Happy Birthday Scott **GIVEAWAY**

November 14, 2011 at 8:26 AM | Posted in giveaway | 56 Comments

Hey so glad you came back!

Yesterday I mentioned in my post about my white thingamabob battery powered sifter. (Yes, that IS the technical term.)

And a promise is a promise!

Norpro 4 cup battery powered sifter (via Amazon.com)

Product description: The perfect sifter for those who have trouble turning a crank or squeezing a handle. This 4-cup capacity sifter is battery-operated; just push the button to run. Commercial flour is usually pre-sifted and compacted at the mill. Re-sifting make the flour fluffy again. Cakes, muffins, and breads are much lighter in texture when flour is sifted before being added to dough or batter. Stainless steel mesh screen is removeable to clean and will not rust or corrode. Plastic body and easy to clean. Great tool for Arthritis Sufferers. Requires C battery (Not Included)

Here’s how to win:

(1) Only those who live within the US and Canada eligible to win prizes. (Sorry my international peeps!)
(2) Please make sure you leave a valid email address so I can contact you if you win.

To enter answer the question via comments:
1. What boozy drink do you think would make a yummy cupcake? Oh and somewhere in your comment you need to wish my friend, Scott, happy birthday. Any entries without “Happy Birthday Scott” will be ineligible!

Want an extra entry?*
A. Check out IHC’s Facebook page! Click the button and leave me a separate comment with your FB name so I can matchy matchy with the “People Like This” list. (+1 entry)
B. Twitter (@ihcuppycakes) about my giveaway and leave me a separate comment with the link. Click “x time ago” under your tweet for the direct link. (+1 entry)
C. Bake any IHC recipe and leave me a separate comment with your blog post link. Past recipes work too! Your post must mention my blog somewhere to be valid. (+1 entry)

* If I don’t see a separate entry, I will not count it. B/c I said so. :P

DEADLINE: November 20th @ 11:59pm EST

Winners will be chosen by Mr. Random Generator on November 22nd.

For 2 lucky winners, sifting will never be the same. Your wrists will thank you.

Good luck to all participants! (Ok, NOW I will start accepting bribes.)




  1. 1
    Happy Birthday Scott! How about Kahlua? Anything with Kahlua in it has got to taste great!

  2. 2
    Happy Birthday Scott!! Great minds think alike, because I’m partial to Kahlua myself. Mmm, or perhaps some blackberry brandy paired with dark chocolate?

  3. 3
    Happy Birthday Scott! I’d say anything involving marzipan and amaretto… yummm

  4. 4
    duh of course I like you on FB, stephsnow my dear… HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTT!!

  5. 5
    Happy birthday Scott! Have a great year!

    I think a “Snuggler” cupcake would be fabulous. Ever had one of those? It’s hot cocoa with peppermint Schnapps. I loooovvveeed them!


  6. 6
    A cupcake made with Bailey’s or amaretto sounds amazing. Happy Birthday to Scott!

  7. 7
    IT is on like donkey kong! Happy Birthday Scott! Oh and for a boozy cupcake, what about a amaretto sour? With a maraschino cherry on top?

  8. 8
    Oh boy I am embarrassed. I didn’t know you had a FB page! It’s been “liked”.

  9. 9
    I’d love to win this! I think a strawberry daquri (um, I can’t spell today, but I’m too lazy to go look it up) sounds delish.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTTTTTTT! (Do I get extra entries for my enthusiasm? :))

  10. 10
    I actually just found your FB page last night and “liked” you. Nina Weaver

  11. 11
    Tweet tweeted! https://twitter.com/#!/kgroovy/status/136163725123137538

  12. I follow you on Twitter

  13. 12
    Happy birthday, Scott! So, this might be gross, but it might be good…what about a bloody Mary cupcake?

  14. 13
    Happy Birthday, Scott! :)

    I agree that Kahlua would make a great cupcake. :) But I also think that lemon drop cupcakes sound amazing. :) Lemon flavored vodka, anyone?


  15. 14
    Happy, happy, birthday,
    Happy, happy, birthday,
    happy birthday Scott!

    The drink. Champaine or Sangria.
    I was going to say Long Island Ice Tea. Just kidding :0)

    I LOVE your shirt. You look so cute.

    And that Sifter would be so helpful with Diabetic Neuropothy.

  16. 15
    I LIKE you on Facebook

  17. 16
    Happy birthday to you~
    Happy birthday to you~
    Happy birthday dear Scott~~~
    Happy birthday to you! :)

    It was my birthday this past weekend on 11.11.11 too~ :) Hope you had a good one!

    I think bourbon or guinness would make excellent cupcakes! Enjoy!~

  18. 17
    Wishing Scott a Happy Birthday.
    Now, do you you think he can get the transporter working and beam us all over for the party?

    A drink? Slow Gin Fizz.
    Fruity and sweet.

  19. 18
    Happy Birthday, Scott! (Don’t make me sing the Applebee’s Happy Birthday song…cause I will!)
    I think that Amaretto ALWAYS makes things tastier!!

  20. 19
    Hmmm, I have no idea. I stopped drinking years ago. It’s not really “boozy”, but I’ve always enjoyed Guiness cupcakes.

    Oh, and Happy Birthday Scott!

  21. 20
    I already like you on FB

  22. 21
    Happy Birthday Scott! I think Kahlua would make a great cupcake.

  23. 22
    Happy you’re back! And happy birthday Scott! One of my favorite boozy cupcakes is actually margarita cupcakes. Mmmmmm.

  24. 23
    Once again, happy birthday Scott! Here’s a past recipe I made: http://www.ingredientsofa20something.com/2010/06/ccdcc-chocolate-chip-cookie-dough.html

  25. 24
    Happy Birthday Scott. I would think a mojito cupcake could taste pretty good.

  26. 25
    Happy Birthday, Scott! I was thinking that, going into the festive season and all, an rum-eggnog cupcake would be awesome.

  27. 26
    Started following your blog recently, and I absolutely adore your adapted cupcake recipes! Looooovee your red velvet recipe!

    Glad you’ve posted something new… will keep following you! You’re awesome!

  28. 27
    I tweeted http://twitter.com/#!/earlybird65/status/136339233542647808

  29. 28
    I think a pina colada would be great. A very happy birthday to your friend Scott. Love the sifter, great idea

  30. 29
    Happy Birthday, Scott! How does a cosmo cupcake with a cranberry frosting sound?

  31. 30
    Happy birthday!

    What boozy drink do you think would make a yummy cupcake? Um..Kahlua?

  32. 31
    Feliz cumpleanos!
    Irish creme

  33. 32
    1st the most important part. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTT!

    Now for the cupcakes. I think there should be a whole line of cocktail cupcakes:
    Mojito – a yummy lime cake with a subtle mint frosting!
    Strawberry Daiquiri
    A 7 and 7 – My mom used to make an awesome 7-Up cake which I think should be topped with a Seagram’s & frosting.

  34. 33
    and you are Liked on Facebook…by me.
    Latricia Markle

  35. 34
    I think a paralyzer (Black Russian, Coke, and milk) would make an excellent cupcake. Then you have all the paralyzer variations: bananalyzer (Banana Bols, Kahlua, Sprite, and milk), cherry whisky paralyzer (cherry whiskey, Kahlua, Coke, and milk), root beer paralyzer (root beer schnapps, Kahlua, root beer, and milk), etc, etc…

  36. 35
    PS, Happy birthday Scott. You’re liked on fb (Jessica June Green)

  37. 36

    Twittered :)

  38. 37
    I would make a mojito cupcake.

  39. 38
    oh, didn’t see the happy birthday part! Happy Birthday Scott!
    I would make a mojito cupcake because I love mint and rum.

  40. 39
    Happy birthday, Scott! I hope it’s wonderful! My favorite is Captain and Diet but I’ve had one of those and it wasn’t good so I’m going to go along with other people on this board and say a mojito cupcake. YUM!

  41. 40
    I am following you on Facebook now…lexischlafer

  42. 41
    A white russian!

    ~Happy BIrthday Scott!~

  43. 42
    Happy Birthday Scott! I’m going to need a slow comfortable screw cupcake. hahaha

  44. 43
    Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthdaaayyy dear Scott, Happy birthday tooo youuuuuu!!

    How about Chocovine? It’s a tasty and sinful combination of red wine and chocolate. I’m pretty sure I died when I first tried it, Would be delectable in a cupcake, I’m sure!

  45. 44
    And I like you on Facebook! :)

  46. 45
    I had something called a Chocolate Cake it has Frangellico and Ketel One Vodka in a shot glass. You drink the shot then suck a lemon. It really taste like chocolate cake. Oh by the way, Happy Birthday Scott! Enjoy!

  47. 46
    Happy Birthday Scott!!!!

    i would love to see and amaretto and orange cupcake <3

    liked you on Fb, too!

  48. 47
    Happy Bday Scott.. I think that a rum cupcake w/a whipped topping that also included some imitation (for the younger folks) rum. I already like you on FB :)

  49. 48
    First off Happy Birthday Scott
    Now for what kind of cupcake..hmm I’d have to say either a Baileys Minty Mistletoe
    or Talbot’s Dream.

  50. 49
    And i also just “like” on facebook <3


  51. 50
    Anything with tequila!! Happy Birthday Scott!!

  52. 51
    Happy Birthday Scott!
    What drink wouldn’t make a good cupcake?!? I’d probably have to go with something involving Irish Cream or Malibu coconut rum (though not together….that sounds like a rather weird combo!)

  53. 52
    I like you on facebook–Laura Duane

  54. 53
    Happy Awesome Cupcake Birthday Scott!! I think Creme de Menthe would make a great cupcake, especially with the holidays around the corner!

    But I’m sure there will be another giveaway soon!

  56. Hi! I loved this idea! I am not an experienced baker so I attempted. Cupcakes were awesome except when I made the frosting it curdled! Where did I go wrong. I followed step by step. I know you mentioned it may look curdled but it was after I finished. I made it to the stuff peaks and from that point on not quite sure….please help:)

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