5 Days of Love **Giveaway** (Day 2)

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Thank you everyone for all your book recommendations! Looks like the Hunger Games is topping the must-read list right now. And there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with reading cookbooks! It always has a happy ending *wink*

DAY 2: I love bling! Read (here) to see what you missed on Day 1.

So I’m giving away a cupcake necklace. The “frosting” is a pink glitter acrylic and the “cake” is etched wood on an 18″ chain. It’s pretty darn sweet. (No pun intended!)

HOW TO WIN: Even though my birthstone is Ruby, diamonds are THIS girl’s best friend. Which precious stone is your best friend? Winner has been announced on my FB page!

FINE PRINT: Only USA and Canada shipping address eligible to win prize. Sorry international readers.

DEADLINE: Tuesday Feb 14 @ 11:59pm EST. One winner will be chosen at 12 midnight and announced on my FB page. If you haven’t “liked” it yet then you might wanna do that. lol

Easy peasy.

Come back tomorrow for Day Three. ♥♥♥



  1. My favorite precious stone is my wedding ring. Its a hearts on fire diamond. I love it the most because my wonderful husband of 8 years gave it to me.

  2. <3 diamonds~ but I do love a sapphire!

  3. My birth stone is emerald, but I love rubies!

  4. My birthstone is emerald, which I love, but I really love sapphires.

  5. October baby here, love my Opals! :)

  6. My birthstone is aquamarine, but, perhaps because I was almost born in February, I prefer amathyst. Don’t get me wrong, the tourqoisy color of aquamarine is beautiful, and I have many a Piece of jewelry with similar colors in them, but the deep purple of amathyst speaks to me. As does that cupcake necklace! Just what an aspiring baker needs!

  7. I love diamonds!

  8. Diamonds and sapphires for this girl!

  9. I adore diamonds, because they’re my birthdaystone, and my grandmothers, and my fathers, and my mother-in-laws… but it’s hard to choose between diamonds, aquamarine (hubby), periodot (son#1) or opals (son#2). Can’t I just have a ring with ALL of them? :-D

  10. I also love diamonds but also hold a special place in heart for rubies (my birthstones as well) and sapphires ( I love a rich blue)

  11. Diamonds are a girls best friend which is why they are my favorite!

  12. I love sapphires, so pretty :)

  13. I love emeralds, green is my color :)

  14. I’m a big fan of opals, and it just happens to be my daughters birth stone so it’s doubly special.

  15. See, I’ve always loved emeralds. They’re the color of a lover’s eyes; of the very roots of something you’ve planted and loved into growth. Emeralds are dark, yet mysterious; lovely, yet tainted. It’s a gem that speaks to a personality, rather than to beauty…but has the latter in spades.

    And besides, it’s the EMERALD city in the Wizard of Oz, not the DIAMOND city. Someone knew what they were talking about ;)

  16. Diamonds!

  17. I love pearls, especially when presented a new, fresh way. Love a twist to a classic beauty!

  18. I really love garnet. A nice red garnet. It’s actually the stone in my wedding ring that I preferred over a diamond.

  19. I love pearls! My birthstone is actually a ruby, but I don’t wear any red. Seems like when I wear red, weird things happen. Sad since I am chinese and red is good luck. :)

  20. My favorite gemstone is the Emerald. It remind me of my Grandma who passed away last year. My Grandfather gave her an emerald necklace instead of a diamond ring when they were engaged. Every time I see one, I think of her and I smile! She was my #1 lady! :-)

  21. I love diamonds!

  22. Diamonds, but I love my December birthstone too. Tanzinite. It’s this pretty light blue color!

  23. pearls!

  24. This is so cute!!! I love it. My favorite is my birthstone in May – the emerald. I love the greens and the deep rich color. Green for spring, eco-friendliness, Kermit, and a deep deep forest.

  25. I like to combine them and mix them up. Right now the ring on my right hand is a very pale amethyst, paired with a pair of deep red rubies on either side and a single diamond on either side of those. Multi-colored stones catch the light so perfectly and look like you’re wearing rainbows.

  26. I love diamonds! They are my birthstone. Diamond acutally means unbreakable in Greek, and I love that. It gives me the inspiration to be “unbreakable”, to pursue through all of the hard things that have been thrown at me.

  27. I would say opals or sapphires.

  28. Sapphires…always sapphires.

  29. Sapphires – blue is my husband’s favorite colour & I love the sapphires in the engagement ring he gave me. I also love purple & amethysts.

  30. My Birthstone is Ruby too, snap!!
    Althought it’s also not my favourite either, I’ve always been a diamond girl, with white gold :)

  31. (THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Maybe if I write it in all CAPS people will actually read it and not enter anymore… lol)

  32. resource123

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