I was wondering if ANY of the cookbooks you have listed are High Altitude Friendly? I live in Denver, Colorado 5280 feet to be exact. Baking in high altitude is a challenge that’s for sure. Know of any HA cookbooks/recipes?

  7. I admit I’m no expert on HA baking. But I can give you a couple suggestions from various HA baker friends.

    1. Since the air is thinner and drier at higher altitudes, these conditions usually need a 25F increase in baking time.

    2. You might need to adjust the ingredients. Sometimes a little more liquid is needed so that whatever you are baking doesn’t dry out.

    3. You might need to decrease the leavening (baking powder/baking soda) because carbon dioxide is produced at a higher rate at greater altitudes.

    4. You might need to decrease the sugar b/c baking sugar at higher altitudes makes it more concentrated.

    Unfortunately it’s a lot of trial and error for each recipe. You may need to make all the above adjustments or just a few. For example. (1) If your cupcake recipe overflow in the oven, you’ll need to decrease the leavening. (2) If the cupcake tastes “too” sweet, you’ll need to decrease the sugar. (3) If the cupcake is too dry, the low air pressure at higher altitudes causes liquid to evaporate faster. Without enough liquid, the starch in the flour won’t gelatinize properly and can not support the cake so you might have to increase the liquid or add an extra egg. Increase the oven temp will help speed up gelatinizeation before too much liquid evaporates too.

    As for book recommendations. Many baker friends recommend “Pie In The Sky: Successful High Altitude Baking” by Susan G. Purdy.

    Hope that helps!

  8. Thank you for your response. I’ve been doing a lot of research on HA baking and have found a lot of helpful tips. I appreciate all the information you have provided as well. It’s def a line of trial and errors. I use to live in Florida so it makes baking such a hassle living so high up. I miss when I could just find any good recipe and bake it up without having to change a thing. Thanks for the book suggestion, will check it out.

  9. Seriously these are adorable! Glad I found your blog!

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